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Shadows, Dreams And Predictions That Freak Me Out on 2013-01-30

My name is Mike, basically my story is a little weird and has some stuff in it that I am just really unsure of and I think all of this stuff is linked. So I'm going tell you all this to the best of my ability and I really hope you all can come up with some theories for me. Hopefully I can get closer...

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SirenBelva: Thank you, it is comforting to know that someone with similar experience didn't suffer any consequences.

ICeWolfGhost: I'd prefer not to do that in all honesty but I do appreciate your contribution. But 1) In my part of Scotland it is difficult to find a rose. 2) I'm not religious so a crucifix won't help I assume.

WhiteWolf: My Ex-Girlfriend had a dreamcatcher and I stayed with her a lot, It changed nothing. Perhaps because that dreamcatcher was not personal to me?

Regi: A possibility, But I hope otherwise, thanks for the help.

Mistyy: A really nice interpretation there, thanks very much, it has helped me feel a bit better about it all, it would also make sense considering I am a person who isn't very fond of change right now.

Mamachong: It did help ease my mind a bit, cheers.

HappySpirit: Yeah I know what you mean, definitely in a new mindframe.

Rook: Good point, I do not actually see death necessarily but I do see blood and people around me but it is unclear and I awake before any actual death takes place. I like your interpretation of predictions, that is possible. But difficult to tell.
As for shadow people, check this update.

Over time the shadow people had gradually faded away and I was seeing them less. But just today I had seen another one, walking home from a friends house at 1 AM. It's what made me check my post actually. Just out the corner of my eye across the street, but disappeared when I looked. A bit concerning because this is what it was like when they first started appearing. Out the corner of my eye doors appear open but when I look they are gone, that kind of thing too. Freaks me out.