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I have a huge obsession and I'm a magnet to the spiritual world.

I have countless of stories which I will be posting on behalf on myself and my family members.

Proud South African but reside in Australia since 2006.

Avid collector of stray animals, postcards and shoes.
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Bathroom Shadow Stalker on 2013-11-19

For the past 3 weeks, no matter what time it is, there's always a black shadow person walking in front of my bathroom window but from the outside. It's really, really, REALLY creepy! It walks in front of my bathroom window and looks through the window, but from the outside. My windows aren't nor...

Fairy Lights And Black Mass on 2013-08-26

As a child around the ages of 4 until 9, I would wake up early in the morning and I would always hear whispering in a different language, giggling, a buzzing feeling in my chest. I would also see shades of blue, yellow and green blinking lights. I told my family and they said they were fairies or pi...

The Ghostly Meow on 2013-06-18

When I was younger, I lived with my grandparents in a small house. Every afternoon, I would be helping my Nanna peel vegetables or help with making the dinner or afternoon snacks. The kitchen was really tiny, and there was a window to look through into the dining room. Around 4:30 in the afternoon, ...

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Date: 2013-12-10
Was your uncle a funny person, a person who had a sense of humour, if so. It could be your uncle who's doing these things.

It hasn't done anything harmful to you, so try not to worry about it.

Let us know if anything else happens.

Best of Luck

Date: 2013-12-03
I don't have any mental illness or any types of problems.

But I think that the figure is gone because I haven't seen him for the past few days however the misty figure in my bath tub is still there. It sounds like it's wailing really loud...
Errrr the first picture, really creeped me out. I don't know about you guys but, does anyone see a demonic face/figure? I can't see the 2 dogs, could you point those out.

Good pictures!

Date: 2013-12-01
This is a really lovely story, it brought tears to my eyes.

Stay safe.

Date: 2013-11-29
I tried Rook's cleansing method and it hasn't worked, I have also tried burning sage, everything.

If it was a family member, I would easily identify it, because you can see the head and the clothing, (the colour of their shirts) whereas this "person" is a full black mass figure.

[at] Spiritwaiting - my house is a new house, I've only lived in the house for 5 years already and there's a large fence to divide the other houses.

[at] lady-glow - my house is a ground level house and the nearest street light is ages away from my bathroom window. I have installed a night vision camera and nothing is showing up.

I would rather not get anything to cover the bathroom window because I fear that it might be more angier and do something bad.

My living room and kitchen is joined together and last night, I was in the kitchen baking and my family was sitting down in the living room, the kitchen window is also a sliding door. It was wide open and the figure was standing there. I told my family to look at the door and they saw nothing, then they saw my face and I was extremely scared.

The figure is a guy, looks like a person that works in the lumber yard, big and bulky.

I have no idea how to get rid of it.


Date: 2013-11-27
It's still happening! I recently installed night vision cameras, to see if I could catch this bugger! I walk into the bathroom, I see this shadow person, look on the camera screen, there's no one. I can say its not a person but definitely an entity of some sort.

He doesn't just stalk my bathroom windows but he now stalks my kitchen window.

Is this entity intelligent?

I watched the video that you've posted on youtube. I just wanted to say that "spine" looks like a reflection from something bouncing of mirror or a window.

However I did hear a deep mans voice say "Happy" and "Hello"

I also saw a shadow person walk past the door, but it was very quick.

Very good video.


You mentioned that you have photos, would it be possible for you to upload them so myself and others can have a look and see if we see anything?

When I was reading this, one word popped into my head = Junjuddies. This Australian creature are sometimes seen following people around. This creature are also known to be guardians.

Just a thought,

Would love to see the photos,

Date: 2013-11-19
Ooh you got photos. Other members and I would be glad to have a look at them!

Did you have a good time though.

Much love

Date: 2013-11-11
If you still have the video, the other YGS members and I would like to see it.

Has anything else happened since then?

Looking forward to your response.

Date: 2013-11-11
This is a lovely story.

Definitely going in my favourite stories.

Stay safe

Could you post the link for the youtube video in the comments, I would like to see it.

Have you asked the staff at the retreat for any hauntings or ghosts that might be residing there, if so, it would be interesting to hear.


Date: 2013-11-05
Hey there.

By the sound of what you are saying, it pretty much sounds like that they are harmless, however if you do want them to be removed, try Rook's cleansing method. It works brilliantly.

Best of Luck

Date: 2013-11-02
Hey Rustedsoul...

In your story, you said she jumped off the ledge, was there a distance down from the ledge?

Pretty interesting story, like as everyone says; research the building history, the date of the building. Can you also recognise the clothing style of clothes that the girl is wearing, if you can tell what era or time of the clothing it will be easy for you to find the history of the building.

Try libraries, birth/deaths records centre, police, or the real estate agents.

Best of Luck!

Date: 2013-10-27

You should get someone to bless the house, all those activities might be the people who died in the house.

Hope everything goes well for you both.

Stay Safe

Date: 2013-10-19
First of all, welcome to YGS! Another fellow Aussie!:D

Have you looked into the town history or even the house history, if not, you can always go to the real estate agents and ask, another option is to go to a library, and search their computers for births and deaths registrations. Those 3 options can help you. How old is your house that you are currently living in?

If you want you could have a piece of paper laying around and you could write your name then ask her to write hers or maybe draw something. Burning sage can ward off the black spirit fellas...

Hope you stay safe and well.
Stay strong

Best of Luck
Date: 2013-09-20

I just want to rule out 2 possibilities, if you can answer back, it would be good.

1. Who ever took the picture, does he/she smoke? If so, I have to say that the "ghostly apparitions" are actually in fact smoke.

2. Was anyone carrying a torch? Sometimes insects or a stone can reflect and it makes it look like it's shiny.

Good pictures though.

The 3 ghostly figures could be indeed residual hauntings

Best of Luck

Date: 2013-09-15
If you do still have the picture, would you be able to put it on YGS or you can send it to delwen.bothma [at]
Have you looked up the history of the place? Have you asked other people about it?

Stay Safe

Date: 2013-09-13
Welcome to YGS!

Have you asked your mother about the faces that you've seen in your room?

Does your parents still live in the same house? If so, has anything else happened?

BattleScars (South African too)