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The Banging Screamy Ghost on 2015-01-07

While doing some research on pluming, I realized that we actually had another really obnoxious ghost move in after the "stoner ghost" left. Which also raises the question as to how much work do some spirits do by way of guidance, protection, and just plain reminding other spirits not to be rude. ...

The Stoner Smile Ghost on 2014-08-05

My son and I moved into another new apartment, (moneys up we move into an apartment, moneys down we're homeless, we're OK with it). So this one is in North Chatt which used to be where all the exciting things happened about ten years ago or so. We moved in in November of last year. It's a sweet litt...

The Really Busy Apparition on 2013-12-11

This happened in a little town (I mean one stop light, five hundred back roads - two of them paved - and four bars) in Kentucky. I was still desperately trying to get settled in, and get used to Kentucky, which is a very unique place to be, especially if you are from northern Ohio. This was a li...

Some Sweet Folks, Whatever They Were on 2013-11-25

To tell this story, I'll have to admit something I don't usually bring up because I don't want it to be an issue. Until last month, my son and I were gypsy roving in our van. We lived pretty comfortably and healthy since we know how to do outdoor reasonably well, and we earn a living as vendors ...

Another Mysterious Case Of The Caring Monk on 2013-08-21

This story happened in Kentucky. It also involves the alcoholic man that gave my son and I so much grief until he passed a few years ago. You can read about him in my first story. We had just met. He was cleaning up his act and working at the monastery, and we had a rather nice relationship goin...

My Awesome Great-grandmother on 2013-08-19

This story is about ancestors whom I believe everyone has around them all the time, but don't always notice. Now to explain background. My family is the average American family, European background with some Native American. My Granddad used to talk about his parents a lot, because they were cha...

Goodby And I Hope You Guys Get Along on 2013-05-15

This happened in 2010 along in May, so maybe that's why I'm thinking of it now. Two good friends of mine died just three days apart, and I was devastated for a long time over it. Just to go into some background about both of them let me explain them. The first one was my friend Loren, who had been...

The Nice Family Upstairs on 2013-05-01

Around 2004 or so my son and I used to live in a very small town in Kentucky (one stop light, three bars, five churches, and a monastery.) This town was my introduction to the south, it was quite an introduction. I discovered mountain folk weren't anything like most northerners expect, and at the sa...

The Poor Guy Had Issues on 2013-02-26

This story is not sweet at all, and begs a question for most areas in the United States where massive removals happened, like in Tennessee. My son and I, (why not stick with the name Dude?) had moved in a nice apartment in a small town west of Chattanooga. The apartments were family size and the bui...

The Ghost Who Had My Sons Back on 2013-02-12

So this story isn't as warm and fuzzy as my last one, but it has a good ending. All the names in this story are changed. My son Dude and I had moved to Tennessee with my boyfriend Frank in '06. We moved into a dilapidated old rental house, fixing it up was part of rent. The place was pretty nice...

The Caring Ghost on 2013-01-29

This story will make you smile. Actually, I've had a few ghost encounters, but this one is warm and fuzzy. I used to live close to the Abbey of Gethsemanie in Kentucky. I worked at the Abby on and off, sewing or cleaning, like a lot of people in that area do, and my monk to report to was Br. Tho...

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Wwwow Val, that was poetic. I agree with Rooks sumary. And it's good to hear another story about our loved ones looking out for us. Sounds like a great spirited guy. Thakyou for sharing this story.
Yes, it sounds like he's being a guardian. If you ask him to elaborate he might help. I understand your grandmother though. I once sold every stick of furniture that I inherited becouse the feelings were overwhelming. Thankyou for the story.
Sounds like the old boy came home. I agree with everyone els that if he's cool with you, why not co-habit. Especialy if your dog has calmed down and is greeting him. You can ask them nicely to abide by boundries like Wish said. You can even ask him to manifest for your wife and he might. I discovered the sad way that sometimes these guys are good to have around, and you might not want to lose him.
Date: 2015-01-14
That was so beautiful, Notjust, I hope you wrote it down. That really says a lot. I'm sitting here saying to myself, "no onions, no it's not goin' to be onions. No no oh sht, let'm roll." Thankyou so much for sharing this. So glad everyone had their part in helping the next one find peace.
Oh my goodness. Ouj that hurts. I think, when we were kids one of our friends brought over a oujia board once and we never saw it again! I don't recall seeing the kid again either, come to think of it. Your mother's story is a cautionary tale.
Date: 2015-01-09
Weell... I'm thinking it takes some effort for spirits to manifest themselves in our dreams at all, yes? And he is coming to you multiple times in very lucid dreams, and taking time for conversation, sitting in bed with you. That's a guy that loves you. But it takes someone who really loves you tho love you enough NOT to touch you when that is not in your best interest. So he's trying to get you to dissasociate from him, and move on to the living. That takes a real man. Wow, he really puts you first.
That was really an interesting story. I'm glad it seemed to be passing through, and you haven't heared from it since. Thankyou for sharing this.
Date: 2015-01-09
This is so refreshingly helpfull. Remember when we had people posting all sorts on here? That sleep paralysis caused everything, from pregnancy to Armagedon? So good that people can post real questions and get real researched answers.
Yeah, I miss him. He wa such a gentle guy. While he still visited inside the apartment, he used to pace back and fourth and you could see the energy haze, and the slight shadow on the kitchen light in and out. So I asked him once to quit pacing because it was anoying, and he did, and sat down by my son! My sonsaid he could feel the energy beside him. I really believe he was a moderating influence on the other spirits here, because they went gonzo when he left.
Date: 2015-01-08
LMAO! Chicken dance exsocist. Oh my. Vals clensing meditation sounds perfect for your situation.
Date: 2015-01-08
Sorry, this does sound like "the hatman meets Earnest Angely". I also wonder about the lengthly conversation that no one noticed, and the fact that these instances all happened at parties. Don't get me wrong, I've been to gatherings where lots of people had conversations with things like a back hoe, a sweet-gum tree, and I myself sang to a rose bush. Just saying.
Date: 2015-01-07
TheCrone, yeah, adds a whole new demention to passing doesn't it!? We could hang out in crouded thrift stores with other spirits recaping passed concerts. Fell over laughing over your comment.
Wow...just- ehr-wow. That's amazing. I knew this would be a good read. Why can't you just talk to him if you're a medium.
I'm not sure what part of the story is mor emotional for me, your grandfather or you. I've actually never known any man who was so thoughtfull when he left out for work. Oh, there goes the onions.
Date: 2015-01-07
That is such a strong story. But I hope you aren't feeling rejected. It sounds like you were very blessed, and he's explaining to you that you will have something good again that's not just in your dreams, but 24/7! Great story.
Date: 2015-01-07
I loved your story. You make me think of my very sensitive son. When we drive through Battlefield Park in North Georgia, he holds a book in front of his face, and says "I'm not listening to you, I don't want to hear about it!" Meditation helps a lot. So glad you got to see your loved ones in a dream like that.
Oh, and screamy just sounded mad. I don't know what. And I can't give green arows to Ifihadyou, my phone is antisocial. Greens to EVERYBODY! And thankyou Rook!
Yeah the stoner always came to visit my dog, that's when we saw him. He definately was good with dogs. But I never saw the ghost retriever with him together. My dog is off leash beside me most of the time, and we would see ghost retriever just with us for a moment while we walked. I love that thought as well, that our friendships are forever, or maybe they met in the afterlife.
Date: 2015-01-07
Fave. New fave. I grew up in a northern Ohio area with lot's of older first generation women who sounded just like you described so I LMFAO absolutely. Maybe the old lady just thought "you galfrien' she don know nothin she ruin my besta blowz I wear to mass! You don' wash! Nyet! " LOL. Great story.
Hmmmmmmmmmm0mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmBut it was nicely written.