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The Lady With The Red Lips on 2014-07-09

When I was 14 years old, I always had a recurring dream at night. The dream lasted over a time frame of about a year. In my dream, I would see the picture of a young woman (whom I did not know). She was pale, with long black hair, dark brown eyes, and bright red lips. In my dream, I saw her as a pic...

Four Legged Dark Creature on 2013-01-07

During my senior year of high school, I would normally sleep real late into the night. Since my room was on the second floor, it provided me with the privacy I needed, without any one disturbing my conversations. I was a teenager who enjoyed talking on the phone with friends, and calling from bed wa...

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Hi guys,

Thank you for all the input. I really appreciate it. And just to clear up a few things:

Yes, I normally forget my dreams. However, it was strange how I used to dream about the same thing everyday. After it happens everyday, it is hard to forget it after waking up. Especially because it was very detailed. VERY detailed. After I saw it on tv, the dreams stopped. It was very weird. I just cannot understand how my mind came up with the image, and how all of a sudden, it stopped. Especially after seeing it on tv. Whether it is paranormal or not, I am unsure. But like I said, thank you all for providing different perspectives. Gives me some peace of mind.
Thank you everyone for all the wonderful feedback. I actually have never had a dream like that of the lady with the red lips since then. At least nothing that has occurred every night. I would rather keep it that way since it is very frightening. Especially when one dreams the same thing over and over again. Now that I am older, I actually do not remember most of my dreams.

When I was younger, I used to be very tuned in with everything around me. Not only would I have strange dreams, but I would also see strange things that I could not explain.

Revajane, writing stuff down seems like a good idea. I never thought to do that. Like I said, I mostly do not remember anything I dream of anymore. Sometimes I do for the first few minutes I wake up, but then my mind goes blank.

I mostly go off gut feelings know. Although recently, my father also mentioned to me a dream that he had that also ended up occurring. Because he listened to his dream, he actually ended up saving his own life!

Again, thank you everyone for all your feedback.
Thank you everyone for your comments and help. I am new to this site, and I forget that we do not get any notifications when there are comments.

Now to answer some of your questions:

About two months ago, I brought up this experience to my dad again, and he mentioned something that he did not mention years back when I first saw this entity. My dad told me that when he brought the recorder up into my bedroom (the night after my experience), he experienced something strange. He turned on the recorder, headed up stairs by himself, and started recording in the dark. My dad said once he got into my room, his recorder shut off. He dismissed the incident, and considered it a coincidence. I did think it was strange how he never mentioned this to me until recently. My experience happened in 2008, so I do not know why he waited so long to tell me.
Furthermore, my dad and I have a great relationship. However, I do think he may believe in some things that are paranormal, but he just does not talk about it or let us know he believes in it.

Once when my brother, dad, and I were home and in the dining room, we heard someone "walking" upstairs. My dad looked at both of us, asked if we had anyone over, and my brother and I said no. He headed upstairs with my brother, and I heard them look through the rooms. When they came back down, all my dad said was, "that was strange". He then told us it was probably the house settling.

However, since the blessing in 2008, I have not had anyone else bless the house. Since I do not live there anymore, I feel like I do not have a right to interfere with my dad's home. Also, since I still visit on weekends and during breaks from work, I still experience things that I cannot explain, just not as often.

I do not know much about the history of the house, and after I saw that entity I was willing to research. When I brought this up to my dad, he told me no. He just told me to think about what some of the research may bring up, and how that would affect me at a later point. I took his advice, and I guess fear prevents me from doing research or watching the tape. I am scared to see what I would find. I know that I would worry to the point that I would not visit. I guess I should consider to at least watching the video. I really hope there is nothing on there. I will see if I can locate the video this weekend. Perhaps I can have my boyfriend watch it with me after he is done with his training.

I have other experiences that I would like to share with you all as well. I will post them up as soon as I have an opportunity. I do not want to make this comment longer. Thank you guys for all the help!