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The Old Graveyard on 2013-02-04

My brother and i, plus our daughters, decided to have a weekend away in an olde worlde village staying in a 200yr old inn, whilst there, we saw a notice board with a ghost walk advertised on it, we thought it would be a bit of fun, and agreed to go on it. When we turned up at the alloted time at th...

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Date: 2013-02-09
Hi Aishling, No,it,s not one of us, all five of us were making our way out, when my friend saw the figure by the headstone, I could see it too, I just aimed and snapped, and that's what I got, I was zooming it in on my camera when I heard the first growl, (see my answer above) when we looked again it had gone.
Date: 2013-02-09
Hi Fergie, Thats ok, I don, t mind the questions. Yes, I do feel my brother may have caused the seemingly angry spirit, and, yes it was the same place, and no, he wasn, t with me when I took my own snaps, it was in November 2012 when I last went there, this time with my daughter and three friends,
That,s when the above snaps were taken.
The second one was taken when two of us saw a figure by the headstone on the right, it seened to be praying, if you zoom in on it a figure can clearly be seen, it appears to be looking at us,
we beat a hasty retreat that night, when we heard 2 deep growls in the same spot by the tree where my brother heard the voice, after the first one I convinced everyone to stay put to make sure we weren, t imagining it, after a few minutes we heard it again, this time louder, I swear that is the only time I have ever run away! And I have experienced many strange things, for instance I had my face stroked in the crypt at Oxford castle, that shocked me, I flicked my torch on real quick! But there was nothing there... But it doesn, t compare to actually hearing a voice, that really scares you.