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Just a regular Joe who enjoys sports and working on my vehicles. Nothing special really about me, I don\'t have any psychic ability nor am I someone who knows too much about the paranormal. Just here to share what experiences I have had and read about others because I am curious and fascinated with the supernatural.

So hello, this is me:)
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House Sitting For My Neighbor, My First Real Scare on 2013-02-04

Back when I was 21, a former neighbor who is a good friend of mine came over to ask if I could house sit and care for the family dog while they went out of town for the weekend. I agreed considering I had the weekend off from work, besides my buddy always having the up to date big screen and stereo ...

Haunting At Home, Or Just Old House Playing Mind Games? on 2013-01-28

I have never really talked about the things that go on in my home since I have lived here, but lately it seems to have gotten more common over the last 3 or 4 years. I have been in the home for a very long time, noticing little noises or other small instances but never really thought anything of it....

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Been a LOOOONG time since I have been back in here. If anybody is interested the noises and such have calmed considerably as of late. Actually had my living room light flick on and off real fast 2 times but other than that no more sleep paralysis and my dogs have been pretty calm around the house.

Havent really had the time to dig deeper into the history of the land, been very busy actually as things haven't been so well in the family lately. In the past 6 months both my grandma and grandpa have died and the family as a whole is kind of in a spiral.

But yeah, if anything else goes on ill be sure to note it. Perhaps ill finally set up that video camera and see maybe if I can get anything on video.

I appreciate all the help.
No I don't lol, its been rather calm as of late. And I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I was out of town attending to some unfortunate family affairs.
No they never said they heard any voices as I recall, just the footsteps throughout the upstairs. The oldest told me that she had her covers pulled on before but never felt someone laying in the bed.

As far as their new homes they have been in they haven't experienced anything like that since. The youngest still lives at home with the parents and the other two moved out with their husbands and nothing from those houses either. I have spent the night in all their homes numerous times and never noticed anything wrong either.

I have heard of EVP, want to do it on my home but I would really like to do it on my friends old house. But since I don't even know my neighbors I'm not going to try and make friends just to accomplish that lol. Perhaps one day they will act funny or move out quickly and ill make small talk. I mean if something is still going on in that place somebody is going to eventually say something about it I figure, especially if its as rude to them as it was to me. Time will tell I guess.
Is their any particular way to differentiate the two scenarios? Or in other words figure out if this was a creation of the mind or a ghost feeding off the energy?
So the girls basically created this manifestation through energy and mind power? That would be impressive to say the least.

But in any case wouldn't that energy basically "go away" after the girls left the home?
yeah that's a good idea, thanks narella. Its going to take me a little while because I have got a lot on my plate at the moment, but ill figure it out sooner or later.
One thing I can tell you is I don't like the fact that ghosts/spirits can see in the complete dark apparently, that is not fair lol.
Haha Rook, make sure you get in those 50 characters. Very interesting indeed though. I know my water heater is electrical, but I couldn't tell you if my neighbors is/was. I do believe ghosts/spirits are intelligent as well, I just never really took the time to understand EMF and its correlation to the paranormal, but it makes perfect sense considering they do need energy to complete whatever task it is they are trying to achieve.

The "puberty" situation makes sense as well, finding that many ghosts feed off emotion teenagers would be a great catalyst. So their fear they were obviously putting off and the energy their body creating could very well have created one hell of a beacon to attract paranormal activity.

One thing I have always wondered though about my personal experience in that room. Why in the heck would it lay down with me? I have always wondered it's intent. I always ask myself what if I got up and ran while it was in the bed, what kind of reaction would it have made? Or what if I just acted normal and avoided it would it have gone to even more extreme measures? All these questions almost have me curious enough to want to try again, but then I think about what is said about curiosity and that cat it likes to kill lol.

I guess that's just part of the "game" to say it bluntly.

I have a feeling I'm going to be learning a lot from you Rook lol, your info is much appreciated
Wow, now that would seriously have me unnerved. Good syory, bad experience. Hope it gets better for you.
Narella, sorry for not replying. I looked at and the names come up but you have to pay for the rest of the info. I don't have the money really for that.

But thank you for trying to help and if you know anything else I am all ears:).
Troyarn, Thanks for reading. And go to bed easy knowing this took place a great deal away from you;).

Rook, I really had no idea a water heater could be somewhat of a primer for uneasy feelings or even assist in attracting ghosts. Learn something new everyday I guess. Which is really interesting to say the least because of with what's going on in my house. The water heater is literally on the other side of my wall in my bedroom.

And could you please explain how a girl going through puberty could be a catalyst in this? I mean is it the emotions they go through that make it an attractive "space" for a ghost or entity? And does it work the same for younger boys as well going through puberty?

I never realized how intricate the paranormal could be, I'm trying better to understand the subject.

And the boy of the mom who called the police was 6 years old if I recall correctly. He was just a little guy. The mom couldn't have been any older than 30 at the time, but I'm just guestimating on her because she was rather young looking.
BabySquatch, thanks for reading but I assure you I was just as scared as you might have been. Like I said before if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have tested the situation lol.

Shlain, glad you enjoyed it. I agree that whatever is in there is not really malevolent or mean, but maybe a jokester or possibly just wanting attention. For all I know it was just playing with the dog lol. I mean the girls never mentioned being attacked in any way, just having weird experiences that scared them.

And yes I will share the experience at that old children's home very soon, I'm sure you will get a kick out of it. It's creepy and funny, but a very genuine experience. Ill make sure and contact you when I get it posted:) .
Date: 2013-02-10
Never seen or owned a quija board, and its stuff like this that I never will.
Ill keep that in mind Vasilios, thanks for the input and if I have anymore night terrors or sleep paralysis ill sure make a note of it on here.

I don't think its a previous owner of that house in particular. I have been in the neighborhood a very very long time and know that nobody has died in that house.

So if anything it has to do with the old owners of the property, this was a huge farm land before it was a neighborhood.
Date: 2013-02-09
And I thought I had it bad with a few of my experiences, this thing sounds like it was mean. Glad to see you didn't run into a wall like I did lol.

Thanks but I wouldn't call it bravery, because honestly if I knew then what I know now I probably wouldn't do it over again lol.

And I'm currently doing some research on the neighborhood I live in, it was originally farmland owned by 2 or 3 families. Not much info on the net so I'm going to do some old school research on the area and see what I can come up with.
PeachyPumpkins000, thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And yeah, dogs strike again lol. This and my other story are the only ones having to do with dogs. From now on I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to others dogs lol. But yeah everyone is safe, I'm not sure if whatever is in that home is necessarily evil but it will sure scare the crap out of you.

But yeah there has to be something in that home, its only 1 of 2 places that I'm 100% positive something is truly going on. The other place I'm going to share about isn't as scary really, the setting might be because it all took place at an abandoned home for children with teberculosis back in the early 1900's. But the story is good for a laugh at myself, as what I experienced was genuine, my reactions is what pretty much made it hilarious. I wish I had a recording of myself so I could show everyone what amazing things your body is capable of when you are scared:) .
Ok well I finally made it up to that graveyard in the middle of my neighborhood and snapped some pics. I looked up some of the names that were legible to me and found this

Really isn't much history on the Marks Family other than that they owned the land the neighborhood sits on. They share the graveyard with members of the Snowden and Yates families as you can see. What makes that so interesting is this group of families must have owned a lot of cordova back in those days because I know of another cemetery about 5 or 6 miles away that is the Allen-Yates cemetery which you can check out here

But what has me frustrated is these families are obviously a part of Cordova history yet there is very little about their history on the net from what I can find. Guess I'm going to have to go old school with the research to find some records.
Ok so basically state my intentions and then be clear of who/what I'm talking too. Sounds easy enough, that's part of my job anyways lol.

Thanks again Rook, hopefully I can get to the bottom of this. A small part of me actually hopes I don't find anything, I have had my scares in the past and don't know how id honestly feel knowing 100% there is something this darn close.