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I'm Right Here. She Wants To Say on 2015-06-16

I recently moved to Jakarta and started working as Account Executive in an advertising agency. Last two weeks, we had an urgent and emergency video project which forced me and three of our creative staffs working overtime every day without rest. We went to the office at 9am everyday and didn't l...

A Call From Empty Room on 2014-05-05

It's been six months since I started my job as a Guest Relation Officer in a villa in Bali. This happened at May 2nd. A day before, I welcomed a group of Chinese guests, three guys and two girls. They booked two villas, and they were the only group guests we had that week. At May 2nd, they w...

Ghost Story In Bali - Ubud on 2013-09-24

I moved to Bali Island, the Island of Gods, just about two months ago. If you have ever read my other stories, you'd know that I lived in China until recently. Last July I graduated, and the company had difficulties giving working visa for a new graduate like me due to new regulations, etc (Chin...

Something Possessed My Maidservant on 2013-03-26

This story happened before I had my third eye opened, around six years ago. My mother had a new maidservant since the old one quit to marry just a week before (in Indonesia is is usual for a common family to have one or two maids since the salary for maid here is very low, mine costs just $50 per...

Ghost Story In China 5: Kumanthong on 2013-01-29

I mentioned already in my stories that I had a step-brother who is a "dukun," kind of Indonesian magician. He is not only a magician, he also acts as a "suhu," Indonesian term for a Taoist medium who also uses Chinese sorcery. I came to visit him in my second vacation, around January 2010. He wa...

Ghost Story In China 4 on 2013-01-23

As always, if you have spare time, please read my stories before this one to have some clearer accounts of my situation. I moved to my first apartment in Beijing at my second year, in the middle of Beijing's super hot summer. Indeed, it was the hottest summer I've ever felt, it even reached 45 Ce...

Ghost Story In China 3 on 2013-01-16

Before you start reading my story, I would like to suggest you to read my first two story, to know better the circumstances, as the stories are kind of linked together. To the story, remember Myra? My seer friend who ended up as my roommate for six months. After she moved to my dormitory, I was ...

Ghost Story In China 2 on 2013-01-14

I hope whoever reads this will also read my first story, Ghost Story in China 1, to understand me and my circumstances better. In this story, I will write about our encounter with a lady in red. As I have written in my first story, the building I used to live in was haunted to the core, always b...

Ghost Story In China on 2013-01-08

This is my first story. First, let me tell you about me. I'm an Indonesian, and has been living in China for 4 years. When I came at March 2009, I stayed in the dormitory for foreign students, at Capital Normal University, Beijing. Now, this dormitory, even though it was very good, clean, modern...

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Date: 2014-05-09
[at] JeunaBella

1. As I said, I'm the only Chinese speaking staff in the whole complex and if they prank me (we do this many times for the sake of fun), they'll speak English.

2. We considered that too, but he clearly said the villa name and the location. We only have one villa that was located directly next to our restaurant, and I've checked other guests. We have very few guests here and I remember very distinctly each guest's voice. I would have found out that. What's more, the villa's name isn't something that a Chinese (who can't speak English) can easily pronounce, like KLOPING or KLUNGAH or DANYUH. Even English-speaking foreigners have difficulty with them.

3. This is the only thing that came up to mind... Since any other explanation doesn't fit.

4. Luckily nothing like that happened... Since I checked the villa alone right after the call...

By the way, hope your dinner didn't burnt:D
Vivavitong: well if You do that you may not know when the possessed girl breaks your door down and grab you from behind... Since you're wearing headset...

Triskaideka: other than that there's still changeling and many more. Oh in Indonesia there's a living legend: the guy whose father supposed to be genderuwo (a type of demon with black hairy body and unsatiated appetite for sex) that goes by the name Tebo. He's more hairy than normal human and there are some lumps on the back of his head which shape a face (people said it's the father's face)
Date: 2013-11-12
Perhaps the ghost hasn't realized he has died and still thought that house was his house, and when he saw you he thought YOU were the ghost...
[at] lily
Hell yeah I do have more stories which happened in just a little more than a month... I have never been in a place which offers me many encounters almost daily... Bali is terrific in its own way lol
Oh, I have never gotten the night shift (it's reserved for men) but I did come home at almost twelve o'clock on two occasions and it was super creepy. I also heard various stories from my colleagues.
By the way, do you also live in Bali? You seem to know a lot...
Hello all, thanks for the comments! Sorry I took so long before replying. Firstly, I am glad to inform you that I have moved from Ubud to... Kuta. Practically still Bali, still sacred, and still lots of ghosts.

Lucky I have learned to cope up with ghosts for years (from my experiences back in China) but every encounter still shocks the hell out of me sometimes.
In Bali, the problem goes deeper than mere encounter; if you aren't being careful, you may be cursed. And this isn't some old wives' tale, this is true.

[at] Lily
Thanks for the advice! I happily moved to a quieter house, but still meets many spirits on my workplace, which is a hotel. Hotels always have ghost stories and spirits loitering about... Right?

[at] Hahiha
No time for researching unfortunately... Because I packed up my bags very soon after.

[at] Miracles
I have never met a ridiculously dangerous spirit here until now, but certainly have met some naughty ones. And yes, this island is spiritual in every aspect, even in daily life.

[at] Rajen
Thanks! The master of witchcraft isn't uncommon in Indonesia, but finding a real one is a tedious task. Eight masters out of ten are fakes.
[at] April_Islam
Sorry I haven't checked comments in so long, but I hope you read this.
Yes I do know some Djinns are Moslems, but I do not think that Moslem Djinn would do something like possessing my maid or making her suffers (let alone when the Djinn admitted he likes her, would you hurt someone you love like a psycho?). I mean, a Moslem supposed to be a good person, right? And applied to Djinns as well.
That's why when that thing possessed my maid, everyone immediately thought that Djinn was a bad one, and he wouldn't happen to know how to read the Quran.
And I'm not offending your religion, just being honest in everything I heard and saw. If you're being offended, well, sorry.
[at] imlovinit,

The maid is 'she' and the djinn is 'he'.
In this case, the djinn wanted my maidservant to notice his presence, because not all people have the ability to see spirits, right?
She can't see him and didn't know he existed, not until he possessed her.
[at] pjod,
Well it happens pretty often in Indonesia. We usually burn 'kemenyan', a kind of incense that spirits like, and it is enough to appease them. Any kind of spirit.
And yes, in Indonesia, it is not uncommon to have a spirit of a 'djinn' (moslems call demon 'genie' or 'djinn') to fall in love with a human, and there are also some spiritualists that claim can marry human with a djinn.
Doesn't happen very often, but not unheard of.

In my maid's case, he just wants to be noticed, I think.
Date: 2013-03-27
I think you said your father is a huge religious buff. I assume he is Catholic / Christian?

If so, the best way for you is to tell your father everything, starting from the ouija board and the messed room and the writings. Then go to church and have an exorcist or pastor coming around to check on your room. That solves most of the problems, but not all.

If you are not Catholic / Christian, well, I recommend you look for a medium / shaman / spiritualist / ghost hunter, to get rid of the thing. Swinsinfire's advice is good too, but better be guarded just in case, and have a specialist over.
Date: 2013-03-26
[at] aussiedaz
No matter how strong the glitch was (if there was one with her), no matter how much pot or drugs she smoked (if she did smoke), there is nothing in your theory that could justify her going inside the divan box herself, and then moved the bed back on the divan herself, not mentioning the neat arrangements on the bed.
No human can do that.

[at] sonty
If an entity has the power to move a human body through space, like I see in your case (dumped you under the bed like that), it indicates a strong power on its side.
I suggest you be very careful. Try calling a medium, or shaman, or exorcist if you are Catholic, and see what they can do.
Date: 2013-03-18
Consider calling an exorcist to help you?
Since you said you believe in Lord and you pray every single night, I assume you are either Catholic or Christian, therefore an exorcist or priest would be good consultant.
Date: 2013-02-16
Hello dear, my father had that kind of experience before, with his mother (my grandma).
When she died, we all gathered in the funeral house, in a hot, bright day. My father was sitting on my right, sweating and fanning himself because of the heat. Suddenly, I felt the air on my right side got kind of chilly, and my father apparently felt cold, because he stopped moving for a while.
I could see a white, foggy kind of shape on my father's lap.
Several of the family could see it too, and we all thought it was grandma hugging my father goodbye, since he was her favorite.
After a few minutes, the chill was gone, and we knew that grandma had moved to another world.
[at] sebastian,

Well, one advice for you before you go and interact with spirits...
Some of them want to talk to you because they have something that bind them to this world, that make them cannot go to the afterlife. They want to find someone who can see them and help them.
If you can see them and they know it, they might try to communicate to you in order to ask for your help (which is not going to be done nicely, but rather force you to help them).
And if you cannot help them, they might attach themselves to you as long as you shall live or until you remove the 'thing' that binds them.

That happens to my bro, by the way... Well he's kind of powerful so he exorcises them... But still, I wouldn't advice you to get too close.
[at] sebastian
Thankyou very much... I hope I can meet him, somehow.

Well, I wouldn't advise other people to play with supernatural, and I never had any wish in the first place to encounter the supernatural either, but somehow they seemed intent to find me -.-"a
But if you have the same fate as me, that is, able to see the invincible, I suggest you treat them as you want to be treated. Don't stare at them, don't insult them, greet them as friendly as you can, and never show your fear because it also counts as an insult.
You do that and, unless the spirits are the dangerous type or have a mischievous behavior from the start, they will not disturb you.

That's how I survive all this time *wink*
[at] GreyFeather
Well it is not slavery... Since we care for them and never order them around to do this or that. I for my part just let him do whatever he wanted as long as he didn't freak my friends out. Kind of like caring for a little spoiled brat who couldn't be seen by anyone else.
That is why I never feel like I was doing something wrong. If Guangsong never came into my hand, we Indonesians believe that he will wander forever in darkness, never be able to enter heaven, or he might avenge his mother or father who had killed him.
He needed someone else to care for him, to prevent his own bitter feelings from bursting forth and harm his parents. I substituted his mother, that's all.

[at] Pjod
Not really serve... It's just like if you adopted a child and you care for him, he will repay your kindness by not letting harm come to you even though you don't ask him to, because he loves you and you love him. You cannot care for kumanthong without loving him, and by doing that, he will feel that he is not a worthless being dumped by his own parents, and prevent him from doing mischief.
Well, at least we Indonesians believe aborted children can never get to heaven on their own because they have too much misery and pain, as well as revenge, and we have to guide them.
Besides, a 'dukun' will not give kumanthong to just anybody. As I said, only the fated ones will have them. My brother himself theorized, that maybe in the past Guangsong and I already had ties, maybe I wronged him and had to care for him in my present life.

[at] hades666
Depends on your treatment. You treat him well, you love him, he will love you. You scold him, shout at him, command him to do whatever you want without thinking about his feelings, maltreat him, he may harm you.
Ever heard about stories where aborted children return to avenge their parents? Kind of like that.

[at] sds
Yeah, most westerner will find it unfair and unjust. I wish they might take a deeper look in these things. You couldn't tell this thing is bad or good just by seeing the outside part.
By the way, I would love to hear about your Indian culture.
Date: 2013-01-29
[at] mamachong
It's kind of like a charm from Thailand, but not really a charm... Since it contains a spirit of a child within.
Date: 2013-01-24
Hi Shlain.

First of all, those buildings in my stories are all old buildings, and dormitories, where many people died, mostly from committing suicide. Students have a lot of problems, no? ^^

About the red lady, well... As far as I see, she is not following my friend wherever he goes... We highly hope she will no longer cause any disturbance, and let her retires in that attic.

And for your information, the 503 where the red lady used to dwell... Yes, it is a hot spot.
Date: 2013-01-16
[at] dhlp & ruchisrimali
He is what is known in Indonesia as 'dukun', or... Shaman? Magician? I don't know the English term, but yeah, he's like has sixth sense since his birth, can do magic (voodo kind), can open somebody's aura... Things like that are quite common in Indonesia. What he did was basically suddenly rubbed my eyes a few times while concentrating, and after that I could see. Don't ask the mechanism to me, only dukuns know how. Anyway it's not really permanent, it will vanish overtime if I don't train it.
I don't really recommend it though, you may go crazy if you don't have a strong mentality. I was almost going crazy the first week too.

[at] dhlp
Yea, you can open it by meditating routinely; that's what I need to do if I wish to preserve the opened third eye. My brother taught me how to do that but I never do anyway, too afraid to keep it open.
By training meditation, you can see other people's aura, too.

[at] acidrain
Nice explanation. Indonesia is good country, yeah? Lots of spirits. ^^
Date: 2013-01-12
[at] SDS,
Thx for the warm welcome! I will write more, of course, my four years and more here had given me a lot of meetings with the 'others'.

[at] Sparklin,
I think the ghost just wanted to learn some new technology that weren't exist at the time of his or her life... Maybe... My friend thought that way, too. But it never disturb you other than hacking your computer?

[at] MsWrestler,
I very much hope not. It's just that my third eye is partially open. I very much hope it will close sometime in the future. 😕