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Shadow Figure Above Bed on 2013-02-18

I'm scared and I just want to know what to expect from the things I am experiencing. I am a firm believer in the supernatural from multiple, terrifying, demonic experiences that I went through when I was 15 years old. It started with my father when I was 15. One night I came home from shopping...

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Date: 2013-02-27
Me and my boyfriend were really scared by the TV thing. We looked for the remote. My laptop was laying on top of it when we found it. At first I was very relieved; however, upon further inspection it no longer calmed my nerves. My remote has raised edges so even with the laptop laying directly on top of it no buttons were being pressed. For about ten minutes after we found the remote we tried to replicate it turning itself on by putting the laptop back on it and using pressure to try and press a button with it--- we could not make it turn on that way. Then again, it seems like a good explanation. I've been so busy lately I've barely been in my place. Between work and grad school/job interviews I'm always gone. I haven't had time yet to do any type of cleansing as my friend made a surprise visit to see me yesterday. However, in the middle of the night she woke me up asking if I ever get creeped out staying where I stay. (It used to be an assisted living center) She said she was getting creeped out and getting bad vibes. Just the fact that she asked out of the blue without me ever telling her any story made me raise an eyebrow. But like I said... It's been quiet lately. Who knows how the rest of the week will go.
Date: 2013-02-26
TV turned itself on twice last night. My boyfriend was there to witness it. I was laying in bed and he was in the bathroom and boom... On it goes. Turned it off and a a minute later it came on again. We unplugged it and prayed and nothing else happened.
I will try the method starting today.
Thank you!
Date: 2013-02-25
Thank you guys very much for all of your input.
I posted my story sometime last week in fear that things would get worse fast (since that has what has happened to me in the past). However, things have been very quiet. My boyfriend left me and went home after four days of being with me. I was terrified that it would feed off of my fear when he left. I had to sleep with the TV on the first night he was gone but after that I was fine and felt and experienced nothing. I am a religious person and throughout the weekend I said numerous prayers but they didn't seem to take the bad feeling away so I wanted some input. I will always revert to prayers when bad things like that happen.

And Rook- when I say Demon I am using my boyfriend's words. I did not see the shadow figure but I believe him 100%. He is the most masculine (scared of nothing), honest, genuine man I have ever met and he would not make something like that up. He would also not react to something like that unless he was genuinely concerned. For that reason alone I was very frightened. I am skeptical on "ghosts" but since I am religious I very much believe in spirits, espcially with my run-ins with evils ones. Though, I'm not sure where I would draw the distinction between and evil spirit and a demon.

This week has gone quite fast since my boyfriend did not leave until Tuesday morning of last week and came back Thursday night and will be with me again until this Tuesday. We stayed at my place until Saturday morning and then went to visit my mother to comfort her. On Friday I also had a grad school interview. So things have been very busy and chaotic and I have been traveling a lot. Therefore, I am not sure if anything will happen once I settle back into my place again for a while. (I am planning on going out of town again this weekend) I still have been experiencing intense emotions of misplaced anger and upset... Though I am hesitant to blame that on anything other than myself (this is out of character for me). I will keep updated posted if anything else happens.
Thank you all again.