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The Highway Experience on 2012-12-03

YSG readers! This is my first submission here and hope you enjoy it. The following incident was my first experience of the paranormal/unexplained. At the time of this incident I was in my early teens, now I am originally from a district headquarters called Pudukottai in the state of Tamil Nadu, Ind...

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Date: 2012-12-17
BhatakatiAatma: First of I would like to commend you on your writing skills, but you ruined your story as you progressed. And yes I mention this a "story" because it is precisely that and not a true account. I am from India too and am familiar with your concepts that you stated here. As a man of science I refer to what you said as BS! I mean come on!... Humans are made of fire, space, air, water and earth? Sounds like the cartoon "captain planet" and what next? Sugar and spice? And everything nice? Your comments regarding to what happens to someone after death had me laughing for quite a while. Humans walking around with silver cords attached to their souls! Reading your comments, I am forced to imagine you as one of those mantra reciting old tantriks. You also blew it when you said you would divulge the rest of the information at your email address. Is it too good to post on here? You say it's too detailed, I don't see any limitations on here regarding to publishing accounts. I don't mean to be rude by my statements above but you are misleading a lot of people by leading people to believe you were privy to secrets no one else has.

I hope to never read a piece of fiction such as this and waste my time on the belief system of another, am here for TRUE paranormal accounts.
Date: 2012-12-11
Worried_brit_chick: Thank you for the kind words and the comment.
Date: 2012-12-10
Bizzjoe: I was just a teenager back then, and as I posted in comments before I think he asked me to not tell anyone so that I don't tell my grandparents who would have definitely admonished him for scaring me. Thank you for the comment.
Date: 2012-12-08
Wow! Your account was really good. You have a gift for writing! Thx for sharing. This is going to my favorites
Date: 2012-12-08
Thank you for the kind words geetha50
I too kind of agree with Aussie on this one but what kind of bothers me is the deaths of said truck drivers. If they died of accidental causes why would their bodies be found far off from the highway as the driver mentioned to me?
Date: 2012-12-06
Aussiedaz: I think in retrospect what the driver meant by don't tell anyone was don't tell your grandparents, maybe out of fear of being admonished by them for scaring me. And another thing I would like to mention is the paranormal is generally viewed in India as something evil, no one tends to attribute good characteristics to it.

Guy123: what do you mean unfortunately you were not able to experience the paranormal? I would consider myself fortunate if I were to not ever experience something like that lol
Date: 2012-12-05
Nelli9x: Well this kind of entity is pretty infamous in southern India, I personally had heard a lot of stories regarding this but passed it off as a tale, never did I imagine I would be witness to one and I never ever want to be in that situation again! And regarding the prevalence of the female gender as vengeful spirits, I do have an opinion. In India I am sad and ashamed to admit, especially in the rural parts women are still oppressed, still taken advantage of and viewed as the weak gender! Not a month goes by without some article in the news of women being murdered by drunk husbands, women being raped, women being beaten, girls being raped, young girls being forced to marry in their childhood! The list is never ending! Women are so taken for granted! Maybe this has a contribution to the vengeful female spirits. I hope to god this situation changes. Just my opinions here.
Date: 2012-12-05
Thx for the comments guys, I really appreciate it.
Sceptic-ari & night_day: I understand your scepticism completely, after all I am a big sceptic myself regarding most stories I have heard. The only explanation I can give is my grandparents and my sister must have been really tired or they never heard my repeated shouts at the driver due to the cars noise. I probably should have mentioned the make of the car, it was an old ambassador made by Hindustan motors and is a diesel, if you know anything about these cars, they do get really noisy on the inside. Plus it wasn't like I was shouting the whole way, it was just at that particular moment and for a little time after. And regarding your comment about it being the typical highway story, I am sorry to hear that but it's the only one I know of.

Michellerose1, aqua05, sds, unexplained: thank you for the kind words. As I posted a comment elsewhere I have only two more experiences with the paranormal but one is eerily almost similar to the experience related by Joshua keys here so I'm at a mental conflict whether to post it at all, other than that I have a few instances witnessed by a friend and an aunt, but I'm not sure if I can post such as I am not involved in both.
Hi Joshuakeys, I sympathize with your predicament but to all the others who criticize you for not having the courage that your mother showed I have a certain thing to say! I know that hearing someone knocking the door even in the dead of the night holds no alarm, but sometimes your sixth sense kicks in and you just can ignore it, if that sense makes you avoid answering the door you inexplicably obey! This incident is kind of shocking to me because I had almost the same incident happen to me when I was on my summer vacations I think when I was in my 9th standard! The same three knocks but a different atmosphere, I'm afraid if I write my experience it may be too similar! I may just write it when I am given the chance to publish a story on here, can't do it right now as submissions have been closed for the moment. This does comfort me a bit that I am not the only one who experienced it! Thanks for the good read
Regards maniac medic
Thankyou for a well written story vijay, this is my first comment here, I completely understand your and your friends' situation because I was witness to a similar incident at my home as a child. Me, my mother and about three house guests were prime audiences to someone/something breaking not only glass utensils but even thick china cutlery, the sort that's used for microwaving and is pretty thick! And these items were just thrown out of the shelves that housed them! This continued for about 15-20 minutes until everyone said a prayer together. I am pretty critical when it comes to these sort of things, so I even considered the possibilities of an earth quake or some sort of low/high frequency sound! Debunked both as my place doesn't have earth quakes and sound waves can only crack certain thickness of glass at a particular frequency for a certain period of time. Well this event did stop after the prayer! Thank fully none of you guys were harmed. Take care and thanks for refreshing my memory.
Regards maniac medic