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The Ghost Radar on 2013-02-18

Each year me and some of my friends go to a party and we ghost hunting with the spud pickles ghost radar. Now your probably thinking that stupid app doesn't work. Well each year we always find something. We usually split up boy girl and we did. But when the boys went into a place. The radar showed a...

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Date: 2013-06-08
hey everyone who commented! Sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner! So I need to answer some questions. So Shady4u. These places were at a my mom's friends house. She owns a lot of property. There's a forest,pond, horse stables, main house, garage/cage room (We call it the devil room because of other experiences we've had after this story) and so on. The pond with the ghost on water and the forest where my leg got cut are right next to each other. So sds, when I got the scratch, I didn't feel anything but a random pain in the leg. If something was along the path, I would probably had hit someone else before me considering there was about 20 people ahead of me. I didn't get any pictures! Sorry guys. Next time I will. But all of you guys saying its fake, I have witnesses of strange happening. Think of that next time you do ghost radar
ouija boards are never a good idea. Most stuff usually goes away if you burn the board or maybe you forgot to say good bye after playing
burn the board. All this will probably go away. If you play with the same board again, sometimes your life becomes a living hell.