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A Helping Hand on 2013-04-24

My mother passed away not too long ago - 19 March 2013 - she was unwell for quite some time. The week before she died she was in hospital - she was living in an old age home. When I got to the hospital they had discharged her, nothing was wrong with her. I decided to take her home with me until t...

My Boyfriend's Dad on 2013-03-12

My boyfriend has the extraordinary gift/curse of communicating with spirits. Just one of his many gifts! He has the ability to see into your past and feeling your emotions (empathy ability). No doubt he has been richly blessed with all of this. Now, about a month ago (end of January beginning Feb...

Letter To My Dad On His Birthday on 2013-03-04

Today is the 4th of March 2013, and the day my father would have turned 65 - being born in 1948. Although this is a very sad day for me - he died in June 1999 - I need to share some of my memories of him. He was always young at heart, always ready to pull a prank on people, whether it was his ...

A Father's Reassurance on 2013-02-27

Good day. This happened to me in April 2012. I had just broken up with my boyfriend end of Feb 2012 and had moved out of our shared house we lived in with my mother. As breakups went this was not the best, because the reason we had broken up is he had started getting violent towards me, shoving me a...

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Date: 2013-05-06
WestboundShauna: Yes, I believe that my mom held on until she was reassured that I would be fine.

Amie_16: The helping hand had nothing to do with me, but everything with my mother. Our family that had passed on came to help her not me. But I still feel them around me, not all the time but every now and again.
Hi Triden07

Sorry for commenting so late. Yes, M is VERY VERY closed on the subject of his gifts. I am more of a believer since I have met him and it has opened my world to new possibilities.

Im glad that it gave you something that you deserve in life - HAPPINESS - because that is what we all wish for you.

Best wishes for this next year of your life as well as in the years to come.
Date: 2013-03-18
sds: I know this sounds so very untrue its not even funny. I did not feel a presence at that stage.

Rook: I have spoken to my boyfiend about it, and he does understand. He understands how I feel about it, and is not forcing the issue at this stage, we are open about it and he let's me know these days when there are any presences in our flat, this is something I have requested from him so I don't get caught off guard again.

Bluemoon: He does not see it as a gift, but as a curse. And being with him I do understand that he sees it like this. I view it as a gift and a curse, he is more open to the paranormal world and through this has given me the greatest gift I could have asked for. Letting me know that my father is still there.
Dear sds

Thank you for your kind words. My dad has always been with me, and one of the biggest regrets I have is that my dad is not here to see his only grandchild grow up, and it has been very comforting to have confirmation that my dad has made himself known and seen to my son. Although at the beginning when all this started with my son I did not understand, and got a little angry, because I was under the impression that my son was speaking of his living grandfather.

If not for my boyfriend with his extraordinary gift/curse (depending on how you look at it) I still would not understand.

My boyfriend and son have been my life savers.

You and one other friend knew my dad. And the love shared between the two of us.

Yes, I believe you are correct and it has something to do with the fact that I am pregnant again and his presence is with me most of the time.

It just goes to show, no matter how much time passes after the death of a loved parent, the love between us never dies, and neither does the protective instincts we as parents have.
Thank You everyone for your understanding and support.

I know this site is not one to share personal letters to lost loved ones.

Argette: I am blessed to have this protective presence in my life. And will always love him.

MoonFall: My boyfriend actually opened me up to my son seeing his grandfather, and I am very glad that my dad is watching over us.
Date: 2013-03-06
Thank you, yes I believe that he used my dream to get the message across.