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How I Became An Achluophobic on 2013-02-05

I was confused. Whether to write or not. I felt the guidelines not so persuasive for anybody to write it up. Even though I am a grown up now, I was a teenager when this incident occurred in my life, the incident which turned me into an achluophobic, erytophobic bloody boy. Still at the age of 25, I ...

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Date: 2013-02-16
I am not challenging anybody or asserting my views, but as from the facts known to me, normally a spiritual entity can't come to our world nor we can go to theirs. They live along with us in the very same world but we lack the ability of sense them. It should be the same for them as well. But things change when there is a reason. Any entity can cross the boundary when there is a reason and how far we will go depends upon how strong the reason is. And the reason would arise only from a basic emotion. It could be positive or negative. It could be Anger or Fear or Guilt or Pleasure or Empathy or Lust or Pride... You name it. Only you know it. Because you have called him to you. The reason was there with you before that night. Try to figure it out first.
[at] valkricry - Not sure about OBE. Even if was, why should it have occurred at the very same moment when I wake up. Later when I thought about it, I felt it like a bad energy or some sort of thing. Do you have any information about negative energy or such aspects?
[at] Hades666 - I was more like a confused child those days. I never felt it like to discuss with anybody in my family. I knew that they will never take it seriously. But once, my brother had overheard about it when I explained it my friends.
[at] GreyFeather - Who could that be? In fact 'what could that be' suits more. Even at night the scary bed lamp gives me a clear picture of my room. I could easily see my bed, blankets and even my GIJOE's kept over the table in the light. The thing looked like my brother itself. I was sane enough at that age to identify him even at any darker place than my room.