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Some Of My Paranormal Experiences on 2012-11-27

Here are some small stories of experiences that I would like to bundle in one message. When we (my older and younger brother) were young, we went to Italy every year. As we were kids we were capable of entertaining ourselves. We liked to make our room completely dark and put my younger brother in...

Strange Episodes on 2012-11-21

I had these strange experiences when I was a child. I would Wake up at night only to find out I couldn't scream, and then someone (dressed up as a person with a white table cloth around him) came into my room and put me in a bag, I did not only have these episodes while in my bed but also when I ...

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What did your boyfriend tell you?
Maybe he had a out of body expierence while he was sleeping and you were looking at it...
Date: 2012-11-27
I tried to scare myself because I was older, and I wanted to know why this feeling "haunts" me, and it still does, the feeling of "there is something there but I do not know what, but it is suffocating me" has kind of a attraction to me, although when it happens I am really scared and when I am awake I am thinking how the anxiety exactly feels...

About my house, it is 80 years old but all the wiring had been replaced in the 80's, all the wood and bricks are all that is left from the original house, all the plasterboard, wiring, gas, water etc. Has all been renewed.

About the "ghost dream", I never pointed to my ex-girlfriend, the exact location were the "ghost" left my wall, my bed is against that well, so when I sit up, my back is facing that wall, my dog was facing that wall.
I try to get in more detail, when that "ghost" floated over my head, I screamed while clicking the light on, my ex-girlfriend asked me what happened, I told her what happened, she explained that it was a nightmare and that there were nog ghosts or anything else, when she was ready to continue to sleep, I watched my dog, my dog was sitting (instead of lying) and was looking at the wall, not at me, I told my ex that "if it was a dream, why is the dog looking at the wall", she said that I probably pointed out the spot where "it" left the wall, but I am certain I never looked or pointed to the spot.

I take the fear of my daughter serious, it is plausible that my fear has become her fear, and if that is the case I feel very quilty.
When she just became 2 (last year) I was in her room, she talked to me, but she was also following something in the room, I couldn't see it, but she was smiling and talking to it, I could clearly see her eyes moving, that scared me, and I asked her or what/who she was talking too, she said she didn't know.
The last couple of months she is too afraid in her room, she says there is a monster in her room that is hiding when I walk in... I do not know exactly what to do with it...