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Sheila Miller
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Sheilarae58's pictureI stay at home... I love history genealogy, and anything ghost stories... I have 4 children and 11 grandchildren
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Not So Home Sweet Home on 2012-11-26

My story is not about a particular incident. It is about things that have been going on in my house. I just moved here a month ago. I have heard cabinet doors slamming. I also have the feeling someone is watching me, especially in the bathroom. Water dripping, the sink was turned on and off. The...

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Date: 2012-11-27
Thank you, it is more annoying than anything. I did talk to the lady who built it... This land supposedly was part of the battles in the past. There is a road bed that runs in front of my house that was the main road. The rumor I was told about the man dying in the house was just rumor. I know there was also indians in the area. I have been having some weird dreams about indians taking women and a child named Billy, may be nothing but who knows. I am afraid but I am not leaving the house. My boyfriend was scared as well he was glad to get back on the road