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Little Girl In My Basement Part 3 on 2013-04-29

Since my last post about the girl in my basement a lot has happened, which has even convinced my once skeptical mother that there might be someone haunting our basement. A couple of weeks ago I was going into my basement to print something out for one of my classes. When you walk down the stairs ...

Experience At An Irish Pub In Seattle on 2013-03-19

I graduated high school in 2011 and senior prom was in June. I was one of those kids that hated high school and cliques so I decided early on in the year that I wasn't going to go to prom. Instead, I was going to use the money I had been saving for the last two years to go to Seattle, WA to see the ...

Boy At The Cemetery on 2013-02-05

A few years ago, I was going to the cemetery with my mom to visit my grandpa. My grandpa is buried in Pinelawn, on the side where the deceased are buried in slots in walls. Across the street and a little bit down the block from my grandpa, are my grandma's parents, who we also visit when we go visit...

Little Girl In My Basement Part 2 on 2013-01-23

Since my last post a few more incidents have occurred and I am well on my way to purchasing some ghost hunting equipment. My grandmother has lived with us my whole life and has her own little apartment upstairs. After my grandfather passed away almost 10 years ago, I've been sleeping in her gues...

Little Girl In My Basement on 2012-12-18

This all started about four years ago when I was 15. The first experience I had with the ghost in my basement was when I was sitting on my computer when no one else was home. The television had been turned off so it was just a black screen. Out of the corner of my eye and in the black of the TV scre...

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Lochkalten- Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely have to try the salt water thing if things get out of hand and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted 😊
Ghost772- Haha thank you so much! 😁 I'm going to spend this summer researching my house so hopefully I'll be able to get some answers/explanations!
Thanks harrypotterrules!=)

Amie_16- I think it was the same spirit that I encountered before with the laundry room but the one with the breathing felt like something different and darker

Spiritchild7234- I've been trying to do some research but now that I'm going to have more time, I'll probably be able to find out a lot more. My mom also suggested getting the house blessed. Thanks for the advice! =)
MissusTodd- Thank you!=) I think that there are protective spirits in my basement/house (like my grandpa and the little girl) as well as ones that are not so friendly. Hopefully my research uncovers some things about the house that will answer my questions! Trust me, I try to avoid my basement like the plague at night lol, during the day it's not too bad though. Thank you very much for your compliment about my writing! =D I really appreciate cause I love writing a lot, although it's not my main focus in school at the moment. I'm in the psychology field so writing is more of a pastime.
bambam- they are real, I just still have not figured out how to upload them haha. I've followed everyone's directions but I never see the option to upload anything! I can try to upload them with the next story I post
haha katie sorry if I scared you 😆 I'm glad you liked the story though! 😊
Thanks valkicry! I'll work on getting those pictures up within the next week! 😊
thanks guys!:) I'm going to upload the pictures as soon as I figure out how lol. Does anyone have any idea how to do that?
Date: 2013-03-01
Mannerizms- that's true, I just have to find out where he used to live cause if he didn't live around here then the library probably wouldn't have too much information about him thanks for the advice 😁
Date: 2013-02-16
Sds- I agree with you guys too that it was probably the boy. I have been doing a lot of research and I've only been able to find out his birthday and how old he was when he died. There aren't any pictures and since he died in 1993, it makes it even harder to find anything. Plus, his name is pretty common so I get a lot of different results. I was trying to find the town he died in because I could try going to a library over there to see if I could find any records of his obituary. Thanks for the feedback/advice! 😁
Date: 2013-02-15
zombiekillerofindia- That could be true too, I didn't think of that! I hope he has found his peace too
Hi Cat- thanks for the feedback! It would be awesome to find something like that in my basement, I just have to find someone who isn't too scared to go down there lol. As long as the spirits are friendly and not evil, I'm fine with them being here or helping them finally rest. Thanks again for the advice! 😁
Date: 2013-02-12
Sebastian- I think it was him too, but I'd love to find out for sure. He definitely didn't give me the impression he meant any trouble or anything. His grave never looks like he's visited by anyone so it makes sense that he could be lonely. Now whenever I go there, I sit over there for a few minutes and even look for him. Thanks for the feedback!=)
WhiteWolf- Thanks for the advice! The main thing I am worried about is the possibility of bringing in evil or unwanted spirits. If there are spirits from Native American times then it would be impossible to trace so I have no way of knowing if they are good or evil. I just want to get some answers or find something out. Thanks again 😁
Redwolf- I responded on my other story as well but I am from Massapequa on the south shore where, as you stated, a lot of Native Americans settled. Your story sounds pretty scary as well, I hope everything is OK now! My brother is 15 and I'm 19 but he gets too scared to talk about these experiences so I wouldn't really know what he has seen/heard. The only thing I notice is that when he goes to play his video games alone in the basement he has to shut all of the doors beforehand. Sometimes, if I stay down there with him he always looks over his shoulder or at the staircase, where my dog is always looking. The strange thing is, I always feel like there is someone sitting at the staircase watching me when I'm down there so I catch myself glancing over there sometimes as well. Thank you very much for the information about the paranormal group, I'll email you soon to get more information about them and see if they can help! 😁

Momonique- I don't have a sister haha, but if you meant my grandma or brother they seem to be pretty scared about the activity as well, especially my grandma. I try to talk to them about it but they get too scared and want to change the subject quickly, I wish they'd be more open about it. Thank you for the feedback 😁

Demonicsheikh- My grandma says the same thing. She believes that trying to capture whatever spirit is here will bring bad luck or cause a lot of trouble. I would just feel bad if there was a little girl who needed help and I did nothing for her. It's crazy how dogs and animals can see things that we can't!
Hi Red- Thanks for all the advice! I'm in Massapequa, which isn't too far from West Islip and is on the south shore. I know Native Americans settled here, even as you enter the town there's a statue of a Native American man and a plaque which I never read haha. I have been warned against using ouija boards or any spells since it can potentially anger the spirits or open the door to other spirits. I went to a psychic a few months ago and she told me that there were a lot of spirits in my house, including the spirit of my grandfather (so at least I'm positive one of them is not harmful and that's one spirit I don't mind having around). The other spirits, I'd like to hear from if they are good and get rid of if they are bad. Ghost Adventures includes a lot of taunting sometimes but they even warn against it on the show so I figured it wasn't the best idea to do that haha. Thanks again for the advice! 😁
Jay_Sammie1- Hahaha Thank you!=D

Argette- Thanks! Right now with school it's going to be a little harder to get more information but I'm going to try!

SDS- Thank you! I will definitely keep you guys posted. We have had other experiences, including hearing a little girl and seeing shadows. I wrote about it in the first part of the story that's also published on here called Little Girl in my Basement. Thanks for responding!
Date: 2013-01-26
Wow, that's really scary and interesting! The teddy bear thing actually gave me chills and I probably would have freaked out if I was your dad and I saw her standing by my bed lol. I'm having similar experiences with a little girl ghost at my house although she has never made herself visible. She has only spoken to us and made sounds. I'd love to see the picture you took, if you want to upload it to the site there's a section called pictures and videos where I think it explains how to upload pictures! Other than that I'm not sure how 😢
spiritwolfdancer & ghostlover101- Yea, I feel bad for her as well but I'm still not entirely positive if it really is a little girl as demons or bad entities can take the forms of young children to pass as innocent. But I'm definitely going to keep everyone posted and find out the history of the house! =)
Girlie- Yea I definitely don't plan on taunting the spirits or anything, I've learned the dangers of doing that with spirits from Ghost Adventures lol. I'm going to go research the history of my house and the block within the next two weeks so I can have somewhat of an idea of what I am dealing with. Thank you for the support and I'll be sure to let everyone know if there are any problems!

Fubble10- Really? What happened with you and your friend? And yea I'm a little nervous about angering the spirit but if it's friendly then I hope it wouldn't get angry if I just want to get information.

Sian-mariah- Yea, it's pretty creepy especially when I'm alone haha. It's good to know I'm not alone with this stuff!