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Bright Green Light on 2013-03-12

I need to start by being quite frank, not to be rude, but so that you can establish what kind of person I am. I am a scientist who is also an atheist. I search for the "truth" and logical explanations in things. Having said this, I have always had a sensitivity to people around me, to their thou...

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Date: 2013-03-16
Hi everyone, thank you so much for your in put.

Crionna, just to clarify, I am Athiest though not because I think religion is for the weak. Some of my closest and strongest friends are religious. I too considered myself Wiccan for a time, a beautiful religion I must say. Thank you for your in put. I have never heard of the Astral Plane and shall now read up on it.

BadJuuJuu, I actually don't think it's that crack pot of a theory and I'm glad to hear someone else has thought of it other than me lol I really did believed in the tooth fairy.

Elixellen, thanks for the suggestion. I did not know different coloured orbs represented different things

It looks like I may have to reconsider my belief in fairies!