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Obviously, I am very interested in the paranormal. I believe in the presence of spirits, I believe it is possible in the existence of more intelligent beings (but don't believe in government conspiracy when it comes to that matter) There is just too much we are not able to fully comprehend or explain at this point, and I hope we can better understand in the near future. Other interests are photography, my dogs, video games, reading, and music. Its kind of relevant to know that I have got asperger's, that's why I know so much about ghosts. (its one of my many obsessions) So if you notice I post something that rambles, (like what I'm writing right now) doesn't reach a point, or seems odd, my excuse is that its part of my charm! (I mean, who doesn't have aspergers nowadays?)
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The Farnsworth In Gettysburg on 2013-01-14

I have plenty of ghostly encounters stories that I could tell, but this one is by far my favorite, since I also caught this spirit on camera without realizing it. My best friend called me one day in July of 2006. She knew I was very much interested in ghosts and the afterlife. So she told me about t...

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Date: 2012-12-09
This one is so obvious, it sickens me at how easily people can be swayed by suggestion. Your daughter was obviously not filming the tv at all in this video. She was probably not paying attention to what she was doing when she filmed this one. What she filmed was the top of a coffee table in front of the tv. You can see the streaking of the reflected light on the surface of the table. Since the object on the table was not reflective, it looked more solid. To anyone who reads comments before watching videos (which I recommend) do not even bother with this one. It will waste 15 seconds of your life, and give another view on this crappy youtube video.
Date: 2012-12-09
It will be a sad day when self proclaimed "experts" on paranormal phenomena believe this to be anything but a 3-d computer drawing. I used to use one of those pad and pen things for the computer that you could come up with a doodle like this easily on a photo. Sadly, it was just a simple trick.
Winx717: "i have never seen anything quite like this" It would be cause for alarm if real life started to look like that acid trip movie 2001 a space odyssey. Until then, its safe to say you were duped.
Date: 2012-12-09
i don't see any credibility in the shapes or forms that everyone is claiming to see. There is a phenomena out there where people claim to see faces and forms in nature that they claim have to be supernatural. The only pattern I see in the grass is just that, natural grass and rock. The bit that I believe could even remotely be considered supernatural is the gray part on your hair. But there are too many ways that could even be explained away. I'm not saying that you didn't capture anything, but I think people are looking for things that arent there in the first place.
Date: 2012-12-09
you are very welcome. It sounds like a cool experience you had. 😁
Date: 2012-12-09
I appreciate everything the MODS have to do for this site. I can't even submit a story right now, its so backed up! Anyway, its bad enough when you got people making up "true" stories, (its hard to know who to trust on the internet, although most people on a website like this are telling legitimate stories) but its even worse when its false advertising to promote what you are selling. I'm going to avoid reading anything from this person from now on.
First, to Cristine: I think youve gotten real paranormal activity confused with the media. Garlic? That is a well-known killer of Vampires. (which are not a real phenomena) I don't know where you got the strength in numbers idea from, however. But it does not matter how many people are in the house, things will happen no matter what, if indeed they are really happening.
To MoralityStrides: it is more common than you probably think when strange activity happens around a growing teen. But, from what you said, to me it seems like you are being influenced more by the activity of the living in your household. Its just the way you described the activity that has me more concerned about your living situation. I am a legitimately caring person, and believe that the right actions can make all the difference, but only if you want change. I really hope that things can get better for you.
Date: 2012-12-08
slender? Lanky? Inhuman dark being? I think you are describing the slenderman! Ok, in all seriousness, I think we can all speculate at what it was and what it wanted, but since you are the one in the house and experienced it, you know more than us. I don't know if you have had previous experiences with the paranormal, but I'm going to assume this was the first significant one. This would be a very disconcerting sight, especially how you describe its presence. So it is normal to think it had malicious intent, especially after you were told about the demon thing. My opinion is that it was not a demon, but a curious entity. Like most people are saying, if it was an isolated incident, don't look too much into it. Also some advice, we, as humans, tend to have fears for the unknown, a lot of them misguided. Try not to fear something unless it gives you a real reason to be fearful, for example, if the entity DID attack you. Hope this helped!
Date: 2012-12-08
it sounds like a residual haunt. (if you don't know already) they describe residual hauntings as kind of like a replaying of an event that took place over and over. Its kind of like seeing (or in this case hearing) an event from the past that is stuck on replay. I believe that the kid you heard was also a residual replay of something that happened, it was just coincidence that it could make sense if it were speaking about having to leave to avoid being seen by you, or something like that. I personally have never experienced a haunting like this, but I can tell you I am a lifelong believer in the paranormal, since I lived in an active house as a kid, and have personally experienced and captured things on camera that cannot be explained. Anyway, I hope this helped!
I have been to that place twice, taking the ghost tours. It is the most active place I have ever been in, when it comes to the paranormal, and I have a story of my own. My problem is this; you have a good story, and you don't need to spice it up with a picture at all. Nobody can know or assume what your intentions are with it... If you truly believe it is a ghost, or if you know its not and are trying to convince us otherwise. Whatever the case, what you say about the picture kind of discredits your stories overall for me. The black mist looks like something directly out of the grudge. There are not any clear pictures like this with a real entity that looks like that. I hate to be that jerk, but I'm going to be. (this is just my opinion, it does not reflect everyone as a whole)