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I live on a goat farm and have pulled many, many, many baby goats. Goats are wonderful little "people" and should get the respect that all animals deserve.
I'm a firm believer in the paranormal but like everything else, must be viewed with logic and common sense. I do have a healthy amount of skepticism and have no tolerance for bs. The welcoming nature and helpful souls on here are commendable.
I've had several paranormal events and do believe I have my own "visitor".
I am agnostic in my beliefs and believe in the "live and let live" mantra as long as no one gets hurt.
Mostly self educated. I had more lousy teachers than good ones and lost total interest in the school system shortly after starting high school. READING IS GOOD!
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The Traveling Eye Glasses And My Very Weird Day on 2016-11-23

My husband, Mike, wears glasses all the time, except when we go into a casino. Our grandson found a website where you can get two pair of glasses with frames for about $6.00. Large selection of brand name frames and any script on the lenses. He got them within 6 weeks and loves them. We were driv...

Bones Found And A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words on 2015-10-13

First off, let me say that without Valkricy's help on this, I wouldn't be submitting my story. More on her further down. Last Monday on Oct. 7 I was checking the KCRA 3 news app on my phone. It's how I stay up to date on the local news around here. The headline was "Police Recover Human Remains I...

Footsteps Were The Creepiest Part on 2014-09-08

I'll try not to jumble this up too much but this happened over about a two week period and I'm kicking myself for not writing it down. I've had minor things happening in my home for the past couple of years, since my grandson came out from Florida. Seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye many...

Mom Could Always Make Me Smile on 2013-09-23

I lost my mom very suddenly to a massive heart attack in August of 2009. She was a wonderful, kind and loving woman and raised us six kids on her own and had a major role in helping to raise a couple of grandchildren including my own daughter. I missed her terribly and found myself forever wondering...

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I don't know how much you've talked to your daughter about all of this but maybe if you let her know that you've had similar experiences yourself when you were a child, it would go a long way in comforting her and getting her to open up more with you.

She won't feel so intimidated or alone in what's happening to her and see that you turned out to be a wonderful mommy and a stable grown-up. Once you get the initial conversation about her not being the only one, she may open up to you more and as she gets older and you learn more about protecting yourself, you'll be able to bring in the protection aspect of it and help to empower her.

You don't have to go into all the "gory" details about what happened with your ex- but just let her know that you've experienced some of the same or similar things that she has and help to make her more comfortable with what's going on.

Just let her know she's not alone and talk to her on a 4 year old level. Start out slow with something you both share and let her take it from there. She's at an age where curiosity is the rule of thumb and she should open up.

She seems to be just frightened that someone is there. Nothing malevolent has happened, so if you can find a way to help ease her fears, it'll go a long way towards her dealing better with what's going on.

Just let her know she's not alone and you will always be her "rock". ❤
Date: 2018-02-21
Val- want to trade cats? Mine's an excellent mouser to but he likes to bring them inside and "play" with them. They get loose, he looses interest and... You see where I'm going with this, don't you? 😠

I'm with RSAChick on this one saboy. Would love to hear more experiences to get better context of the situation but as it stands and since you've ruled out the most obvious natural probabilities, it sounds as if you've may have something otherworldly going on.

Thanks for sharing and please do share more!
Date: 2018-02-13
Tweed- As soon as I saw "Gnome" in the title, I thought "Oh good, Tweed's posted again!" 😜

I think he was probably doing his own routine along with you. He probably freaked out the first time but when you continued doing it, he just joined in the "fun".

Wonder what would happen if you left a "brownie" for the Brownie? 😊 ❤
Date: 2018-01-25
It doesn't sound like anything too terrifying to me LostGirl. Nothing malevolent happened and besides the creepiness your father felt when he turned over in bed, it doesn't sound as if he was afraid at all. Which brings me to this...

You said that your father was disappointed with his reaction about how he reacted after he had been "hugged" and now he wishes he'd tried to interact with it. That makes me think that maybe he's not the non-believer he's portrayed himself to be. I'm curious about some of the other things he's told you about. Anything alarming there?

I wouldn't worry about the seat belt thing. It could be a one off thing. I've had stuff like that happen in my car but fortunately my hubby owns an auto repair shop and it gets taken care of or at least looked into right away, or...

What/whoever decided to hug your dad, took a shine to him and wanted to "visit". I wouldn't worry about it. No foul, no harm.

Thanks for sharing. 😊
I'm with Augusta and Lucia on this one MsTeek. If there's even the slightest possibility of something happening to your fur baby, why would you leave him "way down the backyard in the corner" all alone? The neighbors sound sketchy at best and you've heard second hand from your partner what the deal is and have seen first hand his reaction to it.

Lady-glow made some good points but I think my first concern would by my fur baby. Have you talked anymore about this with your partner? You knew going in that the place had "visitors". Has he mentioned anything like this? Could it be one of his relatives?

Thanks for sharing and do try to get some more info about what's going on next door if possible.
Date: 2018-01-25
This was an enjoyable read Danish. (Hope you're ok with the name shortening thing. It's something we tend to do here and of all the words in your username, I liked this one the best 😜)

I love the way you've introduced your daughter to Ann and the "other side". It'll be a great way to have many conversations with her later in life about Ann and keeping her "alive" in your heart.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the club! ❤
Date: 2018-01-23
Did I really call Manafon "Manafort"?! WTH! My most sincerest, deepest apologies Manafon! I have GOT to stop reading politics!

YOU are awesome! ❤ NOT that other guy!
Date: 2018-01-22
I enjoyed this read Lucia. To me it rang true as to what happened as a 7 or 8 year old retelling what she saw and heard as it happened. And thanks lady-glow for the info provided. To me, it pretty much cemented the account. And like AugustaM suggested, not every single account is going to get the credit simply because not every single account is going to be documented.

I do understand Manafort and Mack's skepticism given the recent spate of stories we were bombarded with by a certain poster. I think they're being hyper-vigilant and I have to admit that when I first read that you were going to "change the name" of the ghost and didn't mention the name of the public library, my spidey sense shot straight up. 🤔

But like I said, I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to reading more of your accounts. As for Mack and Manafort, consider them a couple of our vigilant soldiers on the war of the trolls. They're both awesome! ❤
Date: 2018-01-11
But lady-glow, that's what I and I'm sure many, many others love so much about you! 😉 ❤

Your nikpikityness is the shining light on the discrepancies of these "stories". You go the extra mile and don't hesitate to call foul.

I feared you'd gone soft there for a bit but appreciate seeing that you haven't. 😊
Date: 2018-01-10
I was wondering how long this was going to be allowed to go on. Thank you lady-glow for your always insightful and dogmatic insights and bringing to light the possibility that something is "off" with this OP.

For me, the skepticism started with the first story. I let it go, didn't comment and moved on. Shortly after, another story and it made less sense halfway into it and by the third one, I felt I was being more "entertained" than anything and stopped reading the stories and just read the comments. I am so happy to know that I'm not sitting on the bus by myself anymore and apparently haven't been! 😊

Rook- you're late! Let's get this thing going! 😜
Biblio- first... A HUGE welcome back to you and Tweed. You've both been sorely missed around here!

I'm wondering when Jim decided to inform his parents about what was happening. Was it after he had decided to open up with you and how did it come about that his sister had told him that you believe in spirits?

This was a fascinating read, as usual from you, and I've got a gazillion other questions but my mind is scattered all over the place and I can't seem to form a coherent thought right now. But I am absolutely sure that now that this kid has your and his dad's guidance, he's in a much better place. Lucky kid. 😊
Another fascinating read from you Jubeele. I'm wondering though, why the strips of cloth tied around the banana trees was a "warning" indication of the "Nang Tani". If she was a gentle soul there to comfort women who have been abused, why would others need to be "warned" about it?

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next installment. 😊
Date: 2017-12-20
Randy- I don't know how I missed this when it first got published, I have an idea but it's too boring for details, but I saw Martin's comment about the pic being up and finally got to read it.

I absolutely believe Doodle was sending a message to you and your wife that he's doing fine while we continue to do our time here, and he'll be waiting for you.

Some of those vivid message dreams can be SO uplifting and they seem to help you to keep going with less hurt in your heart. I hope this has helped you and your family to hurt a little less.

Thank you for sharing Randy. Going right to favs! ❤
Date: 2017-12-14
Tweed- No no no missy. You can't nearly disappear from us for that long and then come back with this thought provoking account and not expect some kind of admonition from me! 😜

I don't really have any mind bending solutions for you but I'm wondering about the size and shape of the shadow. I know you turned around to look, but did you look upwards as if it was an adult? Could it have been a small child/entity standing behind you and you missed it because you were looking in the wrong place?

It's always good to read your accounts and comments. Welcome back missy! ❤
Date: 2017-12-11
Fergie- Tell Nicky she shouldn't brush the little incidents aside. Could be big meaning in the little stuff! 😊

I wonder if Shen wasn't hearing "The Lady" with the soft walking, the lighter and the keys.

You and Nicky have done such a beautiful job with her on all of this. I haven't heard of many people being able to take a tragedy of this magnitude and turning it into something so special. And it's so kind of you to share it all with us.

South Africa is SO lucky to have you! ❤
Date: 2017-12-08
Fergie, my dear friend-

Finally, Nicky gets her confirmation from Angel! I can only imagine her excitement. I do hope your back is better, but it sounds as if you got some good "quality" time in with the girls.

If you think about the curtain incident, think about it like this. Lace curtains can be "light as a feather". 😊

I really enjoyed this and I'm so sorry I missed it. I was in the middle of a 6 month long battle with my stomach at the time and didn't get a lot of YGS time in. I don't know what was going on and neither did the Dr's. They did all the tests, gave me a bucketful of meds, had me on a strict juice diet for 2 weeks and ended up scratching their heads. But the day after the last test, it all stopped and I've haven't had a problem since.

Can't wait to hear from you again. In the meantime here's a couple of gothic bats for you. ❤ ❤
Date: 2017-12-06
Fergie my friend! You never disappoint with your accounts and this hair raising one is no exception.

Any chance of getting any history info on the house? What with all that sounds residual, I'm wondering if any of it could be connected with the duvet incident.

Manafon's telepathic sounds theory sounds intriguing. When I heard the heavy footsteps in my room, both my cat and dog were in the room. The cat, on my bed next to me and Rosie on the floor next to the bed. Neither one of them budged and those footsteps were heavy and loud. And nothing would get by Rosie without her yapping like a maniac and Tucker bolting like a bullet out of there!

Are the nieces aware of your belief in these things? Maybe if you dropped a subtle hint about it one of them would speak up. Me, I have no problem blurting out stuff about my "visitors" to anyone who will listen. 99% of the time nobody listens and if they do I always see the not so subtle "eye roll".

It's always SO good to hear from you Fergie. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your return. 😘 ❤
I'm with lady-glow and Rex bbqcthulhu. What else happened!? Please do tell what the "friendly entity" was.

Welcome to the club!

Your dad is 100% correct! Getting out and getting a job at your age is doing exactly that. "Teaching you life lessons". I don't know anything about you but I pretty much do know that kids your age haven't had much life, age wise, to have had enough "lessons" to know what life is really about. I could go on and on and on but I'm sure you didn't come here for a lecture on your attitude.

You seem to have had one of life's lessons at the hardware store. What were some of the other stories you heard from your co-workers? Did any of them match up to what you experienced? Maybe you should talk to them again and really listen to their "semi-stupid and unbelievable" stories.

I don't think you've got anything to worry about really. You haven't been hurt, your co-workers are still there sharing their experiences and you got a "life lesson" out of it. Maybe something to tell your kids when you're telling them to go out and get a job so they can learn some "life lessons". 🙄
Date: 2017-12-05
So Emma, if you've had "dead silence" (pardon your pun 😜) for 4 days now, maybe it's working.

I'm just curious... Why did your sister and brother-in-law decide not to use the place? Did they stay there at all?

Do you know why Patty is so afraid to talk about the paranormal? Is it religion, something that happened in her past, or just generally was "taught" to be afraid of it?

My hubby was terrified by something when he was a child and wouldn't even tolerate the mention of anything paranormal when we first met. He's still "ooky" about it but he now, can't deny it. After witnessing a few things around here for himself, he tells me about it and when I try to question him, his only comment is "I don't know" 🙄 My long drawn out point is, he's accepted it.

Can't wait to hear what happens and I hope your talk helped!