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I like supernatural things and am intersted in ghosts reincarnations powers etc.
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Am I Psychic? on 2009-08-11

This is something that gets too met all the time. Even when I was little I was knew things before they happened and I always had weird dreams of the future. I never took notice because I thought it was normal but as soon as I moved to Poland it got worse. There are tons of people who have the sa...

A Voice on 2009-07-01

This happened to me about a week ago and it's really weird. My parents went to another city on a business trip and I was left home alone for two days. The only other thing in our home was my cat so pretty much I was just by myself. Well on the second night, around 9pm I went up to my room to get...

Coughing Girl on 2009-01-27

This happened to me about two weeks ago. I was at school and I was just talking to one of my friends when I realized I had to go the bathroom. We have two girls' bathrooms (I go to a private school) and I decided to use the one upstairs because it was bigger. I went up there did my business and ...

Hypnosis Scare on 2008-12-01

This is the major story I'm going to type about it and I don't want to write this but I guess I should. In my last story I wrote about all those weird things happening but I left out something that I should've written but didn't because I feel all weird typing this. About 2 months ago I had a sl...

Ghost Or Not? on 2008-11-26

I'm 15 years old and have lived in Poland for over two years now. At first it was lonely but I slowly got good friends and have learned good polish. What I'm about to tell you I'm confused about because this has never happened before! About two weeks I got sick and stayed home for two days. Thos...

I Want to Peacefully Try to Go Down those Stairs on 2008-05-05

This happened to me here in poland a few months ago. It was on a saturday and I was coming down in my elevator to the front door to go out. (I live in a apartment complex). So I go out of the elevator and right next to me is this long flight of stairs. I'm about to touch the door when I hear the sou...

Flickering Lights on 2007-09-12

I've already told one ghost story but this is another slightly smaller one. When I was younger and still lived in the US in california, we lived in a town house. Personally I love the small home (except for the bugs) but sometimes it freaks me out. When I was 7 my dad was reading to me in bed som...

My Own Experience of Paralysis on 2007-09-12

Last fall I moved to Poland with my parents into an apartment duplex. I adore horror movies and ghost stories but I never in my life experienced it actually until one night. (I have had some small ones but nothing big) It was a school night and I fell asleep around 10 or 9, sometime later I woke up,...

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Thats scary 😭 Id probably freak out and run away if somethin like that happened to me
ive had a an experience like this... Well sort of I once was sitting in my room when suddenly for no reason I burst into tears an had some sort of mini fit it didn't last long but I know how that felt and I always those type of weird experiences too. Thanks for sharing
Date: 2009-07-01
wow actually it sounds kind of freaky oh and I turned 16 in march so finally at last sweet 16 lol
Date: 2008-11-26
wow it sounds like me in a way. This weird things have been happening to me as well ever since I slept over at my friends house and its been worse and worse so I think I now what you feel
Date: 2008-05-14
ive had lots of odd dreams like yours and I can't really explain yours but mabye this guy is somehow protecting you? I always felt like my dead uncle seemed to watch me escapilly in my dreams
By the way for all you people once when I was waiting for the elevator I heard the sound of someone behind as if someone walked up behind I could literelly feel the prescence of someone. I turned around and guess what no one was there. Ever since I got to Poland weirder things have been happening here lol
woah talk about ghostly things! Hey your also 15 like me lol I have had some weird things happen to me as well it sort of sucks sometimes
Actually JerseyGirl I live in Wrocław. Its a big city for me and in the townsquare there's this old church. My mom told me that a long time ago they used to hang people there. So I suppose the area I live in is slightly haunting. 😕
Date: 2008-04-30
wow. One time I saw a face with scary eyes looking at me... Completely scared the hell out of me