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I am mostly a silent reader on this site. But sometimes I will leave some comments around.
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The Thing In My Room (or Ex-room) on 2017-11-09

A bit of background of my rooms and who occupied which room at that timeline. We lived (and still living) in a 4 room HDB flat in the eastern part of Singapore. There is this room next to the corridor, facing the main road, which was my late Grandaunt's room before she was placed in an elderly...

Is This Sleep Paralysis? on 2015-10-06

I've been suffering from some kind of sleeping disorder for many years. What kind of sleeping disorder? I am not sure to say. I've tried searching up the symptoms on the Internet and the closest I could relate to is 'Sleep Paralysis'. But yet, I wasn't sure... For most of the examples I read on t...

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When I read until the part your cousin swore in Hokkien, I totally have the scene played out in my mind, him looking pissed off and probably gesturing wildly and some 'knn's and 'cb's flying out (you know what I mean... 😜)

Hmm about the questions,
I am thinking maybe before she was murdered, she was standing at the road maybe waiting for someone, or maybe she was picked up by the murderer and then killed at the block later on... (Prolly means she knew who was the murderer)
Date: 2017-11-16
[at] Jubeele

Well, actually yeah, they do complain of having SP while in that room... About the update... I had submitted the story a few days back... Hopefully it will be published soon:)

Ha! Aliens! I didn't think of that... And speaking of X-Files, I just started watching it from season 1 (Now on Season 2... But I am slowing down because I have loads of dramas to catch up on... Currently watching 'Black' the Korean drama and crushing hard on the main guy)

Yeah... That feeling is what scares me...

No... The doctors say mine case isn't that bad so I don't need any treatment for it...

Hmmm... Maybe I should try to meditate... With an earpiece on and some white noise playing to get me into the zone...

Its ok... My mum is a nurse too! She works in IMH...
Oh dear, hope your husband is better now!
Ahh... I get those lectures like almost everytime/everyday... It get worse during Chinese New Year... 😒

Lactose Free milk! 😲 I must be living under a rock all these years...Ok, I think I will get some after work! Or maybe during the weekends... Since its Friday~~~~
Date: 2017-11-09
[at] Jubeele

Agent 13***15 reporting!

Actually my doctor didn't say anything about my sleep apnea... Just only that I should sleep more on my left side as I seem to be getting more oxygen flow when lying on my left.

And honestly, I didn't do much to make my health better (still eating as much without exercise)

[Quote]I had a few sleep paralysis attacks years ago, during a period when I was in a toxic relationship. All that negative energy and constant tension created such an unhealthy environment that my sleep quality was poor and disrupted. I got out of that relationship, moved out of that unhappy place and made healthier lifestyle choices. The SP hasn't affected me in 20 years now.[/Quote]

I am glad you are better now!

For me, My SP attacks are getting lesser and lesser too. But I realized that only after I moved rooms. (I now sleep in my 'own' bedroom... Sharing with my helper...)

Not sure if its related to my SP attacks but apparently there was 'something' in my previous room (which now both my sisters are sharing) (And now I think its gone)

But that would be another story...

Meditating... Hmm... With such a noisy environment at home... I think it will be hard for me to meditate...

Warm Milk + Horlicks sounds so delicious! ❀
But... I am quite lactose intolerant... Milk is a good way for me to go whenever I can't do No. 2 πŸ˜†
(Which is also a sad thing because I love milk so much...
Date: 2017-11-06
Hi Jubeele,
You know I have a thought when you mention about a young 3 to 4 years old boy with a Du dou"...
I was thinking of maybe its not a spirit but a deity? Like 善貑η«₯子 (SudhanakumΓ’ra) or ε“ͺ吒 (Nezha)?
Date: 2017-03-16
[at] CollinLim I don't know? Maybe some of us are more sensitive to the Paranormal side? But I won't say that we are all victims and also I wasn't "attacked" by 'Ghosts' it's more of an episode of Sleep paralysis attack type of "attack".
Date: 2017-03-16
Just an update:
I went to have the sleep test done and they diagnosed me with mild sleep apnea (I think it's spelt like this?)

My SP problem still happens from time to time but I got used to it and just sleep through it now.

Don't really have anything special about those attacks maybe because I am too sleepy to take notice of it. (with all the working and stuff... Sleep become something I... Need a lot lol) πŸ˜†
Date: 2016-05-19
Hmm... I have a few questions that are may not be related to my story but I don't know where else to post on as there are no discussion forum or group chats here...

And I would love to chat with you guys here because there are so much things I wanted to ask about (I am super curious about paranormal stuff but I have no one to ask about as because my family... Although I won't say we are religious but there are some taboos that we can't talk about... Mostly because of our aunt's religion and stuff...)

So, I am curious if you guys have any facebook/google/whatever group that I can join where we can discuss about stuffs?
Date: 2016-05-19
Hey guys... I am back!
Ok, so I did a sleep test a month back (Yep it was again postponed to April that's why)... But the results are not out yet...

The appointment for the results is scheduled in Aug the 4th... (Long wait πŸ˜•)

And for the past few months... Many things happened... And yeah, I still do get sleep paralysis now and then, but most of the time, I just continued sleeping and ignoring the annoying feeling of the humming and buzzing and feeling that I can't move because I was too tired and find it pointless to struggle.
Date: 2015-12-22
Not wanting to call this a bluff but... When you said the guy just died from uhh... Touching the ribbon, made me skeptical about it.

Ok, if this is true... I am sure there will be news about this?
Like, someone dying (organs ruptured) for no reason and the only witness is a lady claiming that he touched the ribbon and... Just died like that...

I guess the media would be very very curious.

Perhaps I live in another country and did not read the report... But I don't think I find it anywhere in the Internet as well.

Anyways, regarding the ribbon stalker man,
The most I saw that came up on Google search was a stalker fangirl of Benedict Cumberbatch, who left red ribbons tied at his house area or car wipers... Or something.
Date: 2015-12-15
[at] zzsgranny Uh... I am ashame to say that I didn't make any changes to my lifestyle yet... But for the past month or so... I didn't have any attacks...

And sorry for the very late reply... Too many things happened for the past period... 😒
Date: 2015-10-19
I am guessing rookdygin is trying to say about poltergeist activities?

From what I've read online, its sometimes mentioned that teenagers that are going through puberty might cause poltergeist activities due to their emotional changes.

But this is my guess... I could be wrong πŸ˜†
Date: 2015-10-18
Sorry for not replying... Was kind of busy these few days...

[at] rookdygin & [at] RithikD
Thanks for the link! I will read it up:)

[at] sds

I had made an appointment to the doctor's which is supposed to be due on next month... But I've gotten a letter informing me that I would need to wait until next year before the doctor is available... 😭

Hmm, I have gotten the attacks mostly on my bed, but it does happen when I slept on my parent's and sister's bed as well... And once when I was sleeping over at my friend's house...

[at] MariaTPhD2B Yea, I will be going to the doctor's as well...
Hmm... At first I suspect that it might due to my heart too... But I went through an ECG test (in a polyclinic) but it came out negative...
Seizure... That sounds scary...
Uhh... I guess I will only know when I see the doctor next year...

So as for now, I will do whatever I can; diet, tuning sleeping habits, keeping journals...

And thank you everyone for your advices!:D
Date: 2015-10-14
[at] Tweed
I have no idea why he appeared to me too πŸ˜†
I didn't really talk much to him as well... Lol... But maybe I was one of the more 'polite' ones towards him at work? Well, he is a senior and at first I didn't even know that he had a bad attitude... Cause he seemed nice to me.

Meditation... Hmm I am not sure about it... Cause I read somewhere that... Err mediation can cause one to be more 'open' to the spiritual realm? I don't want to see any... Er... You know... Ghosts... (I am a scardy cat)


Charkra techniques... I heard about it but I didn't really went deep to know more about it... Cause I am confused about what is what... Like the colors or something?

Perhaps I will google and research on it...

And to be honest, I am seriously curious about OBEs... It's interesting...
I want to experience OBE properly but as I said... I am a coward... Lol...

A curious coward...

That's why I am in this site for years reading the experiences posted even though I am scared πŸ˜†
Date: 2015-10-14
And as for the 1st Oct 's attack,

I tried sleeping but kept waking up from my own snores (which it's like weird as it's the first time happening to me)

Then when I finally fell asleep, I had the attack.

But this time round, during the attack, I thought I broke free from it and my sis was patting me telling me it's ok... She was wearing her working clothes...

(She was sleeping... And not even awake at that time... But she really do need to go to work later... Like in 2 hours time...)

But then again I realized it's not true because the low humming and vibrating sensation is still there.

So I had to really try hard to 'gather' myself together to break out of it.

When I say I 'gather' myself together... It's like searching deep into yourself and try to pull in bits and bits of yourself together into the center to gain the strength to 'wake up' from it...

I don't know it make any sense or not... But it feels like that...
Date: 2015-10-14
[at] A_A

Hmm... I didn't think I was awake because err... When I 'snapped' out from the attack, my eyes flew opened and realized that the room light wasn't switched on...

And also that I thought I was flailing my arms around trying to move and yelling my head off to get help but apparently I wasn't even moving or screaming until I 'gathered' myself and 'broke free' from the attack and managed to call out to my sister.

And she told me I wasn't moving nor screaming and that my room lights are switched off before she went to sleep. (We shared same room)

To be honest I am not even sure what is what... Because I usually panicked during an attack and I wanted to just 'wake up' from it...
Date: 2015-10-14
[at] AussieDaz
I just got a bad news... Not really bad news... But it's bad because the doctor that I am supposed to see postponed my appointment to next year Jan. 😭

I wanted to know what is affecting me so badly... And I thought that I could find out is it due to my unhealthy lifestyle and know more about it... *sobs*

Regarding about the sleeping in...
Err... I guess it's because I didn't get much rest on weekdays and I felt like I need to 'catch up' on it during the weekends...

As for those attacks, I think they are more likely to happen on weekdays... Like Thursdays, Fridays... Hmm... Not really sure... Mann... I really need to keep a journal...
Date: 2015-10-14
[at] zzsgranny

I know right! That feeling! It's really weird and scary...
But besides the low humming, I feel as if my body is vibrating. Like particles bubbling here and there... And as the sound gets louder, the vibration gets stronger.

I tried to see how long before it stops naturally but... It just get worse and I was afraid that I might black out from it or fade away or something... (I am not too sure why I even thought that I might fade out... Lol!)

It was really hard to fight that fading feeling...

But it's true that if I tried to 'break out' from it earlier, it would be much easier to 'wake up' from it.

Hahah... I would definitely need to exercise and see the outcome of it first before concluding anything... But I was curious and was in need of suggestions as no one around me could give any regarding these weird episodes for years...
Date: 2015-10-14
[at] Lady-Glow

A journal... That is a great idea! I didn't think of that! Usually when I 'broke' free or 'woke up' from it, I will be sobbing and panicking... Haha I guess I should make use of the that time to write down notes... And at the same it it probably would calm me down...

Thank you!:)
Date: 2015-10-14
I remember reading this around 2012 when I was searching on stories of 'Time Travelling' via Google.

And because of this story, I knew this site and begin reading the stories posted here.

I was amazed at how many people actually had encountered so many different variety of paranormal experiences.

I won't say that I have much experiences, but I do acknowledge that there are many things that couldn't be explained by science. (Due to family members having some kind of psychic abilities or sort)

So in 2013, I decided to finally create an account... But only until recently I decided to submit a story...

And now, finally...
I have a question to ask you that I wanted to ask in 2012 but I didnt...

What was you and your wife's feelings as you approach the house... And what made you both decide on not knocking the door?

I mean usually if I am curious, I would knock on the door to see who will answer it. Or perhaps its just me... Cause I am those type when warned not to touch the wall because of wet paint, I will touch it to confirm it myself... And getting my finger covered with paint...hehe...

And last but not least...
I am a huge fan of yours! I love reading your stories and comments! (Mannn I sound like a stalker:X) πŸ˜†

Oh oh! And sorry for posting such a long and redundant comment...hehehe!
Date: 2015-10-13
Ahh this annoying: (
I typed a whole lot of words and accidentally press back... (Using my mobile)

Anyways, [at] AussieDaz

I have not been to any specialist yet... But will be doing soon next month (booked an appointment to the sleep specialist in the hospital)

Weight: Yes I am overweight
Diet: Not consistent (either eat too much or eat too little...)
Work: Yes I am working
Coffee: I don't really drink unless I had to... (I don't like coffee)
Fizzy Drinks: I don't really drink them as well... I prefer non fizzy ones.
Exercise: I exercise as much as a sloth does... (I am lazyyyyy)

On weekdays, I have to work so I wake up at 630 am everyday.

On weekends, I sleep in to noon time.

Scary movies: I tend to avoid scary movies because I know I can't sleep if I watch any...

After stating out all these, I think maybe it is really due to my unhealthy lifestyle πŸ˜†

I guess I have to start exercising and fix my lifestyle than...

Thanks for helping!