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It Also Happened To Me on 2013-06-11

I have been reading stories on this site and I read a recent one that explained how (she or he I can't remember) would see a big shadow and then it would disappear leaving the smell of cigarettes or smoke. Well something similar happened to me, my cousin and my boyfriend (they smelled the cigarettes...

Ele's House on 2013-03-11

So this story happened maybe a few weeks ago. I went to my friend Mely's house and she took me to her cousins because I was dying to meet her because she too can see and hear spirits. So we were at her cousin Ele's house, we sat in the kitchen for a coffee and we started talking and she was telling ...

The Nights I Will Never Forget In Italy on 2013-03-05

I've been reading a lot of stories these past few days (all very interesting) and finally I've decided to share one of mine. Before I go on telling my stories, I just want to say that I live in Italy (Siracusa). Since 464, there have been tombstones under half of the city until now and there are sti...

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hi rockergurl227 😊 I also have had paranormal experiences similar to yours. I get those gut feelings when I enter a room, it's usually when there is a spirit I can feel it and I get this weird feeling in my stomach. I also dream things and then it happens. I wouldn't call them deja vu because I remember my dream and I tell my mom, "mom I dreamed that... So be careful today or tomorrow". Also when I touch someone I can see either there past or future (depends what it wants to show me). Once (summer of 2011) I said hi to my aunt and I felt that she was going to pass away the summer of 2012 and in august of 2012 she did pass. Also when it's night and i'm trying to fall asleep I can hear them talk to me and times they even cry. My grandfather (that has passed away) when I had my eyes close he spoke to me (for some reason I can only speak to them when my eyes are closed, i'm not sure why though) . I got this from my grandfather but in my family it skips a generation so my grandchild should get it. I love it, it's a cool feeling because not many people have what we have and if you develop it, who knows what you'll be able to do. Also I think we get this... I guess you can call it some sort of paranormal "power" to help other's and also to help spirits. I read your other story with your boyfriend and his house and the spirit. Why don't you try just sitting on his bed, close your eyes and speak to it kindly. Like for example (hi, my name is... I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to talk to you) and see what you get. You might not hear anything at first but if you keep trying maybe if it wants to talk it'll talk (but always if your not afraid). Just remember one thing don't be mean to them because they can be dangerous but also don't let them walk all over you so at times you have to be strong, because they can feel when your scared and the'll use it against you, so stay strong when dealing with these things. I hope I helped you in some way and if you need any advice just ask 😊
thank you jiya and i'm glad you like my stories, and may god bless you too in whatever you do 😊
Hi ada-iram, i'm happy you enjoyed my stories 😊 and my god bless you too
Hi, i'm happy you enjoyed my stories:) That is creepy hearing a little kid yelling behind you guys.
My uncle, he's ok:) and whatever that thing was hasn't done anything else after that night. I think it was just pissed off at us for bothering them. But everything is calm now.
Thanks for your comment
Hi 😊 To tell you the truth, i'm very happy that I can hear them and see them because most of the times they come to you if they need help or because they really want to talk to somebody, and if I can help them in anyway it makes my happy 😊. Also yes, if they keep bothering you, you just tell them to stop and they'll stop because you have to show them that your the boss and that it's your house so if they want to stay they behave or else they have to leave. If you don't do that they'll just keep bothering you. By the way, your vocabulary is perfect and also good luck to you too with your experiences 😁