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Hello! My name is Valkricry; just call me Val as the entire nic will permanently knot your fingers. Of course, that is not what my parents named me, but rather the name I am known best by on the net.
I come from a large family, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, plus myself. If it's possible to be the middle child in an even number then that would be me. There is an age difference of 23 years between the oldest and youngest. Of course all that really means, is I have a heck of a lot of stories I could tell.
Perhaps because I've had experiences as far back as I can remember, I've been interested in the paranormal most of my life, and have done extensive reading and research on the subject. I always seem to be learning something new though, as I've never pigeon-holed myself. That is, I claim no label, nor do I limit the circumference of my interests. I'm really glad to have found others who are willing to share in the journey.
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Garden Of The Gods on 2017-09-30

It was the summer of 1984, and we had decided to take the newly acquired (used) Nimrod camper out. If you're unfamiliar, it's pretty much a pop-up tent that folds flat into a wee trailer, so that you can tow it behind your car. Our destination was at the Southern tip of Illinois - the Shawnee Nation...

She Hates Men on 2017-08-27

In 1992, I had the happy fortune to reconnect with my best friend from high school. We shared the type of friendship, that though 16 years had passed by without communicating we picked up right where we left off. Bonus points: our then husbands got along and our kids all adored each other. It wasn't...

Aunt Sylvie's Computer Pranks 2 on 2017-08-04

That title is a bit misleading, as this is about the summer I met my 4 x great Aunt and happened long before she played games with my computer; but I'm hoping it helps flag out the correlation of the two. Not so much for the readers of this, but for Aunt Sylvie. I know that reads rather awkward, but...

Old Copley, Abandoned Hospital on 2017-07-31

Old Copley use to be City Hospital back in 1886, and boasted 25 beds. Of course, by the time they closed in 1996 to move to a much larger facility, it had grown considerably, almost swallowing up the original Queen Anne 3 story structure. Despite the original part being declared a historic site, the...

Aunt Sylvie's Computer Pranks on 2017-07-28

A few months back, I thought to write about my meeting my 4x great Aunt Sylvie, a witch, who lived in the foothills of Kentucky. I'm speaking in the traditional sense of the word witch. The woman had 'powers' and could do things that 'normal' folk just can't without trickery of some sort. (Notic...

Old Man Of The Cave on 2017-06-12

On a story of mine, Melda asked if my brothers were also sensitive to the paranormal. I allowed that my older brother, Kevin, had experienced a few events and that I might share them at some point. Kevin led a nomadic lifestyle. It wasn't that he was lazy, or couldn't hold down a job, the boy had a...

A Parting Gift on 2017-05-29

My parents had the habit of moving every few years. Us kids were never privy as to why, for us it was just a fact of life. As a result we were rather use to being the 'new' kids, and in the interim of making friends, despite the difference in ages we were friends. Depending on where my parents had d...

The Last Duet on 2017-03-17

I guess the thing you need to know for this particular event to make sense, is in that long ago when the doctors gave my mother three months to live, two things happened simultaneously; she made up her mind to make them out to be 'liars', and she became very obsessed with 'her songs'. Referring to t...

Mirror, Mirror on 2017-02-08

Back in the early 1980's, my now ex husband (we'll call him Ed), my then 3 year old son, and I moved into our first house. It had started out as a one room school house (I discovered proof when the removal of layers of wallpaper revealed old slate chalk boards) and had grown into a monstrously large...

Grandma Drowned The Boogeyman on 2017-01-03

Most families have some kind of hero in the family tree. Some Great-great or maybe even recent member they point at with pride and say,"he/she was the first to _" or "fought in the war and was decorated". You get the gist. In my family it was my maternal grandmother, her familial claim to fame was h...

Prairie Street House Haunting on 2016-06-16

For some reason, a house that my friend Lori and I used to clean back in 2005 has been on my mind lately. It was one of those quaint old two story houses that look smaller on the outside than they are on the inside; an illusion given by the fact that being basically rectangular shaped, the narrow en...

Ha-ha Very Funny, Josh on 2015-12-23

Christmas. It can be rather an emotional maze for many of us. This year has been a bit rougher for me than others. Since my son's death in 2002, all the holidays are a bit bittersweet, I think is the term for it. I miss him and the rest of my still living family very much, but even more so during th...

The Furballs And I on 2015-11-16

In the summer of 1972, when I was 14, I was put on a Greyhound bus and traveled from Chicago to San Francisco for my brother K's wedding, as the family representative. My mother said it was to make up for my missing my eighth grade graduation and class trip because of moving (AGAIN!), my dad said so...

Multiplying Cards And A Disappearing Ouija on 2015-10-29

I suppose the beginning of this particular event was back in 1988, with my son's birthday party. I don't know what the rational was, but someone thought the 'ideal' gift for a 7 year old would be a Ouija board. No card accompanied it, and no one ever stepped up as to being the giver. I remember ...

Beyond The Veil on 2015-09-25

About two months ago, I started a thread about visions/sensations during meditation on my story The Cat and the Angel (http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=20577). In a nutshell, I was looking for confirmation/reassurance and guidance on some twists that meditation had taken fo...

He's At The Door on 2015-07-23

It was after midnight when I went to bed last night (7/22/2015), not long after I heard a rapping on my apartment door. I got up and called through the locked door, "Who is it?" Silence. Another knock. "Who is it?" I called out louder. No way am I just opening the door, so I drag over the stepstool ...

Recent Activities on 2015-06-15

My apartment is the second story of an old Victorian home, built in the mid to late 1800s. Those of you who have read my other submissions know that I experience bouts of activity. Nothing that I deem scary or harmful, just, well not 'normal'. Things like objects moving or 'transporting' to another ...

Out In The Cold on 2015-03-02

This literally just happened right about 5:30 PM or so, tonight. It may be the first week of March, but here Mother Nature has not gotten the memo and our temps haven't reached above freezing. Right now it's 28 F which, compared to what it has been, is down right balmy. I was walking over to ...

I'm Going To Kill You 2 - Hank on 2015-01-22

In the comment section of "I'm Going To Kill You", several wondered if I had ever felt Hank's presence after his mysterious death thirty odd years ago. I promised to write it up and submit it. Before starting, I want to tell you straight up - I'm not 100% sure how much of the following is paranor...

I'm Going To Kill You on 2015-01-20

Thirty odd years ago, I was friends with a man called Hank. That's not his real name, but it will do for the rehashing of a mystery that has plagued me over the years. There are a few things you need to know about him - at six foot six and close to 400 pounds, Hank was a mighty big man, and could be...

Ouija, Won't Ya - Heck No on 2015-01-14

This is not my story, but a shared experience of my parents. One they did not readily share with us kids until we were grown. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure they shared it with all of us, and I only heard it after asking my Mom point blank why in a household of divination paraphernalia (used by my ...

The Christmas Spirit - My Mother's Story on 2014-11-24

Although my mother would not say she believed in ghosts, she would not deny their existence either, as she put it, "Just in case one is listening and decides to give proof." How ever she was not without her own experiences as the following account shows. It was Christmas Eve, 1946 in the projects...

Double Visitation on 2014-11-10

I swear, as I sit here typing this up, the temp in my room has dropped about 10 degrees, but only behind my right shoulder; as if someone is reading over my shoulder. It isn't a 'bad' feeling, the vibe is more of someone being curious. I'm just not sure who the someone is. This is current, having...

The Cat And The Angel on 2014-10-14

It was May of 2003, and I had spent a year in the darkest recesses of my mind, nursing a broken heart. I had suffered three traumatic blows, one after another. First came the loss of a good job, right before Christmas 2001. I kept telling myself, and two children, that things would be OK, but tried ...

The Shack on 2014-09-24

Those of you who have read my other submissions know I generally tell about guardians or those WTH moments that leave me scratching my head and perplexed. I tend to concentrate on the good and leave the scary to others. People have wondered in the comments if I have ever dealt with a not nice sp...

Little Girl Lost on 2014-09-16

I wouldn't call this a memory. I simply heard the story recounted so often that it feels like one. However, it is something that left my family stumped for a logical explanation... It began when I was all of two, and my family had moved from the projects of Chicago to a small town. Back then, the...

Flying Flowers Broken Vase 2 on 2014-08-13

I think this may be connected with the event I posted back in May called Flying Flowers Broken Vase, which is why I decided to title this a continuation of that happening. On May 17th, a vase that had belonged to my dad, filled with flowers flew off the top of my curio cabinet breaking. I found...

Flying Flowers Broken Vase on 2014-05-19

If you have been reading some of my stories, then you know that I have been seeing some activity in my tiny upper apartment. Until now these events have been more of a WTH status then anything. No harm no foul as my brother use to say. But on Saturday, May 17th, there was an event that has me, well,...

Music On The Shower Curtain on 2014-01-14

This took place around 4 AM on a cold winter's day recently. Because I report to work quite early, I'm usually up at that time using the restroom. As I've mentioned before in some of my accounts, my apartment is the top floor of a very old house. I've long suspicioned that at one time it was the...

October Weirdness on 2013-11-11

October has been a rough month for me since 2002. It was the month my son was born. For 20 years we celebrated Halloween together. Then in January of that year, he passed away. I only tell you this, because I think it has some baring on things that are going on. I believe a person's emotional state ...

Back Off: Psychic Attack on 2013-10-14

This isn't your traditional ghost story, but it is of the paranormal. It took place shortly after I turned 16 and was working at an indoor amusement park/shopping mall called Old Chicago, which is now defunct. One night I had, what my mother called a prophetic dream, a warning. In it a man I did...

Can You Hear Me Now? Disembodied Voices on 2013-05-29

On several different occasions, I have heard voices. Sometimes I can identify who it is, and sometimes I can't. For instance in Of Wee Ghosties And A Haunted School, I told about hearing children's cries and an unknown child yelling 'No!' and shoving me out of harm's way when a ceiling collapsed. Gr...

Who's Calling? on 2013-04-29

Back in the early 80's, I lived in a farm house that had been converted into an upper and lower apartment. We hadn't lived in the upper apartment very long, maybe a couple of months, when I began to hear an odd phone ring: 3 short rings followed by a long ring. This was not the sound our phone made....

Experiences At My Aunt's on 2013-04-10

In August 1983, my then husband, 2 year old son and I went to visit my Aunt for a week. My Aunt and Uncle lived on a large farm in a tiny town named Cold Springs, Kentucky. The nearest actual town is Alexandria, the nearest neighbor is a good 10 miles down the Pike. Their house was fairly modern, a ...

Saviour In The Storm on 2013-04-08

This happened to me this morning as I was walking to work, so I'm still puzzling it out. First off, I wasn't feeling that great and it was raining. It was also very dark out. 5:30 in the morning, the sun is still sleeping, and there is very little traffic. In fact I hardly see anyone out that earl...

Posession By Nightmare? on 2013-03-25

I'm not sure this is a story I should tell as it's extremely personal. Even within my own family, there are those who would call me a liar for it. When I was about 9 years old I had, what the grownups termed a nightmare of epic proportions. I still remember it quite vividly, and to be honest, I'm st...

Coffee Time? 2 on 2013-03-25

The Ghostie hasn't offered me any coffee in awhile, but I have noticed some other activities, and thought I would share them. I've begun hearing sounds that I had previously contributed to the downstairs neighbor's dog or her visiting grandkids. Nothing scary: the sound of a hard ball or similar ...

Of Wee Ghosties And A Haunted School on 2013-02-20

Recently Oak Park Elementary celebrated its 120th year, which would have meant it was built around 1893. However, some suspect the school is even older since the existing records do not date farther back. Perhaps the anniversary is why this story feels the need to be told. Back in 1979, I was th...

Coffee Time? on 2013-02-12

Let me begin by saying, unusual occurrences are not 'new' for me. Indeed, until I was in my 30's I could see, hear, and sense things that other's couldn't. However, these things deeply disturbed my then husband, and I pretty much shut it off, I guess. As they say, "if you don't use it, you lose it."...

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Rook already stated many of my own thoughts on this. I believe 'signs' like many things are interpreted best with the heart. If you BELIEVE it was a sign, then for you it was. If you want to shrug your shoulders and say 'coincidence', I have to ask what are the odds? Your requests weren't vague ones, they were pretty specific.
Date: 2017-11-13
Actually, I think the only time we question the 'no errors' is when the OP 'speaks' extremely different in the comments. I know as a mod for this site, a well written, error free submission causes us to high five the air and sing a chorus of Hallelujah! (Or maybe that's just me...) Yet, since we're human we're bound to err at some point (a wee typo, or some grammatical 'oops') and I'm okay with that.
Please, don't sweat the number of comments your story gets. Often folks read and simply don't comment.
Elvira, to reply separately to each comment simply type in the comment box, then click preview, then post for each one you wish to reply to. Example: Jubeele commented first, so you might wish to thank her>click preview, then click publish. Then move on to the next member you wish to reply to. It's really a lot easier then it sounds, but a bit different then a typical forum set up.
I really did enjoy this experience of yours!
Date: 2017-11-12
lady-glow, that's a very real possibility. Especially when many even fail to read the submission guidelines. I mean the clicking, not the retreat lol.
Date: 2017-11-12
Ah, Rex - part of that I can answer. Many register and submit the same day because they only registered TO be able to submit. I call this the "I need to tell somebody" syndrome. 😉 Being as I happen to be the one who edited this particular submission, I can say, that we mods do try to correct as many mistakes as we can (if there are any.) Believe it or not, sometimes folks really do edit their own stuff before submitting, using word check and everything! 😲 lol
Date: 2017-11-12
Dear Ladies (and any Laddies whom might be interested),
There's many reasons someone may not wish to participate in the discussion or even read the comments. It doesn't mean their experience is fabrication. (I know you all know that.)
Personally, from MY point of view I don't see it as a 'pointless exercise', except from the commenting aspect. I do find it rather sad, I guess is the word, though, because to me they feel the NEED to 'get it out there' but don't wish to learn or grow from their experience (assuming it's true.) Or they really, really want to claim a paranormal experience, but fear their bubble being busted through examination. They don't want to hear any possibility that it wasn't paranormal.
Perhaps they've been accused of lying SO often over their experiences, that, even though we're a ghost site, they fear being ridiculed. I still remember my apprehension over my first submission. Even though I knew I'd written truth as I see it, I was not at all sure how it would be received. I remember feeling that way over quite a few of my submissions in the beginning. It took me a long time to accept that I was accepted. Does that make sense?
All that aside, when someone refuses to discuss their experience, it does give us a place to put those 'too small' for a submission, but similar experiences.
Date: 2017-11-11
Sounds like you may have seen a black (melanistic) deer which is indeed rare in itself. A big buck can weigh over 275 pounds. Which if you include antlers in the height is more than massive looking. Now, I feel the need to stress this: if this is what you saw, it was a very rare sighting.
According to some Indian tribes (Creek and Choctaw especially) such a sighting would be indicative of good fortune, and that you are traveling on the right life path. It also stands as a reminder to embrace the graces symbolized by the deer; gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, the embracing of one's feminine side. That these are not weaknesses but strengths.
Date: 2017-11-05
GH,we all do what we can here.😊 I'm glad I could give you a plausible explanation for what you saw.
Date: 2017-11-05
GH, as I was reading the comments a name popped into my head, "Phantom Hill." I Googled and found there is/was indeed, a fort by that name, that was burnt down (found conflicting accounts on whether it was by Indians or the commander's command.) Being the nosy sort, I've got to ask - is this the Fort you refer to?

Since, I never stop looking at just one site, I'm including this excerpt from The Ghosts of Phantom Hill https://www.legendsofamerica.com/tx-fortphantom/2/;

"Several legends exist that the place is haunted by restless Indians of frontier times, who continue to stalk their ancient grounds during the night. Another says the fort is haunted by an innocent man who was wrongly hanged near the fort. After his life ended at the end of a rope, his accusers are all said to have died in mysterious ways." That would fit your 'long legs'. Most hung by trial, were executed around dawn, when shadows cast tall. The tree would have been quite a bit shorter back then. Perhaps what you saw was the hanging man's legs shadows, elongated?
notjustme, the only thing I can recall was the Bearstein bears or was that Berenstein? My daughter had a slew of those books and watched the tv show.

Emmaline, very interesting! It sounds like somehow, for you, time rewound. Now, being me, I need to wonder if you were the only one affected? (Of course you don't know the answer. You probably never mentioned what you experienced to them, and I doubt they would either.) But you gotta wonder.
Date: 2017-11-01
Mona, thank you very much.:blush:
Hmmm...it says I need at least 50 characters to post, but that's all I really had to say, is thank you.
Date: 2017-11-01
Jubeele and BGP, you two just made my day.😊I do work hard on my graphics, and as you can see am a stickler for details. Trespauze is open 24/7, 365 days a year. So come back anytime you want. Something new is always brewing.😉
Date: 2017-10-31
Cups, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween.
Date: 2017-10-31
Anyone caring to join Jubeele for some Halloween fun:
I do not know what you have against lady-glow, but I have noticed that when you post you seem to target her, in a most childish antagonistic way. I am going to tell you in no uncertain terms to stop it, NOW. You can disagree with someone's advice without being disrespectful.
Date: 2017-10-31
Awww thanks, Jubeele. I need more characters, so...
Date: 2017-10-30
Jubeele, seeing as the child was bare bottomed, I doubt your Grandpa would have mistaken a girl for a boy. The boy's disappearing probably registered right after his initial outburst. No wonder he refused to discuss it further. It may have served no better purpose then to upset the kids. Then depending on Grandpa's beliefs, he may have wondered if he was loosing it.
I agree with you about not taking anyone for granted. Everyone's days are numbered.
Date: 2017-10-19
Thank you, Sushant. Is your Diwali like our New Year? We wish each other much the same then. May those wishes also hold true for you.
Date: 2017-10-14
Aaru, yes, I've been back several times. The forest is HUGE with much to explore. Back in 94 or 95, I took both kids camping there. Josh was 12, almost 13, and his sister was going on 7. Nothing really odd happened though.

Lilwolf, thank you for reading and commenting!
This is from the Comments Guidelines: "It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact." To tell someone that "You should change your religion" is improper. Add to this from your remark, it sounds like you don't think/know that both Mormon and Baptist are Christian religions, and spiritual guidance can be had through a person's own faith, even if it differs from your own.