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Black Cloud Passing By on 2013-01-15

I'm a 37 years old French and I've been living in Mauritius for more than 3 years now. It's important to say, because being French, I've never been raised in such beliefs as spirits, ghosts or demons. Mauritius, though, is a place where a lot of people have witnessed paranormal activity of many ...

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Date: 2013-01-28
Thank you guys for your interesting comments. All I can add to these is that it was definitely not a human-shaped cloud, it was simply as high as a tall man, and as wide as the path, so probably twice as wide as an adult, but had the form of a cloud, not a human.

The two white revolving dots inside the black mass were the proof it was nothing but human, I would also add nothing but terrestrial as we know it. It did not look at all like a ghost as we imagine them, nor it looked like a shadow man, as the cloud was thick & black and not human-shaped.

It was moving very slowly, and from what I saw I could not think of it moving faster, but who knows what this thing was capable of anyway?

I would not deny the fact that my dog, and all the dogs in the neighborhood felt it way before I could. I also witnessed my dog barking at it as if he saw it long before I could.

Now the question is: what was this? A ghost? I don't believe so. A demon or an alien? That would definitely make more sense in relation to what it looked like.
Date: 2013-01-22
Were you living next to a pond or a lake at that time?
Did you see two white revolving dots inside the cloud?
Date: 2013-01-22
please read my story, "black cloud passing by". I found some strange similarities between our stories. Were there two revolving white dots inside the cloud?
Date: 2013-01-22
This is more of Mauritian folklore, which suddenly appeared to me as no folklore anymore, only true facts!

My mother in law, who's Mauritian, regularly sees paranomal entities and even communicates with them.

She told me she knew what it was, to her I saw a demon that they call "Rascasse" in Mauritius. Apparently this demon loves to wander in dark places, and many people who work in cane fields saw it at night.

I was told that if you ever try to interfere with the black cloud in motion, it attacks you and then the best you can expect is to faint, or you get beaten to death.

Interestingly enough, during my research on the web, I found a demonic figure called Agramon, who is quite similar looking to what I saw, although it's not mentioned anywhere about the two revolving dots. It's believed to be the demon of fear, who can kill you by taking the form of your deepest fear.

Pretty spooky isn't it? I think I did the right thing by staying in my house while the thing passed by, not trying to see it closer.

You guys who are curious about paranormal activity, should visit indian ocean islands, you should find pretty easily people who pretend to have had such experiences.