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Poppy's Friend on 2014-01-07

I wrote some time ago about different strange things that go on in my 125 year old house. These strange things don't bother me as they do not happen all the time. Just last July I got my daughter a puppy she called Poppy, she is a miniature Jack Russell, we took her home and she settled in well wi...

Strange Occurances on 2013-01-15

As I have said in my last story, my house is over a hundred years old. From time to time I see a spirit called Michael who once owned my house. This happened two years ago. I was in my sitting room one morning after dropping my daughter to school and done most of the house work so I sat down for a b...

The Man In The Yard on 2013-01-08

I moved into my house on the north side of Dublin, Ireland four years ago November. I was living down in the country at the time and wanted to take my children back to where I grew up. I had arranged to meet the agent at the house to sign papers and collect keys. We were in the kitchen sitting at th...

The Crying on 2012-12-19

In 1992 I was still living in my parents' home with my four year old daughter. I had gotten into bed with her because she had the flu. I sat up and read her a story until she drifted off to sleep. I lay there in the darkness unable to sleep as she tossed and turned in bed, as well as the endless...

The Strange Knocking In The Bedroom on 2012-12-10

My mother died very sudden and fast in January 2000 on a cold Friday Morning, by Tuesday we had her buried. I was staying in her house keeping my Father company along with my two children. The next day my children went up to visit their uncle not far away and my Father had things to do so my neice a...

The Monk In The Old Abby on 2012-12-05

I'm the new heritage worker in a town called Finglas, Northside of Dublin. I'm training to be the local tour guide there. As I had been researching a lot, I took a day where I took my family to the historical spots in Finglas. There in the heart of the village is an old Abby called St Canice's A...

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Date: 2014-02-06
Hi AzraelX, believe me I have exhausted myself and my family trying to find out what it is that plays with Poppy. This ball is being thrown to her, not bouncing, it is thrown at a height so she has to jump in the air to catch it, you have to remember Poppy is a miniture Jack Russell, she is smaller than a cat, so she has to get ready to leap in the air to catch it. It takes a good few minuites for the ball to be thrown, its like it waits for her to be ready. My stairs are very dark as there is no windows so trying to catch it on tape or photo just doesn't work, you have to be very quick to catch her playing. I will of course keep trying.
Date: 2014-01-27
Hi Vonboeckmann, There seems to be more than one ghost in my house. I know according to the census there was a little girl who lived here in 1911 called Rose but notting comes up of what happened to her. Also I live near an old railway and I found out that a lot of people fell down dead along here during the time of the Irish Famine. Thank you for your comment and everyone else that enjoyed the story. Little Poppy is having a great old time with her friend. 😆
So sorry for your loss, I lost my mother some years ago very suddenly so I know what you mean. Even now when I get those moments when I miss her so much I can feel her with me, it's an amazing feeling. Your brother will always be near you. God Bless x
Brilliant story, thanks for sharing it, really scary when it happens to you and so hard to explain just how scary it was at the time. You can also do without the rude comment from cooldude. Please post more of your amazing experences. 😁
Hi Rook, thank you for clearing that up for me, I was getting worried there for a minute that op was old person haha, I'm far from old. 😆
Date: 2013-01-16
To Ger44, I grew up not far from the abby and spent most of my time with kids from the village and they always spoke of the monk in the graveyard. I did not know anything about its history until I started a job some years back and interviewed and researched the history of the abby. I am trying to find a way of uploading the photo, as I am not great at the computers. You should come along to one of the tours, you would be more than welcome.
Date: 2013-01-11
uyes I sometimes do see him in the house, but its always a quick visit. I don't mind him here at all, sometimes I get a strong smell of soap when he is around. 😁
Date: 2013-01-08
Thank you for sharing your story, I get the feeling that something tragic happened to this little girl, perhaps you were the first person to make contact with her and she senced you were frightened. It might be worth while doing some research on the house since it is still fresh in your mind after all this time. In the mean time perhaps you could say a prayer for her or light a candle. Thank you again 😁
poor child, could you try find out the history of the house, perhaps other people have heard her, I would try connect, tell her you are and that you live there. Keep us posted 😁
Date: 2013-01-08
sorry for your loss, I loved your story. I believe it was her way of letting you know she was happy and in a good place and of course that she is not alone, really moving story thank you for sharing it with us ❤
Hi I have a question for Casper, you keep refearing to me as op in your comments, could you tell me what that means. I do hope it not old person because I am far from old 😁
Date: 2012-12-27
I ment to add that I am indeed Irish and I know that the Banshee follows certain families. I do not know however if she was in my house that night, it sounded like it though. I too always believed that she would sound like a loud screaching wail but when I heard her she sounded like my Mother. My Mother said it was the sound of things to come. Thank you all for your comments, I heard her again before my Mother passed and she just sounded like a heartbroken lady so I suppose it depends on the person who hears it.
Hi Casper, thank you for your comments, I don't need anyone to tell me if it was my Mother's spirit because I know it was. I always have been able to sence if there is evil in people or indeed spirit and I felt very happy as well as amused the day of the knocking. She was a very old fashioned cathloic lady and even to this day which is almost 13yrs now she is still with me. I am her youngest after all and I'm just like her as a Mother, I'm never too far away from my children. Thank you again for what you said and to anyone elce who added their comments
Date: 2012-12-14
Get well soon, Id love to have your ghost at home with me, sounds wonderful xxx 😁
Thank you Zetafornow and Narella that is what I think too. I'm the youngest of her six children and even after 12 years she still let's me know she's around. 😊
My Mother always had a way of letting her presence known, she was not at all a voilent woman but demanded respect and I believe my neice was not giving her this by putting the music up loud, she was also a firm believer in the supernatural and always said she would never be far away from her children even when she passed. I do believe it was her giving my niece a scare to let her know she was still around. ❤
Date: 2012-12-07
Thank you all for your comments and I will try upload the photo as soon as possible. 😊
Date: 2012-12-05
Very well written, I was saddened and so moved by your story. Your mum was letting you know she would always let you know when she's around. Thank you for sharing.