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I am German by birth. I accepted Islam when I was 14 years old. I had several experiences with beings that are known as Jinn:
Some extremely scary, some frightening, some naughty, some funny...
Some of them happened while I was awake, most of them happened in a sleeplike state of semiconsciousness...
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Dreadful Summer Nights on 2012-12-18

It is the same Karachi bungalow I had described already in "Childish Pranks." Like most homes in this part of the world, it got a 'drawing room', that is a room for receiving 'formal' guests. Hence, this room is used only rarely. It is quite large, fully carpeted, with one door leading into the gard...

Childish Pranks By Our Invisible Tenants on 2012-12-05

Since 1995, I live with my husband and my in-laws in a rather large bungalow in Karachi. The building is not very well maintained, and the number of visible inhabitants (my mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their two kids) does not justify its size. The b...

And Suddenly The Room Was Cold on 2012-12-04

Before I come to the actual story or incident, I would like to share something about myself. It was back in 1992, when I was just a 14 year old girl, single child of a single parent. I was never the typical teenager, always a bit withdrawn, serious and very quiet, and drawn to religion and sp...

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Date: 2013-01-17
yes, I gree with seraphina, could be some kind of possession or attempt to possess. But hopefully, the points mentioned in my first post, will be helpful for anyone who goes through this kind of experience.

Take care, and I hope that you and your family (or anyone else) will not have any unpleasant/frightening experiences.
Date: 2013-01-16
That was a very detailed and interesting story to read - yes, it was long, but it was worth reading!

As for your mother's 'nightmare' could it have been a case of sleep paralysis?

I had some comparable experiences, which luckily stopped.

In case you or your mom are still bothered, you can try out being assertive - tell whoever is there that you do not appreciate to be disturbed in this manner.

No need to be afraid - some entities (I prefer to label them as Jinn, as for religious reasons I do not believe that souls of humans roam earth) feed on fear.

Anyone who is affected should keep self (physical goes withour saying, mental and spiritual, too) and surroundings fragrant, neat and clean, and well-aired. There should be no 'dark corners' anywhere. Especially bathrooms should be immaculate.

If you want to, I can send you some prayers to be recited, they work, I can say from own experience.

Hope this was helpful
First of all, I am very sorry for your loss...

Yes, it might well have been a premonition. Human souls can have very strong and amazing bounds, feeling a calamity strike a beloved one, or having a premonition of something is not really unusual.

How exactly that takes place is probably not within our reach of comprehension, and it does not matter that much either, but whenever we have such a hint about someone near and dear, 'weird feeling' sights, dreams, whatever, we should not brush them away immediately (but still, hope and pray for the best) otherwise we might miss a precious chance to connect another time, perhaps even the last time...

These are just some scattered thoughts, based on experience. I don't know how relevant they are to others...
This was absolutely beautiful.

Yes, it was sad also, sad enough to make one cry, provided one knows to appreciate the company of our four-legged faithful friends and knows how painful it is to loose them, but still, the 'happy ending' gave it a long-lasting, sweet touch that finally brought a smile - moistened with some tears ❤
This is cute! Reminds me of a story my husband's friends had told us - about a jinn living in his son's toy car and having lots of fun with it - driving around, honking, and so on
Date: 2013-01-01
Animals, babies and small children are far more susceptible to paranormalities than the average adult human being.

I think what you perceived might be a jinn-like creature. Unless your child has become too big, to be admitted into the parent's bed room, I suggest s/he should sleep in your room rather than alone.

Also keep her, yourself as well as the whole house very neat, clean, well-aired and fragrant.

If you perceive this entity around you or your child, try to overcome your fear or discomfort. Be strong, be assertive, and invoke the protection of the Divine over yourself and your family.

Everything will be alright. If you want to know what we Muslims do whhen confronted with any such thing, I'll be glad to share some very powerful words with you (don't worry - no terrorist or missionary intentions, just wanting to help)
That was quite interesting to read, really, so Jinn-like.

If you feel that they are bothering too much, you can recite Surah Jinn three times aloud, and then tell them 'If you want to stay, then stop bothering us'.

In sha Allah, it will stop. I tried it, it works. They will not go (and to be honest, no need to drive them out if they behave and cause not harm, after all, they also have got the right to live somewhere), but they will not tease you any longer.
Date: 2012-12-19
Lucky13girl, my husband had seen numerous times something similar, also a middle aged mean looking male trying to attack him, and he finally overcoming him, but in his case it were indeed only 'dreams'. He did not have any physical sensations, pain or whatever.
Date: 2012-12-19
Is it possible that there is some minor circulation or nerve problem in that part of your foot? It can give a ticklish feeling.
Date: 2012-12-18

I have read your reply to my comment a bit late, anyway, concluding (religious) remark from my side:

-Don't worry, no attempt/need to convert to anything-

I am sure that it will work even if you have doubts about whether the Supreme Being called 'GOD' exists.

God, as I and millions of other know Him is generous and merciful beyond means. He is willing to help even if we reject Him.

You can call out to Him, even if you do not follow any 'religion' and He will answer. He will even answer if you call Him by 'mistake' and it will be a positive answer. So, if you feel threatened by whoever is around, then just say, 'GOD HELP ME!' He will...

And as for myself, I am and I will pray for you to get out of this mess.
Date: 2012-12-16
Uff, that was

As per your request, I will refrain from telling you that whatever you did was not a good idea... You know that already.

You can try the cleansing method that brother rook suggests in his posts.

And, don't let this uninvited 'guest' of you pester you. Be assertive with it, that it is your place, your body, and that you will not tolerate any kind of negative, undesired interference by invisible strangers...

Also, keep yourself, your house and everything immaculately clean. Get rid of cobwebs and any kinds of 'dark' corners. Keep away from anything that might cloud your mental faculties, like alcohol, sleeping pills, etc.

You made another request, namely not to give you tips of religious nature...

I shall honour this request, but religion DOES help in getting rid of such intruders, as it provides you with more than enough spiritual strength... Give it a thought, and if you need 'religious advice' as per my own personal experience, just let me know.

Ohhh... Thank you! And yes, there will be more to come, hopefully 😁
Date: 2012-12-16
Very nice story, very well written!

Hope there will be more to come
Well,my cat likes to use my shoe as a pillow (strange taste, but well, everyone has got preferences of his own;-) but I never saw him actually trying to carry them off or 'doing something' in them. He is a little weakly fellow only. And the almonds, well, one of my former cats could have done that (he had sort of a sweet tooth), but not this one...

Anyway, whatever/whoever it was, no serious harm had been done, it was just some odd kind of experience, not weird, not scary, just odd.

When time allows, I will submit some more experiences I had here in this house, hopefully. 😁
Shlain, lizards here make sometimes a clicking sound. A bit reminding of knocking. That is why I mentioned them.

And a bit about Jinn:
They are creatures just like us human beings, (except that they were created from 'smokeless fire' while man was created from 'dust'.
They are fully endowed with a free will to do good and bad.
They eat, drink, marry, have kids and die one day.
They can follow any religion, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, whatever, or not follow any religion at all.
They are answerable for their deeds, on the Day of Judgement, just as human beings are. And they are prone to go to either heaven or Hell.
Keeping in view the stuff they were created from, they are tend to be fickle and naughty, and yes, their powers which they do not share with humans (like invisibility in their actual form, the ability to change their appearance, the ability to 'possess' someone) can tempt them into getting naughty or outrightly bad. (But then, that holds true for anyone, 'power corrupts', right?)

I hope this was sort of helpful
Some more points about Jinn:

They resemble human beings in a number of ways, for example:
They are creatures and hence mortal.
They are intelligent creatures, endowed with a free will.
They are accountable for their deeds.
They can be good and evil.
They eat drink, marry, have children, die.
They are bound to go to Heaven or Hell, just as humans.
They have some powers (like changing their appearance, travelling at mind-boggling speed, taking 'possession' of others, etc) that seem to be superior to ours, but the fact is that 'human' is the crown of creation (provided we try to prove that...)
They used to be scared of humans (not the other way round) but once they got that we are scared of them, they started to get bold...
They can follow any religion - Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, whatever
They can repeat prayers, heavenly words (even if they do not believe in them), just as the follower of one religion can repeat words that are sacred to the follower of another religion, without necessarily believing in them.

But there are some phrases beyond which they cannot go, if they are having evil tendencies. The words 'Aoodhu billah...' and the concluding words of the verse of the Throne (Holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 255) are among them.

That guy who came that night was definitely not 'good'. But he was meant as a test for me (all such kinds of events are a test, actually our whole life is a test - a huge kind of practical), and I hope that I have passed this part of the test.
I am a Muslim myself, Alhamdulillah! (God be praised), and as per Islamic beliefs, the souls of the dead cannot cross the border back to this world.

But then there were countless experiences of people from all cultures with 'ghosts' or non-human entities, and since I had such experiences myself, I can not and do not want to deny them. But yet, I cannot get myself to belief in 'ghosts' in the typical sense.

I thought very long about this topic and came quite to the same conclusion, that whatever 'ghosts' are being seen, are actually Jinn (good or evil).

I also came to think that they play (sorry, I have no better word) with us in the light of the mythology, esoterical trends of our culture.

For example: Visions of a previous life made apparent through hypnosis or meditation (people who believe in reincarnation) will have visions of this type. And these are caused by Jinns.

Churails, dians, mohinis (indian versions of evil female demons) are likely to appear in places of the world where people believe in such creatures, again, these apparitions are caused by Jinns...

I have come across a quite good read: a booklet by Imam Ibn Taymiyah on the topic of Jinn. It has been translated and annotated by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. Unfortunately I do not remember the English name exactly... But it was a real eye-opener.

As for the Jinn (in whatever form they appear), I personally think it is best not to mind them too much. If they live peacefully with us, then why should we bother to disturb them, or meddle in their affairs. They have got their right to live just as we have. But they have no right to trouble us, and if they do, get rid of them. They are weaker than us (even if they scare the living daylights out of us at times), they have only as much power over us as we choose to give them. The best weapon to get rid of trouble makers is faith in the SUPREME ONE AND ONLY DIVINE BEING.

Other than that, stay clean (physically, mentally, spiritually)
Keep your surroundings neat, clean and fragrant.
Do good, think good. Nothing and no one can harm you, if God wills
Dear Rook!
Thank you so much! 😁 I think you are fully right. May you be blessed now and always
Date: 2012-11-30
Good! And very common in the subcontinent.

My sincere advise to all people having such encounters is to be THAT strong and trusting in the Almighty. Then no harm can befall, no matter what

I read your story with great interest. I had some similar experience. Whatever your partner or your daughter saw/see is definitely not friendly. It is something devilish.

But; No matter how evil, strong, etc those entities might be, remember one thing:

God has created US, that is man as the best and most superior kind of creation. And hence, we have got the power to overcome those 'things'.

When I was faced with something similar (story will come, hopefully) I recited a short and simple Arabic phrase (I am Muslim, you know): Aoodhu billahi minute ash shaytan ir rajeem

That means: I seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan

That thing disappeared then and there, as though it had never been. You can give it a try...

Other than that, keep the house well-aired, clean, fragrant (lighten and clean all dark corners, cupboards, etc.)

Also keep yourself and your daughter immaculate clean.

And most important, trust in God.