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A Couple Of Creepy Events on 2012-11-07

This story is about my step son who is 4 years old. My boyfriend and I just moved into a new apartment. When my step son would come over he would be in the living room talking to the wall. I would walk in there and ask him who he is talking to. He would reply with "My friend. Don't you see that man ...

Grandpa, Mema And My Cousin on 2012-11-06

I have had very minor experiences with the paranormal. Once I was sleeping over my mothers new house and out of the blue there was a very strong scent of Lilies! I was going crazy because there were not any flowers in the house at all! Especially in the living room which is where I smelled them. The...

Weird Feelings on 2012-11-06

This is my first submission. I have been reading stories on this site for a few weeks now. I am extremely interested in the paranormal although I never had any extreme or intense experiences. I have had some small ones and some include my mothers experience as well. Here are my and my mothers experi...

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Date: 2012-11-30
Same to you too Lou!
P.S. I am still reading the rest of your stories! They are going in my Favorites! 😁
Date: 2012-11-30
WOW! You have some amazing experiences! This story did bring tears to my eye becaus ethe way you write paints a very vivid picture so I can almost imagine myself being there! That poor little guy! Since my son is little over two years old this really touched my heart. I can imagine him crying because he was scared of all the people. I felt bad that he was too young to understand what happened to him and that he couldn't figure out why no one wanted to play with him. I am relieved to find out that he is reunited with his family now and they are all with peace.
Out of body experience or a doppelganger. I read that seeing a doppelganger of someone you know is a bad sign. Not trying to freak you out it's just what I have read while doing some research. But it could just very well be an out of body experience.
wow that is pretty cool but very sad. I love how you paint a picture with your story. It was easy to follow along. No confusion
Date: 2012-11-15
Oh Rook!
That makes total sense! I apologize for assuming this would need a cleansing ritual!
Spooky story! I would love to hear more! I believe you. Do you still experience paranormal activity?
Date: 2012-11-14
Yes! Puberty can be such a rough time! Especially for us girls! Ugh! Lol! Yes I hope more will think like you. It seems like such an epidemic this day in age. You are wise beyond your years. 😁
Date: 2012-11-14
oh creepy! There definitely is some residual spirits there considering it used to be an old folk's home. Did you actually do a cleansing? Because just burning sage is not going to help. I know that there is a user on here that knows a very good cleansing ritual. He has posted the steps on other users posts. Maybe he will comment. Good luck!
Date: 2012-11-14
I like this story. So sorry that you had to deal with that. I know what its like. Depression is very real and can really be harmful to someone who is going through it. I am glad you got out alive. Depression and bullying is something that I am scared of for my son's future. I hope that he never has to experience that. Thank you for sharing. ❤
Date: 2012-11-14
Do you think you could post any of these pictures? I would love to see them! 😁
Sorry for your losses. It is a gift to be able to prepare yourself for what is going to happen. Before my Grandpa died I went to see him. He was in a hospice. He had Leukemia. It was my first and last time. But something was telling me I had to go see him. He died a few days later. Another time I went to see my Great Grandma she had lung cancer and Emphasema. (sp?) She was on a machine. She was in an induced coma. A few days later my Aunt came to "pull the plug". I too get the brief smell of Lilys after my Great Grandpa's passing. He had a lot of Lilys at his funeral.
Now that I wrote all that I forgot to comment on the "crazy" part. I guess some people are a little freaked out by the ability to see spirits. Maybe some people really do not want the "gift" as it is much responsibility.

To answer your question. Definitely 100% sure there was no wind. 😊
Thank you so much all of you for your kind words and wisdom. Since I wrote this I have done a little more research. I realize that I do need to be a little more peaceful with myself and more aware of my surroundings. Sometimes we go through life not really paying attention to the little details. My mother is a buddhist and very spiritual in nature. She meditates everyday. I have been thinking more about meditating. All of you guys have made a lot of excellent suggestings and points.
Whitewolf I definitely can relate to you. I too am an em-path. A lot of people seem drawn to me to open up to me and tell me their inner most feelings. Even complete strangers feel than can talk to me. As I do more research into the mind I realize just how deep we are as people and how many different dynamics there are to how the mind works. Also all the different levels of "sensitivity" there are. I never really thought that merely feeling a "presence" could mean I am sensitive. Thank you for opening me up. I have learned so much more from this site. 😊
Date: 2012-11-09
Agreed. I didn't mean it in that way either. They are still interesting to read regardless. Sorry for misunderstanding. It's more interesting if you do have questions for the o/p and they interact.
Date: 2012-11-09
I don't understand either. Why even share your experience if you don't want to talk about it. I agree with Miracles that the stories should not be allowed or simply there shouldn't even be an option. If they choose to partitcipate that's up to them but it shouldn't be known to the commentors if they will or will not. Also maybe they clicked too fast and didn't really read the option thoroughly. They saw "I will read the comments..." 😊
Can't wait to hear your other stories! You definitely have a gift and I think he wants to give you a message.
😭 WAAAHHHH! I am in tears! So sad! My condolences to you and your family! So sorry for your loss! At the same time this is such a heart touching story. I am glad you were there to speak to her one last time. Yes she is in a much happier place now considering people with the "big C" suffer tremendously. God bless your Angel's soul. ❤
Very interesting story. So cute that Larry still goes for his nightly smoke. I agree with Clever that something was telling you that this woman was going to need help before the incident occurred.
Thank you for your information. My Mema might have moved on but I know that my cousin is still around. He has visited a few of my family members. More specifically his sister who has a 6 year old son. He can see him and yet he never met him. He wasn't born until after my cousin died. Thank you again for your info. I will definitely try to contact someone.
Sorry. Sometimes it can be hard to understand feeling through text. 😊

Yes I do believe that I so want an experience to happen to me that I do tend to read into every little sensation. Maybe I should just relax and let it come to me. If it doesn't than I guess it was never meant to happen. Thank you all for your advice! 😁