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I will happily admit that weird things can happen. I just think a lot of those weird things can be explained. I have been baffled quite a few times, though.

I live vicariously through the experiences of other people, as you can see from the stories I have posted.

I like to think that I am open minded to the experiences of others. I try to be, at the very least.

I have a compulsion to understand absolutely everything about life, including mortality and the possibility of a soul.

I spend far too much time on this site.
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The Hotel on 2017-01-19

I'm Elnora. I was gone for a while from this site, but now I'm back. My sister went to a popular town in Colorado for a vacation. She was staying in a older historic hotel that was built in the 1880's. It's a beautiful place that has kept almost all of it original, Victorian style- going as far a...

Was That Something? on 2015-04-14

I have complained for years on this site about nothing happening in my life that could be deemed ghostly. Now, I am not sure if I actually experienced something or if my mind and I are just not getting along. This was about a week ago (and brought me back to this site after a few months' abse...

When She Proved Me Wrong on 2015-01-12

I kept saying I would write this multiple times. This story involves the same girl from Frantic Energy and Can I Just Not See Them (I had mentioned before that she had proven me wrong and this is it). She has been a friend of mine for years now and has always been very vocal about her beliefs in...

Can I Just Not See Them? on 2014-12-29

This story deals with the same friend who was in the Frantic Energy story I posted- she apparently is very sensitive to the paranormal and energy. A recent post on here reminded me of this encounter. When we were a bit younger (not young enough to excuse being this stupid), there was an abandone...

My Father's First Experience on 2014-11-17

Though my father has experienced a lot of activity in his life, this is the first one he ever told me about. This one is fairly short (I have mentioned it briefly on here before) and I tend to forget it in contrast to his other experiences. In the small town he lives in, there are only so many j...

Frantic Energy on 2014-11-04

I had been saving this story for myself, since it's very odd and was a bit strange, but I figured I may as well share it. My close friend has always called herself sensitive and she has quite a few stories- nothing outlandish enough for me to ever question her, though I am very much on the fence wit...

My Fiance's Experiences on 2014-10-30

My fiance grew up in a house his parents built. It was on old ranch land in the local Bosque (wooded area near a river). It was a huge house- five bedrooms upstairs, a huge dining and living area downstairs. It was all tile floors with high ceilings, so sound spread easily through the house. His...

Another Of My Father's Stories - We Named Her Victoria on 2014-09-15

Yes, once again, this is about my father. Brief back-story for those who have not read the previous of my father's encounters: my father lives in a small town in Indiana in a cute, two story, 150 year old house. It is in a state of renovation currently. My dad has a history of being followed by ...

My Sister's Stories on 2014-08-11

Everyone seemed to really enjoy my father's accounts, so I figured I could keep with the theme. My sister has also had her share of experiences that are very interesting, at least to me. They are not as dramatic as my father's experiences, but they are fascinating. My sister is 27, a couple year...

Another Of My Father's Stories on 2014-07-14

A little while back, I posted a story about my father's experiences with an entity that he believes has followed him for the past 30 years. This is another one of his stories and this one happened about a week ago (much less intense than the first story). My father lives in a 150 year old hou...

My Father's Story - Confusing A Skeptic on 2013-02-19

This story is not my own. It is my father's, who I believe to be credible. I am an atheist/skeptic (hold the preaching, it's not what this site is for) and I've spent a while debunking nearly every ghost story I've heard or read simply with very obvious real world examples. For example, if you wak...

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A few thoughts:

Could it have been an animal stuck in the closet? Water heater closets have to have vents in them, often ductwork, and some have several, depending on what else is in the room. Animals often get stuck in them or manage to get out of ones that aren't properly sealed. My mom had a squirrel get in that way because one of her vents was not properly sealed, and it caused a bit of havoc. Did she have any pets that may have been locked in during the tour, and let out by someone else in the house later? Higher up scratch marks could be something trying to climb out. Just a thought, because I remember that squirrel.

It is a bit off that someone shows off a closet on a tour and that it occurred to you to check it later. However, 13 year olds are often a strange bunch.

There is a possibility that someone nearby looked like her sister and took a shortcut through the yard.
Date: 2017-01-31
Sigh. I just found one of mine on another site.

I'm going to attempt to report it and see if anything happen.
Date: 2017-01-30
The crystal ball game made me giggle. That was a super cute addition.
Date: 2017-01-30
> I saw a ghost it was my baby sis I never knew. She died before I was born.

Just for some clarification: Where you aware of the fact that you had another sibling? Did your mother tell you this fact later on?
Date: 2017-01-30
Val, that is awesome!

Thanks so much for sharing that. It's so fun.
Date: 2017-01-27
Also, my new goal in life is to live in this exact place: http://www.bradbury.com/victorian/images/herter_room_350.jpg

Because that is incredible.
Date: 2017-01-27
Val, I'm the same way. I currently have a bruise right below my thumb, right above my wrist that I can't figure out how it got there. And my knees. And random ones on the underside of my forearm. Apparently, I get the bruising tendencies in my family. I've never noticed her bruising easily.

I'm going to spend the next few hours of my life staring at that wallpaper.
Date: 2017-01-27
She met up with some friends, but she had the room by herself.

Now I'm question whether or not to tell her that she may have met a perverted ghost. I'm not entirely sure if she would be thrilled by that.

That does make a lot of sense, though.
Date: 2017-01-27
I've been staring at these photos for around 20 minutes and all I see is condensation on the window.

And Scottish shops. Definitely not taken in America. Aberdeen is definitely not in America.
Date: 2017-01-27
This is interesting, because the first example of their conversation would be an intelligent ghost who can carry on a conservation, and the second part struck me as residual- a pattern just repeating itself.

Were the doors and windows being closed, or could they just hear the sounds of it happening?

Really interesting story. Your great-grandpa sounds sweet.
Date: 2017-01-27
She sent me pictures of the wallpaper (well, of the hotel, but I could see the wallpaper) and now I am really wanting to put some up in my guest room. It was so pretty! I suppose some of it could have been original to the building, but I know they have done some work to the rooms to keep them in shape.

Hotels do seem to be the base for a lot of odd things. 😆
" I am not saying it is not important if the house was or was not a crematorium, I am pointing out that it was an idea introduced at the very end of her story and yet, it got all of the readers attention. What she experienced while living in the house was/became completely ignored."

However, there is a real and obvious reason for this: her story was based on the fact that there was a crematorium upstairs in her home. She based her room being hot and some other odd facts on that. With a lot of us on here understanding that is a highly impractical place to put a crematorium and body preparation area, it casts doubt on her entire story. If the base of the story doesn't check out, the other parts of the story now stand on shaky ground.

"maybe you got some erroneous information?" That was all that needed to be said"

It can be said, yes, but why should the parts that don't make sense be ignored? How exactly can quality, true stories be the base of this site if we allow anything to slide?

This is a page for true stories only. If a story presents itself as true, but nothing in lines up, it will come under fire.
Date: 2017-01-27
" It had an odd metallic smell to it for sure"

Like the smell of old blood, maybe?

Smells are tricky, especially in an apartment building, so I'm afraid that I don't really have anything constructive to say about it.
"I remember my Brothers girlfriends friend coming to sleep over at our house and I scared her so much by joking that her room and the house was haunted"

I'm afraid to say that this isn't exactly building my confidence about the honesty of this particular story.

"The building is part of a corporate group"

This would make me think that the building itself was new, not old. Not that new buildings can't attract spirits, but I am still a bit lost as to whether or not the apartment itself was his building.

The main problem is that when you present a story as fully honest (as is the point of this site), it casts a lot of doubt when important details are completely fabricated.

If I am understanding the statue correctly, it is a bust atop a wooden stand, such as how a bust would be displayed at a museum?
I would like some clarification:

1) Why would the police leave the clothes they found his body in? Even if they were released after an investigation, it seems odd that they would be back on the bed and that quickly. Did they leave the clothing there, but take him?

2) Did everything - the investigation, the rituals, and the police confirming a cause of death, returning items to the family- happen within 5 hours? Because that is an extremely small period of time for that to happen in. Did that happen later? The way you wrote it makes it seem that you arrived at 1 PM and the police were done with everything and the rituals were already being done?

I'm in a different nation, so there may be a gap here with cultures or language, but when someone in my family passed in their sleep from natural causes, the police were there for at least 6 hours and the personal items --such as clothing-- weren't returned until after an examination of the body at the hospital.
Biblio, that was amazing. Thank you for all of that information!
Date: 2017-01-25
Ifi! <3

No, comment, I don't need more characters to say that.
I hope I don't come off as rude, but I'm really confused.

I also tried to find Sir Clarkson or Mysiferi heights and came up with nothing at all.

You also mentioned that you lived in a brand new apartment block, but then said that the architect was haunting his buildings. Well... If the apartment was new and he died in 1909, how could it be his building? That felt odd to me.

The idea of a wooden based for a statue (I think?) with a stone sculpture is a little confusing to me. If it had been there for a long time, or was memorial plaque to Sir Clarkson, the wood surely would have been decaying and I don't see how that could properly support a stone sculpture that easily weights well over a hundred pounds, depending on the size of it.

I feel the story started in a new, modern apartment building by accident and then tried to make it seem like this apartment was actually old, or was part of an decades old estate, which is a weird place to put a modern apartment building.
Kraut and mustard, Rook, please. Naturally.

Biblio, that was an amazing comment. You raised excellent points/questions.
I'm joining Wish-Not and the others. I'll bring a sofa- fences are uncomfortable.

In funeral homes, as a general rule, the owners lived upstairs and the bodies were cared for on the main floor or basement areas. This is mainly for ease- the funerals and services would be held on a main level. Carrying a casket and bodies (that a literally dead weight) up and down stairs is highly impractical.

Having a crematorium upstairs is also highly unlikely.