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Hi! I am Ritwik Jain, a student of 12th standard. I have had wonderful experiences with paranormal. I really go crazy about strange, weird and unexplainable and paranormal. I like to collect knowledge about spiritual and paranormal things and phenomenon. And that\'s why I am here on YGS, because I love to read all the encounters and experiences with paranormal from different people around the world.
I am a positive person and a firm believer of God. Though I am a Jain, I believe in all the religions and God in all his forms. I have used almost all the mediums which you have only heard of or maybe you tried but didn\'t succeed (Ouija boards, Spirit boards, Pendulum method, SΓ©ances, auto-writing)
Currently I am living here in Jhansi. I badly want to do some ghost-hunting and things related. If someone from you wants to do little ghost-hunting or an Ouija session with me please contact me. I am eager to join you.
Thank you.
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Zen, A Well-wisher Or An Ouija Demon? 2 on 2013-04-08

It hasn't been long, since I posted my first story 'Zen, a Well-wisher or an Ouija Demon?' on this site, which was about my experiences with an entity "Zen", whom I had contacted by my Ouija board. My story got many comments and suggestions and I thank everyone who read my account. I am really sorry...

Zen, A Well-wisher Or An Ouija Demon on 2013-03-04

This is my story about my experiences with an entity which I contacted by Ouija board. My name is Ritwik and I am 16. So to introducing myself, I am a firm believer of God and I am very much interested in paranormal and spiritual. I had always been fascinated towards the other side of this world and...

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[at] elena,

I tried to mail you but may be by mistake you have typed your e-mail id wrong in the comment. Will you please give me your correct email id?
Thank You every one for reading and commenting on my story 😊

But still, believe it or not Zen is not my Subconscious...
😐 😐
dear Rook,

Can you please explain me 😊 what Badjuju is trying to say?
"I think Zen is a manifestation of your subconscious instinct. I think this because, in my opinion, Ouija usually contacts our own inner knowledge rather than an outside entity. That being said, Ouija is not as closed and controlled as some other forms of divination. It's easier for some random entity to hijack Ouija divination and cloud your own inner wisdom, and deceive you. I think that Zen is your inner wisdom telling you to drop the Ouija before something truly disturbing comes through. Your instinct knows you're playing with fire, and is trying to appeal to your conscious in a way it knows you will pay attention to. Is Zen good or evil? He's whatever you are." πŸ˜• πŸ˜•
valkricry, thanks for your translation of n_ishwarya's post. I don't know what for was it posted Lol πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
[at] Badjuju and valkricry,

I thank both of you, for your comments and explanation.
But maybe you didn't read my first story.
In that I have described about the seance which I had with my cousin Rechil. And when Zen had taken control over the board, we left the Ouija for the time. After a little while Rechil USED THE BOARD ALONE, she too had got 'same to and fro motion of the pointer' on the board.
And And And I have never told her about Zen before that session.
even though we are cousins we can't have the SAME SUBCONSCIOUS.
I respect your views BUT Zen is not my own imagination.
So far and Finally I once again ask every body What can be the FINAL CONCLUSION regarding Zen...

Is he Good or Bad?
If I leave the board and other occult, Would he try to contact me by some else way?
[at] Hadev,

I am a Jain. I speak Hindi. And my father's village is Ashoknagar (M.P).
Dear Rook,

Firstly I thank you for your explanation.
As for what you asked about HotRod's comment, I will tell you only what I know.
There are only two divisions in the Jain religion.
1st are the "Digambaras"
And 2nd are "Shwetambaras" and there are no casts in Jainism, (Jainism religion was founded to remove all the castism from the people because all are one)

I am a Digambar-Jain may be about whom HotRot is talking about are Shwetamber, but still there is no difference in our cultures...
dear nemaa,

Thank you for reading my stories and for giving it a thought. 😊

[at] n_iswarya,

What are you saying? I don't get it. πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

Do anyone knows what is she trying to say?
Thanks for your explaination. But let me clear one thing, I was not trying to record Zen's or some other spirit's voice. I opened the recorder to record my own questions, so that I may remember them in sequence. And what the board may be answering would too get recorded because I spell the alphabets along, on which the pointer rests. (this avoids confusion and I spell the alphabets for 're-confirmation')
Dear Amie_16,

Thank you for reading my story and good to see your comment. As for your question about using the board here's a video on youtube
you can watch it and you can google for Sandy Cristal's blog on ouija boards.
No need for apology my ouija board isn't in sanskrit or hindi. Its a common one (though home-made) with english alphabets,numbers,YES-NO,Good Bye,Sun-Moon. And you are right every religion has the same theme
'Treat Others As You Want to Be Treated'
Ans HotRod13 you too must understand this theme. How many more negative karma do you want to achive? You've already scored -105 points. Right now YOU NEED PEACE.
You stated "Ritwik is an indian. ZN means something else in ritwiks religon. I know what it means and ritwik knows it too."
Well I don't know what it means in my religion πŸ€” would you tell what you know about it? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

I never said and I don't believe "that the ouija board is path to the lord" O.K. Don't relate things by your own.
Dear Rook,

Thank you very much for your advises and all your comments. You know better about things. I am sorry I don't know much about numerology, I think I just got what you exlained. But I didn't understood what you said in the last
"I also 'FEEL' that this 'Entity' is trying to communicate to you that your 'EARTHLY PATH' (makes sense if this is indeed and elemental) does not include using the Board and possibly the Pendulum."

Would you please make it a little clearer to me...
😳 😊 😊
dear Pjod,

I your question is really worthy. I can't explain it completely, but I can say that I know God is with me and he loves me and he won't let something wrong happen to me ever. I believe and feel I am protected. 😁 😁 😁
Thank you every one for reading my story. There is one more thing which I didn't share in my story, because I didn't feel it right. πŸ˜• πŸ˜•. During the session which is described in the story two more paranormal activities took place.

1. Before when I began the sΓ©ance I had opened the "Voice Recorder" of my phone (to record the questions which I'll be asking, and what ever the board would spell out).
After the session was over, I clicked on button of the keypad to 'stop' the recording function. The phone lit up and on the screen it showed the 'option' "Record" rather than "Stop". Meaning, that the phone didn't record the conversation nor anything else, the feature/function didn't even started!

Now, I am using my phone for more than two years, and my hand is set or say used to its keypad. I'm absolutely sure that I can't be mistaken, I had pressed on the right button to start the 'voice record'. But got nothing recorded.

2. At the time when the coin (planchette) was moving on its own, three of my books (and they were heavy) fell down from the shelf, and that made loud "thud" noise. I know this sounds like a movie-seen that's why I didn't gave it in the story.

These two happenings promoted the thought of Zen being negative in my mind
Dear Miracles51031,
with all my respect I say this to you and every one else that Jainism is a religion of purity. Look my second name is Jain, but I too have my own thoughts and believes (its modern world). No one can really be a TRUE JAIN (except Lord Mahavira), since its something similar like being our 'Lord Jesus Christ' because we are all Sinners and he is the Son of GOD.
SO please its my sincere request to you and every one else please don't say anything regarding my religion or any one else's.
I can give a very big explaination on Miracles's question but I don't just want to.
And miracles there was NO NEED OF SHAIRING THAT LINK and using those words "go naked rather than own even a simple white cloth."
dear Miracles51031,
I told about my grandma because I just remembered it when you said something about contacting 'deceased loved ones'. (I am sorry to have said it 'just like that') 😒 😒 😒
Dear rook,
thank you for explaining again 😳 this time I got most of it. As for your question, Yes I open all my sessions by asking "Ouija are you there?" I always do that.
And since you said "Provided you haven't spun a very good 'tale' which has everyone fooled. I do not think so, but anything is possible."
I say this is ALL my TRUE story, and I am ready to answer each and every questions. So everyone feel free to ask me anything...