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bluefreak01's pictureHey guys I'm 36years old. I come from arizona and in peace. I was born october 22,1972. I am about the craziest blue lover in the world. I am married and had a baby 2 years ago. Boy is our house haunted. Its spooky here.
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Weird Days Forever on 2008-05-12

I have moved almost a million times, this time it just got scarier. Everywhere I am, strange things happen. It's like someone's been following me my whole life. When I just moved into a house after getting married, this house was pretty creepy. One day I was home alone, taking care of my kiddies,...

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Date: 2008-05-28
Well tonith I meant the baby and my 5 year old my five year old was fine and sleeping with covers already on her making her instantly warm. The baby was wide awake and cold with her covers push aside.
thank you all for the comments I will try and get more comments in. 😁
Date: 2008-05-15
ok first hun ghosts don't go through walls these days. You would think they do but they don't. They don't because they think there alive but ghosts aren't alive. And if it was a black blob it isn't a ghost. Maby it was smoke from a fire and the window was probably open. I can tell when people on this site make up things. Your one of those people who don't appriciate their 6th sence. This is a site where we actully use our sences to go into another dimention and come back then share reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllllllll real expiriences we have had. Not short coney stories. Plus this is real people joining together and telling their experiences. This is a big deal not make-up-lie-and tell ghost stories. This is talking to the whole world who have a 6th sence.
hatred, disturbance and entity be with you 🤔
i do agree with shane because hey you were freaked about the rumors earlier so you brain probably wanted to be right. Half I can tell you were not being crazy. 😁
Date: 2008-05-14
I'd say this ghost is like a murderer. But I don't believe ghosts can talk to you. They can do other comunications. But if this could talk maby it was a dream or someone real came into your house. Give me more info on it and tell you what to do if I figure it out.
Date: 2008-05-14
this thing is deffenitly trying to communicate with you. Its probably trying to tell you something about your house or that something bad might happen.
ok. I love the warning part to me that was not scary. I got to go and get ready for school. I'm going into phinoex to listen to people talk for a field trip. It is so boring. I wish I never went back to collage.
Date: 2008-05-13
rhia, I think this thing is trying to tell you something about your past or future that might come back and do somethng to you. The man is probably a guardian angel also trying to help. Maby mary comes in to the hauntings. As in apart of them. You need some more way more info on that mary subject though. Maby the aunt is the mary but I'm not sure. Ill look up things on that if I can.

Haunted mom,
the biggest blue freak in the world, LoLa, a new mom
ok abby that's kind of gross and I do agree with looney85. It could have been your gaurdian angel. So the bad entity pulled you out of your body? If so that's creepy. And it looks like your gaudian angel likes you!
lol! Cute!