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My Best Friend's Ghost on 2013-04-17

This isn't one event, but a few different events all with the same (presumably) spirit/ghost/entity/whatever. This is my first story on this site, so excuse my poor writing skills. I am currently 17, living in Perth, Western Australia. The events in this post have occurred over the past few years si...

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Date: 2013-09-03
Jazzyq, I haven't heard from Rook since the last message so I'm not sure what the verdict on the photos is. Perhaps I should try to contact him, but I seem to have a case of the lazies:P
Date: 2013-05-20
Hi Rook,

No worries, I'm in no rush.

I saw K on Saturday and told her about what you're doing and she's really excited to hear the results.
She was hesitant at first, the pictures make her uncomfortable.
She said that things are still happening in her home (she now lives in Perth with her boyfriend). Her boyfriend has experienced strange things as well now, such as the overwhelming feeling of someone being in the room with him when he's alone. They quite often hear someone walking around the room when they are in bed or sitting on the couch.

I showed her the differences in the 'girls' dresses, and the possibility that it may be two entities. She was really surprised that she hadn't noticed it before.

Thanks for your help, hopefully your friend gets back to you soon.

Date: 2013-05-13
Chips, I have no idea what these "ghost apps" you speak of are, do you have a link the photo it remind you of? My curiosity is piqued now 😊

PS. [at] Rook, I forgot to mention in the previous post; so far nobody has replied to the question on Yahoo regarding the phone, which is disappointing, but there's still one day left for answers.
Date: 2013-05-13
Hi Rook (or Garrett, which do you prefer to be called here?)

Thankyou for the link, I'm going to break down my answer to match yours to make reading easier.

Photo 2456: To be really honest I don't see the larger pixels in the inverted image, or the rectangular block that you mentioned. Of course we have to keep in mind I have *no idea* about analyzing photos, and it's very hard to be taught when communication through this sort of messaging is so limiting.

Photo 2457: Again I don't see the difference in pixels. I'm starting to think that I'm looking at this completely wrong. However I can kind of see how K looks different to the rest of the picture. I don't see the point at which the door frame is distorted, maybe blurred a bit near the top? I can see the solidity of the spirit that you spoke of, but unsure of what that means.

Photo 2458: Now this one I can see what you're talking about. That line with the breaks in it is quite clear, but again, I don't quite understand the technicalities of manipulating a photo so I'm not in 100% understanding, though I can grasp the general concept of what you're saying.

Thankyou so much for putting the time into this. I'm not sure at this point where you stand on these pictures, but these "little things" have at most confused me. I hate to seem a stubborn mule but I'm not convinced just yet that the images have been manipulated. I agree with you though that "those 'little things' that make me wonder".
I'm eagerly awaiting a deeper opinion from the friend that's yet to get back to you.

I think, just for your knowledge, that I should say that K did not actually have access to an editing program at the time, and I swear that she didn't have the knowledge to pull off manipulating a photograph. Of course I can't prove that to you or any one else, I'm really just trying to justify why it's so hard for me to disbelieve. I hope you understand.

(For the record, I promise not to beat you, lol!)

Date: 2013-05-09
Hi Rook,

I think I'm going to post that question about the phone on Yahoo Answers and see what people say, because I think we'd get a much quicker answer there. I'll link you to it when people have answered.

But as far as I know, don't most phones come with the wrong time/date? I used to have to reset the date/time every time my old Nokia's and LG got dropped and they'd default to a random time that was always a few years beforehand. Perhaps the date the phone was made?:S Just as a guess...
I thought only smartphones had the time connected to the network? That's my experience anyway. I could be wrong

Tamsin 😳
Date: 2013-05-07
Hi Rook

Concerning the date, I may have been wrong in saying it was 2009. I know they were taken while I was at my first high school, which I stayed at for 2008-2009. I may have gotten the date wrong of when she showed them to me but if that date is saying March 2008 I don't think that could be right at all. In March 2008 K had long, straight, thick blonde hair that reached half way down her back with no layers. She had it cut to the shorter layered style in the pics late in 2008, so I don't see how those photos could have been taken in March. This doesn't make sense to me:/ Could the date of the phone have been wrong?
The 4am time I also cannot explain, from what I can remember they were taken sometime mid-morning/early afternoon.

I hope that helps at all.
Thankyou for taking the time to look at these.

Date: 2013-05-06
Oh, Ari, I'm sorry, I think I wasn't clear enough...
Entertaining the notion that they were tampered with makes me upset, not that rook is doing his best to obtain all the answers.

I love the fact that he's going ahead with the nitty-gritty to work out these pictures. It's something I would never have had done. I'm not upset by criticism/scepticism - but the chance that there's proof it's not real, and then how do I explain everything that's happened? It just scares me to be confused like that. I've been so sure for a very long time that what I believe in is true. I have a lot of beliefs based around and these events and pictures.
I think being 'afraid' of a possible outcome is quite different to getting riled up about scepticism.

Of course I applaud you all for questioning and holding doubts. Please don't take what I said to mean I'm going to throw a temper fit if you tell me I've believed in something that's false, I won't. I can accept it if you find it to be tampered with but I will be quietly upset still.

All the best
Date: 2013-05-06
Hi Rook

Yes those files are the same one's she sent me in 2009.
She sent them originally from her Webslider to my Nokia E71, then I gave that phone to my mum and got an identical Nokia E71 for myself.
I sent the pictures from the first to the second Nokia via bluetooth.
Then last year I got an iPhone and texted the photo's from the E71 to the iPhone. I used that iPhone to upload them to photobucket.

As far as I know the files on photobucket have not been altered in any way.
I don't know much about photo analysis so I'm not sure what meta data is:/ But does this mean that they *definitely* have been altered? It doesn't make sense at all to me if they have, given what I've experienced myself and how long I've know K... I'm really quite upset/confused at the notion.

Thanks, Rook

- Tamsin
Date: 2013-05-01
[at] Andreaa11
No worries, it's my pleasure having them up here for everyone to see. They've been gathering dust, so to speak, in my phone memory for some time.

I don't think that they/she haunt the property, unless they/she left the property and followed K to her new town. I always thought that a spirit attached to a piece of property would always remain with that land, rather than attach to a new person and follow them.
It is my view that they are attached to K herself.
Yes I think due to their age and dress they wouldn't be lost sisters of hers, but maybe deceased ancestors? I don't know any details but apparently her family has a history of spiritual activity.
Date: 2013-05-01
[at] Andreaa11
Don't worry I'm not going to be offended if anyone thinks they are false. I already know they are true, I posted the story/pics because I think they would be something very interesting for a lot of people here, plus it would be lovely to get any and all outside opinions on the entire subject.

I have actually noticed that the gowns are different. The girl in pic1 looks to be wearing a white outfit and pic2 has more of a light beige/pink patterned sort of gown. It may well be 2 different manifestations, and yes maybe even sisters! (that is what I mean by getting outside opinion, I had never thought about sisters before)

Also, yes it may well be that the pictures are one massive joke, but if so she's played it on *every* one of our close friends and families, and for several years. I can't stop you from thinking they're a prank but I assure you that I know K, and I know when she tells the truth. Also from my own experiences in the story, I have my own proof that also you can choose to disbelieve if you would like.

Thankyou for your response:) Just btw, it's Tamsin, not Tasmin - sorry to be nit-picky but people always mix it up lol!
Date: 2013-05-01
I'm sorry Ari, I wouldn't have a clue.
I can ask K for you but I wouldn't expect her to remember or still have them as she has a different phone now and it was years ago. I will ask though.

The best I can say is it would have been quite a few. We teenage girls tend to take *many* photos and I know for sure that K is no exception to that!
Date: 2013-05-01
Yes I realised that they were not blacked out.
I thought it might help you here to have the *original* photos without the editing on paint. These are the exact files that were taken with her camera.

Yes the photos were taken using an auto-shoot, as far as I know (otherwise I'm not sure how they took pic2, with both of them in the shot, seeing as they were the only ones home at the time)

I also realise how rare it is to capture photos like this. I think they are amazing, and have saved the file in many places in case of loss.
I also realise that because they are so amazing, most people will be skeptical of them (people SHOULD be skeptical, in my opinion. The smartest of people will question rather than believe)
Date: 2013-05-01
(Sorry to triple post!)

[at] rookdygin
I've been looking over the photos now in regards to your camera position question. I think that actually pic1 may have been taken with the camera placed in a shelf in the TV cabinet (I'm sure you know what I mean, some TV cabinets have those small shelves on the sides to stack DVDs/books etc) which is why the camera is facing more towards the couch, and pic2 taken with the camera on top of the cabinet, facing more towards the doorway. I think the camera looks to be a bit lower in position in pic1 than in pic2.
Also K appears to be moving from her pose in pic3 (see how her hands move from her hip pose?). Perhaps she had thought the picture had taken and was moving to look at the camera.

To be honest though, I am having guesses at what may have occurred as of course I have no way of knowing. Hopefully you can come to your own conclusions and ideas.

Regards, Tamsin.
Date: 2013-05-01
(Sorry to double post)
I actually cannot be bothered to make up a whole new account so you will have to deal with all the pictures of my mouselings hahah:)
Date: 2013-05-01
[at] Sceptic-Ari
I will do so ASAP, I'll have to make a whole new PB account as my current one is over-run my photos of my mice... Lol. I also just used paint to cover up their faces.

[at] rookdygin
I can only tell you my assumed answers to your questions as I was not there to know, but I'm basing my answers on knowledge of her house lay-out.
In the first pic, the camera would have been sitting on top of the TV cabinet, as it was in the second pic. A possible series of events for your questions would be that pic2 was actually taken first, and then the camera position was moved forward to get rid of the wood showing up in the photo, then pic1 taken.
In pic3, the position of the camera leads me to think that the camera-phone was set upon the small lamp table next to the TV cabinet (the one mentioned in my story, that showed up with the head bobbing around on it). The lamp table is quite low to the ground, so that is probably why half of Ks head is cut off. I believe the centering of the apparition is purely coincidental.
No, no editing has been done to the photos save the blocking out of Ks face.

Thankyou for your responses. I am trying to help as best I can, let me know if you need any more info and I will be happy to provide it.
Date: 2013-04-30
Thankyou everyone for your responses.

[at] Sceptic-Ari
I don't know what you mean about the compression? I can upload them to photobucket if you would like, but I think they will be the same size as these as they are they same file I sent to YGS with my submission.

[at] Casper_the_ghost
Haha I think not, her baby sister was barely a toddler at the time! She is only just turning 5 this year. The girl in the photos looks to be around 7-8 to me.

[at] bizzjoe
They truly are fascinating aren't they! I don't blame you for thinking I'm 'having you on' as the photos are so amazingly clear (even I find it hard to believe) but I wish you the best in studying them!