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Shadow, Laughing Girl And Barking At Nothing on 2012-11-19

This is something I experienced about 2 years ago, and I can't seem to forget it. It was a short amount of time after we moved into the house I still live in now. It was in my old bedroom, which was upstairs. One evening I went to bed, and was just snuggling like normal. Then suddenly the lights...

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Rockangel13 - It was upstairs, I'm pretty sure. Where my friend was as well. But the laugh was louder then my friends voice, so it could be from the stairs. (My friend was in my room) But sure, it could be some weird noise my frend made:)
Crestal126 - No, I have not. Which is quite weird. Because those things happened with so small pauses. So I think it's funny how it just suddenly stopped.
Crestal126 - Thank you for your comment. Our dog is not allowed upstairs, and it's a wooden floor, I would've heard the dogs claws:) About the girl - There was nothing on but the lights, but it could easily be something logical. It's also the least thing out of the three things that scare me.
Miracles51031 - It's understandable with the laugh I heard, but the thing infront of my door was not my parents. The only sounds I heard through it all was the click of the lights turning on and TWO steps of it stepping in front of my door, then the lights turning off. There was no sound of it going away or walking around the room. So it's not possible to be my parents.:) But thank you for the comment.