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Josephine Olsen
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Hi I am Josephine and I'm a fifteen years old girl (soon sixteen). I live in Denmark with my mom, her boyfriend and my six siblings (only one is a boy), in the weekends I'm at my dad's place where he lives with his girlfriend. I been able to hear and see things since I was a little girl and I finally found a place where I could share my expirrences with others.

Please take care of me

Love AngelofDarkness13
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The Child Who Follows Me on 2013-10-28

It's me, AngelofDarkness13, again and I will start of with thanking all of you for your really sweet comments. It really helped me a lot. This time is a bit different from my last story. It started a couple of years ago (around 3 to 4) and has kept bocking me a bit. I began hearing a childish lau...

I Heard My Mom Call For Me on 2013-08-13

I've been reading the stories on this site, quite really long time now and thought it was time to sent my own in. I really have no control over any of this yet, the ghost things I mean, but I think things a starting to calm down a little. Lately no one has been trying to get in contact with me, ...

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Date: 2013-12-25
Thank you for the comments and I will first of say that i'm not 13 but 16 and yes I know perfectly well that i'm not his mom. And about the warning, the reason I was told to watch out was probably because he didn't want me to see what happened and because the accident happened just as I came out of the train and mmooree important it could as well had been me and that probably also why I was warned

But thanks
Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad someone knows my pain, because even though i'm not scared, it's still painfull when no one believe you.

Good luck all of you
maybe her intention wasn't the meant as evil, but only a way of comforting you and making you feel better. So that you didn't need to feel sad. But every ghost has there own reason of being attached to someone. Afterall you'll never find out why, if you dosen't ask, right 😉

All good meanings