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My Brief Experience At Alcatraz on 2013-03-13

As much as I believe in ghosts and have had experiences throughout my entire life, I'll be honest... When my family and I got to Alcatraz in the middle of the day during our vacation to San Francisco, I didn't expect much of anything to happen. Especially not since it was absolutely swarming with pe...

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Date: 2013-03-21
Wow, I wish I had gone to Alctraz at the same time you did! It sounds like it was a lot less packed, which I honestly do believe would make for better exploration... Especially as far as the paranormal is concerned. That's really eerie what you felt about that one cell you didn't want to go in, but I think you made the right choice not sticking around that cell. Go with those instincts, I say! Who knows what was making you feel that way, and better safe than sorry... Especially in a place housing souls of dangerous criminals, and like the story of that infamous cell where the prisoner died suggests, sometimes something a bit more sinister.

I very much enjoyed your narrative and the pictures you provided, and I learned some things from this. For instance, I had no idea a 13 year old died there like that, that's awful.:c If you go back to Alcatraz anytime soon, I'd love to see if anything else happens while you are there and see how you feel it compares to the visit detailed here. Great story!
Looney85: That's a shame about the replies, but oh well. Thank you for answering me on that one! And I was, when I didn't expect anything at all. XD I knowww I'm mad at myself for not taking a picture or anything, because it would have been awesome to catch something. And oh yes go, it's sooo much fun! <3 I hope you get to go there, and that you can do an evening tour of the place too. If anything happens to you there, you also have to put up a story about it and let us know.

Geetha50: Nope! That much I know for a fact because this happened while I was leaning against the bars of a small prison cell, and the voice and pulling came from inside the cell itself. And this is one of the ones you aren't allowed to go into, plus I also did spin around pretty quickly to look when I heard the voice and felt the movement. Nobody there, it was eerie. Haha, I guess it was a resident of the cell letting me know that was his turf or something like that.

Shady4u: Hey! XD and that's an awesome coincidence, I have to watch a video on the prison again myself. Thank you! C:
Since I'm totally new here, I'm not sure if there's a way to reply to each comment individually, or if you have to do it this way. I'm sorry to sound like a pain, but if any of you guys see this and there is a way to reply to individual comments, can you tell me how? I'm so sorry, I know that sounds like such a stupid question. XD;

Anyway, I'll reply this way for now!

Rockangel13: Aw, thanks!:3 And yeah, that's what I've felt like. Well, the ghosts and history. And oh there is? I didn't even know that, I'll certainly have to check it out. Thank you for the suggestion.

Zack84: They do, right? But I can't say I didn't expect it, it's a famous place so that seems pretty standard. And aw, I'm sorry to hear that! That's okay though, I know that feel. I went to eastern state another year and nothing happened for me there. I'd really love to give those places a try someday, if I ever get to go back. Sad thing is I live so far away from California I don't get much opportunity to visit.

Zzsgranny: I loved Alcatraz too, so full of history and it was a lot of fun to explore, even with people nearly everywhere. And I really should! I do know it wasn't in solitary confinement, because I went there with my family a few minutes after and have pictures there. It was in one of the more regular cell blocks, but I can't for the life of me remember which one or which cell number it was. I feel pretty stupid for not taking a picture of that after it happened, but I guess I was just too excited to think clearly haha.

I am so with you on that one, that'd be awesome. I hope you do get to go on the evening tour and have fun, that sounds like where the most action would happen. And thank you for commenting!

Lilady4: I was definitely surprised, but then I thought it was the coolest thing ever. XD I hope you do get to do a tour there someday, even if you don't experience anything paranormal it's so much fun to walk around and explore the place. Thanks, and to you too!

Mamachong: I think they and a lot of other people have gone here, and I can't blame them. I sure would love to do a ghost hunt here if I ever had the opportunity. And I hope you do get to someday, it's great! I would absolutely recommend it if you're ever in the area.