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Was There Something That Pushed Me? on 2016-08-17

Hope you all are in best of the condition. I've been a reader of incidents on YGS for quite some years now but never did I got the opportunity to share my story. I'm not exactly sure whether it actually was a paranormal encounter or not but I'll share it here nevertheless. The incident took plac...

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Hi little_baby_squid.
Really sorry for not replying earlier. Was caught up with things and honestly lost track of this post.

I'm not aware nor too familiar with the concept of these things, like you said, they need to draw energy from someone or someplace, or anything. So I won't be able to comment on that.

And as I mentioned in the story, I was just goofing around at that time, just jumping here and there so if indeed there was this 'drawing' of energy from something around me, I honestly didn't notice.
As for someone, as I already mentioned in my previous comments, as per knowledge, nobody experienced ot atleast didn't share with me. May be they did experience but scared to share it which is natural in my opinion.
Thanks for your comment.

Date: 2017-04-29
Hi LadyGlow
Regarding to your point that why she appeared scary to others and an angel to her niece.
Maybe her niece was quite young, a small child perhaps, at that time.
In my opinion, small children consider many things to be fairy/ angels.
Something which is scary as hell for older people may not at all be scary for small kids. Maybe. I'm just guessing.

Date: 2017-04-29
Hi Sheetal.
Honestly, those few days of your life were really terrifying. But what matters is you and your family members are safe, and hopefully remain the same.
Like you said, Ganpati Bappa saved you people.

Ishan 😊
Sorry for replying late.
No I didn't ask anyone about this. And as I replied in my earlier comment, as per my knowledge, no one in my knowledge atleast, didn't face anything like this. Or they didn't mention it.
And no I didn't mention to anyone else. I don't know how they might have reacted if I told them.
And this happened in Moradabad city.
Hi Tweed
Thanks for your comment.
Yeah I'm really thankful to God that nothing more happened. Even I'm not entirely sure what it was paranormal or not. Whatever it was, thankfully, it didn't happen again.:)

Thanks and Regards,
Hi lady-glow.
Thanks for your comment.
No as per my knowledge, no one else experienced the same, or atleast they didn't share that thing because most of the people do think that they'll be regarded as crazy.
Regarding your view that someone wanted to teach me a lesson, well, can't be sure about that. Hehe. Maybe, if it was actually a paranormal experience, it might have been the spirit of some caretaker. Only God knows. 😁

Thanks and regards,
Date: 2015-09-30
Sorry for your loss.
Could it be, by any chance, possible that you're getting confused by the dates? I mean you said she died on 11th April and same day later, you saw her.
What I mean is, maybe you don't remember correctly and that you met on 10th April?
Seriously, I'm not doubting you or your story, just a possibility of confusion, which is very natural, given that you were going through a very tough time so maybe your mind was all distracted?
Really sorry that you lost a good friend. I also lost mine in a road accident.
Again, not doubting you.

Date: 2015-07-23
It's possible it may be your brother. Sorry to hear about him. Even if not, it only seems to be a playful spirit which doesn't mean any harm to you or anyone, at least until now. Hope it stays the same way.

Date: 2015-07-21
Haha. I really find the comment from Tweed a very interesting one. I especially liked the thought of the creature getting bored:D.
In case of human spirits I can somewhat understand why they stay in same places. Like, for example, a person may have died at the very same spot. Just a thought.
But by the description provided, it doesn't seem to be a human ghost. Can't be sure.

[at] Tweed: no disrespect meant by what I said at the beginning of this comment.:) .

Date: 2015-07-20
Hi Vishal, thanks for sharing your experience.
While I was reading, thought of ' out of body ' or ' astral ' experience came to my mind. But it was rejected on the basis that the concerned entity, if there provided it was not a prank, replied to your calls. And I don't think that can happen in astral experience.
Now to be very honest I don't know much about this astral thing. I just came across the thing through movies. But a thought came so I just shared.
And you said your cousin was unconscious and sweating. Did you mean he was just sleeping or he indeed was unconscious? And did you ask why was he sweating?
Have you ever had any other experiences after this?


I request the respected senior members on YGS, like rook, SDS and others (really sorry but these names came to my mind first, no disrespect for others), to kindly throw some light on this astral thing, if they're okay with it. I can googl it but I feel I can get better information from people on YGS.

😜 😜
Hi Shree.
Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
Wanted to ask something. Your aunty knew about that place, still she was living in that place? I mean that's a very courageous thing to do, but provided she had an infant with her, I don't think she should have taken this risk. Good think she left.
By the way, you didn't mention your Uncle. I hope he's alright.
Well, good story.

Date: 2015-05-12
Really don't mean any disrespect neither am I expressing any doubt in your story, just curious. I just happened to go through the previous comments. You mentioned that your father passed away when you were 8. While in one of your other stories, you mentioned you were 3. Just asking.
Regarding the story, it sure was creepy as hell. I had an almost same experience, later it turned out to be a prank though. But I can understand the feeling or chills the incident must have given you back then. 😜
Date: 2014-12-30
I agree with EnlightenedCandles here. Don't know why but after reading the story I also felt that he indeed knows something and needs to explain.
Do you ever feel a feeling of threat or danger from this entity? Or just this weird feeling of being watched?

Date: 2014-10-19
Erina8888: wondering if you could share your experience on the site as a story? Up to you just saying:)

Date: 2014-10-19
Hi Mithil. Sorry for reverting so late. Okay so that's a different case if your not a local person of the place. Thanks for the reply. Cheers

Date: 2014-10-19
Chan123495: Haha that's totally fine.

Date: 2014-10-19
Chan123495: I'm sorry I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Considering a possibility, if you or anyone is finding my comment idiotic or something like that, my sincere apologies but I do want to know what part of my comment did they find such way.
And no, I'm not from Canada. I'm from India.
Date: 2014-10-18
Hi RoseMandrack.
I agree with sushantkar here. It might just be what he's referring to or in my personal opinion it might be the spirit of some lady who used to live there earlier. Maybe she was just a harmless spirit. Have you tried to find out anything about your house after the incident? Maybe she belonged to some family living there before you people.
Be safe. And its not bad to cleanse your house once nevertheless.
Good luck 😊
Date: 2014-06-17
Hi Mithil
Interesting story. As per my opinion, it maybe like all others are saying that she wanted to tell you something.
Another possible reason maybe that she took keen interest in you because you were the only one able to see her, maybe she was surprised, and then after knowing this may have wanted to communicate with you.
Enquire about her. You'll know about her.

Good luck and God bless you.
Hi honeysingh
Reading your story, my opinion is that this entity, or whatever there is, it's just trying to grab your attention by any means. If it meant to harm you, it couldve done that easily as you were alone.
One thing I wanted to ask you. Has this thing ever tried to communicate with you in any manner. May be through whispers or anything?
Further, the same question as sds, have you felt anything in other parts of the house as well or only that room?
Well by your experiences, this entity doesn't seem harmful to me YET. But anyways take care.

Good luck and God bless you.