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Activity In The Mirror on 2013-01-23

My name is John. I have a successful Youtube channel that originally featured only videos on the subject of 'how to see through clothing' using an ordinary camcorder with nightvision and a IR filter to block out visible light (and so it can be used in daylight). One day in March 2011, while I was re...

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Date: 2013-01-31
Seems like a reasonable question. A few years ago I was surfing the internet and I saw a video called 'how to see through clothes'. It was by a couple of film guys (EsotericSean is their Youtube channel) and they used a bikini on a table to demonstrate how one could use a modified camcorder to see through that object as well as other fabrics and materials. The video had 1 million views. Many people were skeptical, so I decided to post my own results using a live model (my wife). I figured that would get a ton more views too... My original how to see through clothing video now has almost 34 million views. Anyway, it's just a fun harmless science video, but yes, that is how all of this started.