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The Haunted Terrace House on 2016-02-03

This is my second submission on this site. I mentioned in my first one that I had a few unexplained things happen while I was growing up, I will first explain the house and its layout, as the main incident of this submission will be better understood that way. I grew up in the inner west of Sydn...

Chased Out By Evil on 2013-02-04

I will start with a little background before I tell you about my experience two nights ago at a friends new house. I have had a few paranormal experiences in my lifetime, however nothing really of a bad nature except one kind of when I was a teenager living in my dads old terrace house in inner we...

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Date: 2016-02-03
Hi Dee sorry for taking so long to respond I only just looked at this again and saw your post, its funny you mention the old owner the house was purchased at a bank auction because the previous owner was dying from cancer and couldn't pay his mortgage so that could be a theory, in the past couple of years the house renovations got completed and John and his fiance have been living in it, he is of the orthodox religion and has had the house blessed by a priest every 6 months or so, he does have a fair amount of activity in the house every few months it is not all the time just every so often he has footsteps and doors opening etc and his dog stares at one particular corner that is empty for hours at a time sometimes hence when things happen more frequently he gets the house blessed and it calms down for a while. He has told me that he and his fiance have both had strange things happen normally when they are alone in the house, I have stayed in the house several times when I visit and to be honest the house has a much better feel to me these days than it used to. I just know that on the night I left in a hurry was one of the scariest things I have experienced
Date: 2013-02-13
Hi ginny on their way in order of how they were taken, and Lou and Rook I think I know what your talking about with black thing in right hand bottom if I am looking at same thing is couch arm couch is modern square style dark brown suede
Date: 2013-02-13
Hi guys just leaving the house now, and I have debunked the apparition, it was an ironing board with a sheet on it, we found it in the garage tonight johns dad had been using an old ironing board as a kind of saw horse, john could have answered this easily if he had shown his dad the pics. But he didn't show his dad as his dad works in the house renovating a lot alone and he didn't want to scare him, so I apologise if anyone freaked out but it has definitely been debunked:) Rook with the two different versions of pics that I emailed you they were just different sized files the first one was not actual size I realised it and this sent second email these ones are the actual size of pic. Iphone give size options for attaching pics or files to an email and I clicked smaller mb size option accidentally sorry for confusion mate. As for dark spot on ground I don't know guys can't explain that one and rook please send them to whoever you want mate the pics are directly off phone so no tampering at all I can also email them direct to anyone else my main concern is that I can see a human shaped mist on the stairs could be a trick of the light or something else but it is in all pics and around the same spot about three steps up this is what I would like you guys to really look closely at. And Lou no offence mate just wanted to assure you I am not some nut case attention freak:) just wanted advice house still felt a bit off tonight but could just be fear from last week?
Date: 2013-02-12
Hi Lou
To answer your question regarding the pic and nick, yeah the name is crap but matty was taken and I am honestly not that into names etc to try to come up with something else this is a name my mates call me so I will remember it. As for quick thinking and taking pics on my way out, neither is the case I took them while slowly putting my shoes and socks on as I was laying down trying to get to sleep on a couch and as I was gathering my things my iPhone opened up the camera so it then occurred to me to take pics they weren't a deliberate thinking action I saw the camera open (which happens if you slide the screen when iPhone is locked) and only then did it occur to take some pics one hand was pulling socks on the other taking the pics I basically just pointed hand and did four quick clicks of phone cam button. Hope this clears that up. And with the poltergeist comments nothing was thrown or anything crazy like that only footsteps and an ominous feel I don't think the temp changed or anything like that but I wasn't really taking notice of that, and there are no teenagers in the family that own the house?
Date: 2013-02-11
Hi Argette, absolutely which is kind of what is a little freaky about the picture as in he doesn't have an ironing board in the house yet? It doesn't mean that it is a paranormal being nor does it mean it isn't the main reason I posted the pics was for everyone to look at it and either tell me it is an apparition or debunk it. Strange thing is this house is only around 20 years old and my mate has known all occupants since it was built there have only been two families and no one has died in the house and it was plain land prior to this house being built? There are a lot of questions we are asking I personally live in a house that the original house which consists of only one room in our place now is over 150 years old and we have nothing in our place that I know of anyway.
Date: 2013-02-11
Hi guys in regards to the apparition being an ironing board I actually said the same thing myself as I don't know if it is or not and I can't remember anything being in the corner as you can hopefully see my focus was really on the spiral staircase as that was where I could feel the thing was and had heard it walk down them, however when I asked my mate about it, he said the house doesn't have an ironing board in it as I said it is pretty bare as he hasn't moved in yet as they are renovating he only has a couch, mattress and a table and some chairs there isn't a tv even so I don't know why he would have an ironing board, however I am not discounting that it isn't something that maybe his dad is using to renovate maybe a small ladder or something as I haven't been back it definitely isn't something that is built into the corner I am only going off what he has told me as I haven't been back and I don't know why he would steer me up an alley as he doesn't want me to not like his house. Thanks for the advice regarding the attacking guys doesn't make me feel better though:) instead of scaring me the thing can attack me is the way I am looking at it, I will be there again tomorrow night and will have a look myself to see if anything could match the pic. If I can debunk it I will defiantly let you all know. It was more the experience than the pics that concerned me:)
Date: 2013-02-11
Rook, I just emailed you the pics directly from my phone as I posted them it appears they were flipped prior to being put on here not by me though what I emailed you are the exact pics that I posted if you zoom in on the cloaked figure you should be able to see the face
Date: 2013-02-11
Hi Rook, I just noticed what you mean about rotated image 1 & 4 are the right way image 2&3 are kind of backwards? These were taken with an iPhone and posted directly onto this site from the phone as with the story and all my responses have been I think I may have had the phone horizontal when I took the first two pics but they have not been altered in absolutely anyway whatsoever? But you are right they are flipped for some reason I am not that much into technology or photography so maybe someone who is may know why they flipped?
Date: 2013-02-11
Hi rook no they are not in order of the way I took them kind of started at one with ladder in it then went across maybe 20-30 secs between pics just put that one first cause the cloaked figure is clear other pics just have mild mist on stairs the first pic was the last one I took. And you may be right may have not been evil definitely didn't want me there but it did feel very bad hard to explain just a gut feeling that it was evil but you may be right it may have just wanted me out? I don't know am not very experienced with this stuff. Which is why I posted this as maybe you guys could tell me if I go back if I am in danger as it appears that only myself has had any experience in the house other mates have stayed there and said it felt a bit off but experienced nothing?
Date: 2013-02-10
Hi guys in regards to the pic, it isn't the sheet hanging from the stairs as I said he is in the middle of renovating the house it is the cloaked looking thing in the corner. It definitely wasn't a jacket, I thought at first that it was an ironing board or something similar but I can only go off what my mate said afterwards that nothing was in the corner as I haven't been back to the house since and it only happened last Monday night so one week ago. It may be something that was there I know from helping with the renovations that there is absolutely nothing structural in that corner as his father nearly cut his finger off with an angle grinder in that actual corner removing a breakfast bench which we gyprocked up to a solid wall weeks ago. I am not saying with 100% certainty that it is paranormal as at the time I took the picture taking note of everything in the room was my last thought but my mate tells me that there was nothing there so I a going off his word which considering that he got the priest the same day makes me kind of believe him
Date: 2013-02-10
Thanks guys my mate slept in the house night after the blessing and all appears ok, hopefully it stays away regi what do you have to do to keep house protected? And aishling yes first pic had the full body app in it still a bit stifled by this as yes it does look solid however nothing was there when photo was taken? And boni first pic open it up and look at right hand side next to window and also in all pics there is a mist on stairs about three up from bottom one or two are almost body shaped very light and as phone pic not too clear. I haven't been back since and I am actually a little worried about going back even though house has been blessed etc as I am still a bit shaken by it, I have never felt so primal a fear as those few minutes.