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I am currently a student of Life Sciences and doing my final year Bsc course. Although I myself have never encountered a ghost before, many of my family members have. I have always believed in ghosts and spirits with whom we share our Earth and have learnt to respect them.
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The Ghost On The Train Platform on 2017-03-10

The story I am about to tell you guys happened to my mother when she was about 13 years old. This particular incident made her a believer in ghosts. It happened in the city of Mumbai (Bombay). My mother had went along with 2 cousins to watch a movie in a theater in a different part of city from wher...

The Mysterious Woman on 2013-09-16

This is my second story and I will be telling you about one of my maternal grandmother's experiences. The particular experience made her a total believer in supernatural forces. When my Grandmother was a young girl, she was a bit rebellious by nature. My great grandfather also loved her very muc...

Ghost Of Kallavva on 2013-08-26

The story which I am going to tell you took place in the city of Bijapur in India. I have not known the ghost personally but my grandmother and grandfather knew her very well. And due to certain incidents, the ghost became an integral part of our family as well. In India, you will find many dowr...

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Thanks for the comments guys. The problem is since it was my mother's experience, there are a lot of queries I cannot answer as I simply don't know enough. Maybe she was just pranked by her cousins into believing she had seen a ghost. I will ask some of your doubts to her when I speak with her in the evening
matrix899: The stop which the ghost mentioned he wanted to go (where he probably lived when he was alive) was a few stations after Dombivali. Or he simply made up the fact that he too wanted to travel to spend some more time with my mother. I don't know much more than that either. These are my best guess
Hi Manafon1, There is no system of conductor in Mumbai Local Trains. There are what we call Ticket Checkers who check whether all the passengers have tickets or not. However, they are not in every train. Infact they are not there in most of the trains. I myself in my 22 years living in Mumbai, only had a TC ask me for ticket thrice.
[at] roylynx. The trains operate that late only in big metropolis. I doubt they run that rate anywhere other than Mumbai.
Thank you for all your comments guys. Both my mother's cousins seemed to have realised that this was a ghost and went on chanting name of ram (a Hindu God) the whole night. Also the caught the first train in the morning at 4 AM. There was no one else except the 4 of them traveling through the compartment. Trains in Mumbai are not very crowded at 4 AM and I am speaking this out of experience.
[at]tweed. I don't recall the exact amount of time that had passed between the officers death and the day he met my mother, but he did actually spend almost 2 hours with my mother and her cousin. Perhaps he felt better around my mother as she reminded him of his daughter, so he decided to hang around. Point is I don't know why he was there for 2 hours, but I do know that even today, my mother gets afraid at the slightest mention of a ghost.
Date: 2017-03-11
A nice story. Similar stuff happened with a good friend of mine a few years ago. He was very close to one of his cousins who was mentally challenged. The two lived thousands of kilometers away from each other and would meet only during school vacations when my friend would go to his village. After his cousin died of a prolonged illness, somewhere around at night, my friend heard the voice of his cousin saying goodbye. He didn't understand it then but the next day he got a phonecall saying that the cousin had passed away the last night
Date: 2013-10-04
What I have understood through talking with my paternal grandmother when I was young that usually gods and goddesses usually don't possess a man. They show their real forms to those who deserve it. These are spirits who have their own personal motivation to possess the bodies of people and in return of certain services aid those same people. I don't myself know why that particular spirit chose the toilet though. Sorry for late reply. My semester exams are on
Date: 2013-09-07
That's scary. Thank God you are safe. Between 2 and 4 such spirits are most active from what I have been told. Awesome story
Date: 2013-09-07
[at]notjustme, It is someone in the family who should continue on the tradition. It should be either me or my brother. But yes, one of us will surely follow this tradition.
[at]Swimsinfire, puja is a sort of prayer in which we usually call a deity to our homes and ask him or her for their blessings. It is an elaborate ritual and takes different time depending on the types of pujas. I hope I answered your question.
[at]Nectarvore, something like that happened with my maternal grandmother as well. My great uncle came in her dream and asked her to perform shradhha (the yearly ritual of offering of food and clothes to dead family members) for him
Date: 2013-09-06
[at]spiritwaiting, Thanks for your comment and I will certainly thank her when I visit my ancestral home.
[at]Yalisai, Yeah and what I have realized it is that most of these ghosts aren't evil. They are just too attached to something materialistic on Earth. And Thanks for the comment and yes we are doing quite well.
I pity you... If that Gandharva was real, just pray that he is not pissed off at you... Gandharvas are considered to be legendary fighters and cannot be killed by just a stick. I think he might have just laughed at you.