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The Dark Figure In The Pine Forest on 2013-01-23

I and my friends we're really into scary stuffs like horror movies and ghost stories. And of course we love to visit reportedly haunted places just to challenge ourselves for fun. So there are this vast pine forests areas up on a hill situated about 3 hour-drive from where I live. Rumor has it that ...

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Date: 2013-02-06
Really creepy. I've goosebumps all over me and it's like 2AM in the morning. The witching hour!
Date: 2013-02-06
That is cliché yet so convincing at the same time. Gives me goosebumps
Date: 2013-02-06
Lucky you he's a 'welcoming' ghost. I mean Wales is one of the places with many reportedly ghost sightings
Date: 2013-02-06
Sometimes, it's either the spirit doesn't feel like showing itself or we can only hear them. In your case, i'd have had been sooo lucky to only hear!
Date: 2013-02-06
As long as she does nothing harmful to hurt you guys? But that's scary indeed
Date: 2013-02-06
We have a barn as well in our backyard. I used to climb up to the rooftop that overlookeed the valley. When I was 5, I remember playing football with my brother in front of it. And my brother would look up to the top window and tell me he thought he'd seen something up there. Creepy!
Shadow people indeed is one of the most mysterious phenomenons in our world. This is such a creepy story. Gives me goosebumps all over
The same thing happened to my uncle, Denny. He hanged himself a few years ago. Before the day he died, he had repeatedly told his wife that he'd been hearing voices that told him to end his life. This is strange since he had no history of mental breakdown whatsoever and they had a wonderful happy marriage. His family told him to brush it off and pray more often to drive nightmares away. But one day, (I assume) the voice had started to get really annoying and frightening, my uncle was alone. We were all attending a relative's birthday party. I was the first to find him hanging from the ceiling. Afte the funeral, his wife remembered him telling her about the voices that had kept telling him to end his life. We got so scared and then she decided to move out of the house.
Date: 2013-02-04
Yeah calm down, mate. It's just a natural phenomenon:)
Happens a lot...
The dark figure was staring down at us for like minutes. That's just weird. Why would somebody be wandering alone in a reportedly haunted dark forest 2 miles from the main road right on the site where many lives were ended terribly? My friend left the key in the forest right next to where he had been sitting.
I did ask my friend if they had closed their eyes and seen 'the presence'. Only one of them said his eyes were indeed wide open. But when we asked him what he had seen he said that it was too dark but he could 'see' and 'feel' the dark figure watching us in the dark right ahead. Like I said, though my eyes were closed, I could feel a presence right next to us. As if somebody was standing right in front of me. Why would somebody do that? He could hear our heavy breaths squeezing in, if he were human why did he just stand still?
Date: 2013-01-31
It was almost midnight. You guys could be very tired and your eyes tricked you. That's it. No ghost whatsoever