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Well I love all things ghostly and paranormal more than anything. On occasion I do like to go looking for ghosts and am much more happy to have paranormel accounts happen to me than scared.
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Halloween At The Cemetary on 2013-01-08

This happened on the Halloween night of 2008 and is not my own experience but that of my Brother, Sister and close friends. It is long so bear with me. I lived in Canberra during my childhood and Canberra is known to be the most haunted location in Australia given its history. Growing up I never to...

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Great story. You should submit some more stories as you investigate other locations, put up some pictures if you can aswell. Take care thanks.
Date: 2013-04-12
Wow thankyou so much for sharing. But why would the ghost of the man who died haunt your grandpa? If you are intrigued more about how the man died it would be worth possibly finding the house and doing some research. Thw thought of that happening, just so intriging and rare.
Thanks, I just have one question where is this pub you stayed in:)
Date: 2013-03-16
Thankyou for letting us know of your expiriences. First I would like to say that it is not totally rare to see strange images, most of the time they are just your brain forcing images into your eyes, their is so much that we don't understand about our brain. The human brain is the most complex thing in the totallaty of excistence when you think of that you can see how your brain could easily play tricks on you.
However I am not saying that you have never expirienced anything paranormal, if you have been visited by theese ghosts I would not fear them, from what I hear they are not malevolant or evil in any way just missunderstood. I know it is a lot easier said then done but you must cast away your fear even a little bit helps, the way I do it is I simply remember half of what makes me me is part of what ghosts are a soulless body but a soul none the less. Once upon a time ghosts have felt the same love you have felt and shared the bonds you share maybe they even still share such a bond...
Date: 2013-03-16
Great story. Honestly I really do think that when you have a ghot in your basement it is more intriguing than scary, except the two most scariest things that freak me out are when I would be sleeping and hear whispering or giggling. If you don't think that theese spirits are harmful or fearful you could do a seance to get a better understanding of their intentions. Also how did that girl react to seeing the old mans face staring at her the moment she woke up, thanks.
Did you recently enter into a locaation where you felt another presence or something following you home, at some point did a relative have a baby recently. This could be a warning for what is to come or perhaps just a relative coming to visit, don't call any paranormal teams just yet until you really have to. If something happens again you should try going into your basement or attic and just sit there to see what feelings you get and if you hear anything strange. Don't summon any spirits or conduct a seance just yet though. Some general advice aswell, do not be afraid, it is easier said than done but... You must try. Take care.
Cool stuff, I want to visit this place there is nothing cooler thqan a old, dark, haunted pine forest. Anyway if you love investigationg paranormal places you should'nt stop, only if you really want to that is. Thanks again.
Date: 2013-03-10
I do believe that when someone gose through a traumatic expirience it releases incredable bad energy (on drugs or not). With bad energy comes ominus spirits that are attracted to that energy. It does indeed make sence that spirits fully manifest them selves to intoxicated people because through their eyes it could be part of the trip. Lucky that you tried to help that guy because the spirit or spirits would have made it even worse for him, they didn't want you to help him that is why the wind was pushing you away. You could of very well saved his life by just being there. Oh and BTW... DO NOT TAKE DRUGS, OK thanks and take care.
If their ever was a great time for an apparition to show up and scare you it would be while you were trying to sleep in the darkness of the night. This is where people feel very vunrable. Do not show fear towards this apparition or it will get worse, if it wanted to hurt you it would of done so already. You must try your hardest to not show any fear at all, none. Is it appearing in the hours of the day as well, if so try and shed some light on what this apparition is. Thanks and take care.
WOW incrediable stuff, I would say it was a demon if you ever go their again you should do some sort of investigation, Thankyou for sharing.
Thankyou. Well, I am really bad with computers and have tried so hard to send the picture to different websites but their is this error that keeps coming up saying "The host SMTP could not be found"? Does any one know of any other way I could put it on the web?
We fear what we can not see. If you can't use sense to explain somthing the first emotion is fear to alert your body to stay away. Perhaps do some reaserch on your home and family history to understand this presence more. Dont show fear, remember every ghost used to be a human who once had a beloved family and perhaps still have such a bond
That is very interesting, yes I think it is worth trying to commuicate with it since it seems un aggressive but the important thing is you can't show fear try to ignore it. Its important to never be too sad or depressed and its perfectly fine to take it easy and let go. You should seek help from the church again if it gets worse and try to great good energy and karma in your home. You should think about looking back in your family history and see if their is any sort of connection to this Thankyou for the post.
Date: 2012-12-21
I have had an expirience with what I thaught was a Banshee and it had a whaling/moaning/crying sound to it, it was interesting yet scary never heared it again. It is belived that the worse the sound of the crying the worse the death of that person would be I would definetly think that this would be of a Banshee.
Date: 2012-12-21
A haunted school now that would be a place I would love to grow up in. Why not make more investigations of that school 😊.
Date: 2012-12-21
Cool I wonder what this spirit was trying to tell you they work in myeterious ways. In any circumstance don't show any fear or threatining behaviour if you happen to see it again and expect too.
Date: 2012-12-21
Its worth going back and asking the people you work their if they have noticed anything and know any history. Think back and try to remember what you felt around the time you saw this entity. Basically how you are feeling when a spirit is around you can determen if the spirit is bad or good well mostly. I have had a very similar expirience I would say its a ghost of somone who passed away on the grounds.