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Spirit In The Tanning Bed? on 2013-02-18

Like the last story I posted called 'Hitlers Eagles Nest', this isn't one of my personal experiences, but it's another of my mom's. My mom used to go to the tanning bed frequently when she was in her 20's and one time when she had just closed her eyes she saw this spirit of a man who's skin loo...

Hitler's Eagles Nest on 2013-02-18

This is a story that my mom told me from when she was in the military about 15 years ago. All the troops were taken to Hitler's castle, called the Eagles Nest and they got to stay the night in the rooms there. My mom said that everyone else was at this party thing except for her and her few roommate...

Train Conductor In The Closet on 2013-02-06

This isn't my own story, but my brother's. When I was about 7 I lived in Utah about 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City in a really old house in the mountains. We had to fix it up a lot because it was kind of worn down, but nothing seemed wrong with it other than that. My brother was really into tra...

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Date: 2013-02-18
Hello, this does sound a lot like one of my stories that you had read recently! I do think little kids are more sensitive to these things also and I am glad that I read this post!:)
To redwolf and sds, I'm sorry I came across as saying that my brother described him that way in detail. He said that the train man was In his closet, but we asked him if he was wearing the overalls and hat and he said yes. He knew what a 'train man' looked like so when we described it to him he knew what we were talking about. I definitely did not make this up and wasn't trying to make it seem like that, it's just how I was describing it so you all knew exactly what I was talking about. And thank you to Sebastian, Catherynlynx, rookdygin and others for your advice:)
Thank you everyone for our advice! I always wondered why he had come to visit and I'm so glad that there are others here that can relate to this! Thanks again:D my little cousin is 6 now so I wonder if he still sees Lee in his closet still, I will have to ask and if he does I will post it on here