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United Arab Emirates
Ghosts are much better around than humans because in most cases, ghosts never harmed anyone. They too have their rules to follow in their dimension.
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Candle X-ray on 2008-06-16

This experience happened way back in 1994-1996 at the Sultanate of Oman. Me and my friend, Kate, were around 33-34 years old. This is only a part of my encounter with ghostly entities. The Sultanate of Oman is a beautiful country, it's clean, organized and most of the locals are friendly. There a...

Live Death Premonition on 2008-05-12

The story started one early morning during the time of Ramadan in (September 24, 2007). I woke up because of continuous knocking somewhere in my flat. I had the feeling it was not from a living one because when the entity felt that I woke up, the "knocking" stopped. I knew too that it was kind of pr...

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Date: 2008-06-23
Hi mickey, that's hilarious...there's a saying, be careful for what you ask for... You need other sound more serious than a ball bouncing? Come to my flat, you need not ask...they'll let you hear all the crazy sound like what they're doing to me daily...
Date: 2008-06-23
Hi ChrisB, thanks for such a nice comment. Sorry for not replying soon, as I was quite busy. Don't worry, I'll be writing soon.
Date: 2008-06-18
luvparanormal, yes it's very hard to have some entities like that. To me, it's more of like demonic creatures. I didn't include the part where I saw something like I was in hell... My friend Kate, until now, could not tell me how I looked that moment I was seeing something else. All I can remember was something was tied around my neck that was very heavy and irritating. Kate said that part, she put rosary around my neck. Normal entities are ok but not the ones that I encountered in Oman... Really horrible.
Anyway, we should always learn from our mistakes.
Date: 2008-06-18
thanks, senseye, ask your friend to pray more, read paranormal books and understand that the entities need help too... But tell your friend not to try anything silly like what I did...
Date: 2008-06-17
hi Bellissima, good question you have there. Actually, since childhood, I've been experiencing weird things but I never bothered to talk about it because I thought everybody can experience what I'm having. I've even seen Fairies when I was 6 or 7 years old (One Christmas Day) but I didn't get scared, in fact, I was so happy seeing them; the worst part was I never knew what those beings were, only when I was in Grade IV did I happened to realize that they are from the Fairy Kingdom through a literature book abouts fables and legends. Those demonic features that I've seen and felt somehow stopped, perhaps because of prayers. When I came to UAE in 1998, a friend of mine told me that I shouldn't run away from my gifts, I should actually pay attention and accept it because those entities that I have been encountering will not stop so I started reading books about paranormal, in order for me to understand why they're showing up. It took me time before I was able to overcome my fear. In 1999, I moved to a flat on my own. There and then, I became brave, no big deal to see spirits and other entities like shadow people, doppelganger especially when I'm in deep thought or otherwise, feel their touches, their energies, smell their scent, even death premonitions. The more I watched ghost stories (in the dark) and read ghost books. In one of the books I read, it stated there that most of the entities will be in stronger force because they feed from the fear of some people, this is true because what happened to me in Oman made me realized this fact. I may have opened dangerous portal in Oman but when you're strong enough and know that God is on your side, you'll be able to fight them back and this is my weapon now that I am older. In my flat now, no bad entity can come in. Yes I've seen some inside but I think they're from the light.

For Ouija board, no way that I will try that. I heard about it when I was 10 or 11 years old, some students who were having slumber night in our school that time experimented on that. They called it Spirit of the Glass. I heard from one of those who experienced it, when the spirit came, the glass moved and everybody got scared because when they asked who was the entity, they were told, it's Satan, they run away. They had that in 4th floor, 2 students jumped, good thing they did not die, only had broken bones, some fell from the stairs, some had shock and got sick, oh really horrible. That time, there was a competition in singing and my sister was there to compete for the finals. When that thing about ouija board was happening, there was also an accident, it's good thing, the nuns in our school asked my sister to be with them before they moved from the school premises. The other bus, with students only and 1 teacher (from the class of my sister) involved in the accident, one student died. Before she died, one of the girls saw she didn't have head.

Playing Ouija Board is very dangerous, never try or think about it at all. I would say Candle X-ray is just secondary from Ouija Board but one will still invite bad spirits if made for fun...
hello there, yes, please share some of your audio files. I haven't experienced listening to any of it and I'm curious too. You're such a brave person... Cemeteries are great place to emote and meditate but I wouldn't dare to be there in the night even our cemeteries back home are like parks. Perhaps I could only be there if it's the Feast of the dead, November 1 where the cemeteries become like a Meeting Place... 😆
Date: 2008-06-16
hello senseye, nice to see someone from the Philippines... Kumusta na?
This is the reason why I shared this experience because I don't want anybody doing the same thing that we did before, it's extremely dangerous! It's like putting yourself as a bait for the demons to make fun of you just because you accidently opened their portal...
Anyway, thanks for sharing your comments and have a blessed day!
Date: 2008-06-16
Hi Jennifer,
Bully Session or Bullsession is a slang word that refers to some kind of interrogating the person concerned by the host... You can say it's like being in a court with a lot of questions being thrown on you and you have to justify yourself for such actions done. It is a sort of clearing an issue that has been raised by an opponent. 😆
Date: 2008-06-04
If it's the usual dragging of coffin sound, feet chains and other stuff and even the opening of locks, those are fine but an unplugged stereo, wow, that's extra creepy! Obviously you got company over there... I remember before, a friend of ours died in a car accident then he called, we knew he's dead then my father removed the socket of the phone, it still rung then all of us children (I was only in primary level that time) ran to one corner of our house and we were all crying... 😨 Maybe you should burn the incense from the church, you know that brown colour that can be bought from Mount Carmel in Quezon City or there are also similar incenses from other church. Burn it for 7 days. You do the ritual that will be in time for 6pm then recite the Apostle's Creed while you are burning it in each corner of your house. Entities don't like the smell of frankincense and/or Church incense, they get suffocated by it. I did that ritual in one of the houses we stayed before. Pray first to God and ask for protection before you do this ritual.

There's one more thing, buy "bells", you can find that from Chinese stores. Buy some quantity to hang it on your main door, kitchen door, windows, bedroom or anywhere you wish... If bells are available, buy Wind Chime and hang it on the main door or where it is windy. We have several wind chimes in our house too because aside from its magical sound (like you're in a fairy land), one invites good chi and drives away bad entities. God bless you and your family!
Date: 2008-06-04
i clicked and enlarged the photo, it looked like a big lizard on your head but couldn't see its face well... Maybe it's one of the fairies' pets...

thanks for sharing your story and photo... Maybe we should all be careful taking pictures in mysterious places... Maybe those entities don't want that... But as long as you didn't get sick after, that's fine but be careful next time.
Date: 2008-05-20
Hi Hauserss,
that's a very touching experience. I know it's not your imagination only that you've seen your grandma. I experienced something like... When my Father died, me and my sisters flew straight from Oman to my home country and direct to the Funeral Parlor. I was so surprised seeing my Dad in different view (very thin, black and the shape of his nose became so pointed like pinocchio), he even looked like one of the commedian-actor in my country who always appear in horror-comedy stories. My Dad used to be handsome, fair-skinned and medium built even when he was already paralyzed (he was paralyzed/bed-ridden for 6 years). On the day that he was inside the coffin, I was speaking to him from my mind and asked him if he was really my Dad, then all of a sudden, I saw his right eyebrow, moved up... I was surprised... Oh I thought that was just my imagination, perhaps due to being tired from the flight. The second time I went to him, I asked my other sister to accompany me, again he moved his right eyebrow so I said this is true already. On the 3rd time that night, he repeated that so I told him (from my mind because people might think I'm crazy if they see me talking verbally) "ok fine, I believed you, you're my Dad..." but it never ended there. I still feel him until the present time, he still touch my hair, he still tickle my foot whenever I take it out from the blanket... He does that to all of us... Perhaps he is letting us know that he is still with us even he doesn't have his physical body anymore...
Date: 2008-05-20
hello there...don't worry, what you've experience is just normal... Most of the children can see, feel anything that most of the adults don't experience. You know why it is like that? It's because children have pure hearts and children are more brave than adults. When one is growing up, he/she gets more afraid of the unknown because the heart is not pure anymore. So the best thing to do is read books, understand why ghost and other paranormal beings are showing up. Also from what you just related, you must realize that you're a receiver too that's why you get to experience those things... By the way, even at my age, I still experience poltergeist, you know, the terrible sound like somebody is dragging a coffin or some feet with chain and some doors opening like that from a haunted house... I get to hear those most of the time. The weird thing is, whenever somebody like a friend is inside my house, then those sounds are dead. My boyfriend is the only one who hears the sounds whenever he visits me.
Date: 2008-05-19
Hi Karyn,
It wasn't a doppelganger, it was really a solid black entity. I encountered doppelganger before, I think 3 times already on different occasions.

Actually, I am not scared anymore to see entities around, that's because, it is always happening to me all the time... I get surprised, yes but when you see an entity, you will feel like you're like watching a movie, you won't be able to move or scream especially if you're alone. I am more scared when I am with people like whenever I am in my home country than here in the middle east and alone.
hey Artfighter, be careful... Have you not asked the help of an Exorciser? Burn frankincense with sage... The bad entities are afraid of the scent caused by it.
hey ominousnyxx - I'm an asian too but I never heard anything about the 13Aug to 10Sept, I'm interested to know about it. What's the name of this event? I'm a catholic but my praying rituals aside from lighting candles are burning incense sticks, burning bakhoor (arab way using cubed charcoals with bakhoor or can use frankincense too and sage). We do this bakhoor thing in our country too especially if events are so bad but it's not frankincense, I forgot the name but it's some kind of Church Incense but not sticks... In my case, September is not a good month for me. I always get very sick every September. I was even bewitched in one of the September from previous years...
Date: 2008-05-19
I think the guy you had relationship before was a member of a Satanist Group. I would suggest you read Psalm 91 daily. I read that every morning then followed by the Lord's Prayer. Just always be careful of who you go with nowadays. You'll notice their kind if they say something negative about God or your religion.
Date: 2008-05-18
Hi Tonith,
My boyfriend said that his sister, his brother-in-law and even his Father (grandpa of his nephew) are always dreaming even up to these days about this boy, climbing a coconut tree (the tall one) and never coming back or sometimes the dream would be the boy racing in swimming pool with one member of the family and disappears at the end of the line...

My boyfriend also lost a sister (their youngest sibling) who was 3 years old (17 years ago) and even until now, whenever he remembers her, he still cries... Losing someone, especially an immediate family member is very hard to forget.
Date: 2008-05-18
Hey, don't be afraid of dreams that you are dead... That means long life... But if you dream of a wedding, means bad news even death. If you dream of a baby or somebody giving birth, good news is on the way...

Regarding those dreams that come true like falling off from the bike, that's Deja Vu especially if it's like a Soap Opera Series (over and over again for several days)...if you dream of snake, that's means money! The most horrible dream that you shouldn't be sharing is when your teeth are falling or even a tooth falling or getting extracted, then that's definitely death! When you dream like this, go outside immediately after waking up, never mind about washing your mouth, and bite a bark of a tree even small one or if there are no trees, get a fork and bite it - just little ok, don't break your teeth... This has something to do with driving away death and never tell anyone even how many days it passed.

You are a receiver that's why you experiencing paranormal things. Educate yourself by reading books. Don't be afraid.
I believed you Darcie. I had experienced something just like what you had... But mine was from a big leaf outside the house...

it's good thing those entities you had in that house were protective ones... They must have been the real owners of that property long time ago.

By the way, as far as I know, all houses/properties got entities... It doesn't matter whether the house is newly-built or passed down from generation to generations.

thanks for sharing your ghost experience...
Date: 2008-05-17
In my opinion, the face that you saw in the window could have been the work of an ELEMENTAL.