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The Spirits In My Basement on 2013-08-28

I was hooked on playing the Ouija board talking to my dead family members and just other dead people. It was something I loved and still do. So I had two friends come over, Shelly and Kate, and we stayed up playing the board from 11 pm to 6 am and, yes, we know you're not supposed to use it in the d...

Talking To Our Grandparents on 2013-08-28

I've always loved spirits and ghost stories and all that stuff so did my best friend Shelly. My friend ended up getting a Ouija board for her birthday, so I had her and my other friend, Kate, come over. It was my first time ever "playing" and the Kate's also, we didn't know what to expect but I ...

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it's a real good story but there's no way you remember all that lbvs you can't even remember what toys you play with let alone ''your parnormal experience '' but it was a good story where ever you got it from:)