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Hi everyone, my name is Adriana and I was born on January 10, 1963 which makes me 50 years of age. I came to Canada in 1974 from the Portuguese islands called Acores which is located on the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal. My experience with the supernatural started when I was roughly 13-14 to 21 years of age but I choose to ignore it and out of fear to deny it at the stage in my life. There is a history of paranormal experiences on my mother's side which terrified me. My mother didn't sense spirits but she had an uncanny ability to read people. Her mother and her great uncle were a different story they both saw deceased family members and other entities. The last 3 years has been shocking to say the least. I will be sharing with you our experiences and I hope that you all can give me your honest opinion and advise. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 20 years (second marriage) for both of us. I have a daughter and a son (both teenagers). We are born again Christians. I work part time and I am also a part time psychology student at Wilfrid Laurier university. I am a cat and dog lover and I have 2 cats and a small dog. I have never been a fan of ghosts or the supernatural because it used to terrify me but my family and I including the pets are facing an entity in our home. I refuse to move because I love my home and I hope that we can guide this spirit to the other side. I am opened to your suggestions and I would appreciate your support as well. Thanks.
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An Urgent Warning on 2013-06-19

After I read Val's post about her son Jaime, who is like a guardian angel warning her of what is coming, it brought back memories of the afternoon that I almost lost my son who was 5 years of age. He is 14 now and he still remembers that Saturday afternoon. Before I get to it, I would like to sh...

Short Black Shadow Person on 2013-06-17

For the first time in my adult life, on Friday June 14, 2013 shortly after 10:00 p.m. I saw a 4 foot (give to take a few inches) solid black shadow person. My children were in their rooms playing computer games and my pets were with my children. I had been in my bedroom all evening reading and what ...

Guiding To A Peaceful Place on 2013-05-20

On most nights our cats are locked in the basement because around six am they make a lot of noise meowing asking to be fed. Saturday night to Sunday morning they slept in our bed and, of course, at six am they had to be fed. My husband went to the kitchen to feed them. At that moment he heard a ...

Who Else Is Living In My Home on 2013-05-06

In my first post I mentioned that we didn't experience anything paranormal until we had renovations done in our home. Around that time and shortly after, my mother, who was dying of cancer, came to live with us and she died in our home. My mother had a peaceful death, she slipped into a coma and die...

Paranormal Experiences on 2013-04-29

The first time that I experienced the paranormal occurred when I was 13 years of age to roughly 21. We lived in an old Victorian house and on many occasions myself and my brother would hear a young girl crying. On one occasion while sitting on my bed reading while my cat sat beside me, I heard a g...

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Hi Havegreen:

I have told her to go to the light, we also have told her that she is not wanted here. I also told her to go to God and be with her family. We also prayed out loud. We cleansed using sage and so far nothing has work. She is a very negative spirit and the only thing left is to leave as soon as possible.
Hi everyone:
A few more incidents have occur which I will post in the near future. We have decided to sell our home because this entity is affecting my whole family in a negative way. My son and I are the ones that feel it the most. The original owner died of cancer in my bedroom where I sleep. When I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, I am filled and overtaken at times with the feeling of death, gloom, desperation and torment. She also has attacked my dog many times. The poor dog yelps a loud yelp and runs and hides. We have all witnessed this. My husband and daughter are very depressed and they also feel the doomed feeling. I bought this house with the intention of retiring here so we put a lot of money renovating the house. Its a beautiful home but we are getting the hell out here as soon as we find an apartment large enough for us four and our three pets. Last summer I was away for three months, I felt at peace, relaxed, happy and hopeful. As soon as I came back to my home the doomed feeling, the anger and the torment came back. My husband did get a glimpse of this woman. He was in our bedroom and he heard a noise coming from the bathroom, so he looked and he saw the misty form of a woman standing in the bathroom doorway. She was transparent and she was the height and size of the previous owner's wife. Her presence doesn't scare us what scares us is the fact that my son and I can feel her torment, pain and anger. She didn't want to die that we know for sure. We have no joy in our home and we have no choice but to leave. Before we move out I would like to bring a ghost investigator with the hope that if he collects some sort of evidence I will gladly share it with your folks. My husband didn't believe in ghosts and I was on the fence but now we are one hundred percent sure that it does exist. We are in utter shock. What keeps us sane is the fact that we pray, pray and pray some more for God to send his angels to protect us.
Date: 2013-10-27
I also read all of your 5 parts and my goodness what an ordeal. I can truly empathize with you feeling self-conscience in your own home due to this presence watching you. In my home I think it's my mother and it is unnerving especially during intimate moments. Kudos to you for having the courage to speak up, stand your ground because it is still your family home. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I would love to know as to what else has happened since then. I would just like to say that I was away for two months and I just got back last week so I have a lot of reading to do. Hi everyone and I am glad to be back. I will be sharing another experience that my husband and I had in our home prior to my leaving.
I also agree with badjuujuu and lillypiedliday- Tell your parents about your symptoms and see a doctor. As far as the shadow men, the next time you see it tell it to leave you alone. I am currently seeing a shadow solid person as well so I can empathize with your predicament. Stay positive and strong and talk yo your parents it. You need their support.
Date: 2013-08-01
Hi Tom- first of all you kids had no business fooling around in a cemetery and pretending to see things can stir up your imagination. It is possible that you irritated a spirit and it followed you home. I agree that you should apologize and tell the spirit to move on. Hope you learned you lesson, don't play with things you don't understand.
Date: 2013-07-31
Hi Val- actually when my husband went to the neighbour she got a little suspicious as to why he was asking so many questions. His excuse to her was that there is still mail coming in for the original couple. He was very casual about and light. I really don't want her to know what's going on in our home because she can come a little unhinged at times. We will go to the city hall to look at the plans of the house and usually there is always the company's name that build it and we know that original owner built it with his company. I was just baking a hazelnut cake about 1 and a half ago and as I stood in the kitchen talking to my husband I found my cake mixer unplugged. Now minutes before, I plugged it in while my husband was there. We just stood scratching our heads but we did proceeded to tell her to move on to light or heaven. But seconds before this happened our bischon was at my feet begging for a treat and all of the sudden he let out a big yelp and he ran out of the kitchen. We didn't see the cord coming out of the wall because we were to busy talking. Val I have finally accepted the fact that I am very sensitive not only to emotions of spirits but also to the emotions or emotional state of the living. I seem to absorbed it. Since becoming aware of this (which I always suspected) I recognized it for what it is and it no longer affects me as much. What a crazy world we live in.
Date: 2013-07-31
Dark- if the radio turns on by itself, it is definitely paranormal and you just reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me yesterday morning. My husband and I were sleeping when my clock radio-alarm went off by itself at 7:45 a.m. There is no way that it could do that without someone setting it up. The button for the alarm is on the top of the radio and it is concave, it has to be turned at a 45 degree angle. It is not a push button, my husband has his own alarm on his night table because we usually have different schedules so go figure. We were a little ticked off because in the summer we like to sleep in a little.
Date: 2013-07-31
Hi Val- Thanks for the advise and I do agree, I will feel him out first. We are planning to approach him with some questions about the foundation of the house because he was the engineer that built it in 1956. My next door neighbour told my husband that after the engineer's wife died, he remarried fairly quickly and they were living in this home. But for some reason the new wife didn't want to live her so they sold it to the family that we bought the house from. Now we were told that the engineer and the MRS. Were a nice friendly couple. We feel very safe and cozy in our home but I am the only one that feels her pain even though we have all heard and seen crazy things in our home. The MRS is not a threat at all but she needs to move on from this realm.
Date: 2013-07-31
Dark- actually I find that hunted prisons are the scariest.
Date: 2013-07-31
Hi Val and everyone, I just have to share with my friends at YGS what I saw last night around 11:00 ish. I was in bed on my side in the dark, yes the dark, but now I need a night light again, I saw a short solid figure tip toeing (of all things) in my bedroom. I thought it was my husband so I called him and no answer, I took a second look and she was kind of bending over a bit as she walked into my brass garbage can in my room and it made a noise. I turned to the opposite side to turn on the light and she was gone. The sad part is that I have felt her pain and distress. This friday we are going to the city hall to get inf. On the couple that build the home. Her husband has remarried and lives in town and I am so curious to know what she looks like because from what I have seen she is kind of short and somewhat stocky. I am thinking of talking to her husband, because I need to know if it is her
Or not. This poor spirit is in torment and sometimes I feel it too. I know one thing she loves the kitchen and she loves my cake mixer. We don't hear her and when we do, I get the impression that she is being discreet like last night. Can you imagine a spirit tip-toeing. Thank God that I still have my sense of humour because I actually find it comical. I will keep you post it.
Date: 2013-07-30
Dark- I am not the type to insult people or to boast but if you read my profile or my stories you will get where I am coming from. I have learned to trust my instinct and I believe that you need spiritual and psychological help. You sound like an angry, paranoid person, we are on this website to support one another and to learn from each other as well. Hope you find what you are looking for.
Date: 2013-07-30
Hi dark- I hope you don't mind if I chime in. I have my personal theory as to why people say that ghost are demons. Its very hard for a lot of people including myself to wrap our heads around the fact that spirits live on after death. They are invisible and invincible to boot. Spirits can move objects, can manifest at will and can interact with the living. It is a lot easier for people to accept demons because these people believe that if they are good or religious the demons will not bother them so therefore they believe that they are in control and protected by God. Now ghosts won't care if you are religious or not, they will interact with the living if they so choose so therefore the feeling is that we have no control over ghosts. That scares a lot of people and it also brings forth proof that there is an after life which can scare some people. But at the end of the day, we all have our own opinions based on our personal experiences. 😊
Date: 2013-07-30
I have noticed as well she gave me a negative point too. Some people's kids. Hmhmh. 🤔
Date: 2013-07-29
Hi everyone: Very interesting comments from everyone. Charly I read your comment and honestly I am a bit confused and I had no idea that spirits could travel from fields or forests to a person's home. Your fella with the top hat and coat tails sure gets around but what do I know. To everyone else, I have further news about my home and my house mate who lives in it rent free. I have always felt a female presence and no wonder because she likes my art cuisine delux cake mixer and she has turn it on twice in front of me and my son. The other incident was weird and its in one of my posts. My neighbours are fairly new they moved to my court after I moved in a little over 3 years ago but one of my neighbours has been living in her home for about 40 years. She is a miserable old lady who picks fights with other neighbours so I avoid her for that reason and I sense her mean spirit so I have spoken to her only once. My husband is different and he talks to her when he sees her so I asked him to ask her if she knew the couple that built our home and she proceeded to tell him that the owner's wife died of cancer in the bedroom that I sleep in and that they were a friendly couple and that her name was Helen. The couple that we bought the house from her name was Ellen and I recall one morning when we first moved here I was laying in bed, I heard a women's faint voice called out to Ellen. So Helen the Mrs. Thats' what we call our resident ghost was probably confused because I was sleeping in her room instead of Ellen. We are the third family that bought this house so now it makes sense to me. By the way the MRS. (ghost) has become very quite since we cleansed the home. Whenever she fiddled in my kitchen my husband and I would say to each other out loud that if the MRS. Wants to muck about in my kitchen, she should make herself useful and clean my stove and fridge. If anything else happens, I will keep you post It. I have a few more experiences from last year that I will be posting soon. Thanks for your support.
Date: 2013-07-23
How Rynne- I can truly relate to you as well because at times my intuition just jumps at me and I am left standing with my mouth wide. I have finally embraced it and respect it. I will be thankful until the day I die because my son's life was spared because of it. I will be sharing with my friends at YGS in the near future how this voice or guardian angel if I may, saved my life. Thank you for taking the time to read my story always trust and never ignore your inner voice.
Jeepers, I am also not fond of mirrors especially at night time. Well, we all have another thing in common being afraid of mirrors. At times when I look in the mirror I feel like something is going to jump out at me.
Date: 2013-07-22
Chrissanglefan- I have talked to people who have tried seances and some had very bad experiences, you never know who's lurking around waiting for an invitation. I myself will never, ever participate in a seance or use the ouija board. That stuff scares me. Its possible that something sinister has slipped through and scratched your friend. My belief is that a friendly spirit wouldn't scratch or hurt anyone. Maybe my friends on this site have a different opinion. Try rook's cleansing method and burn some sage if anything scary happens again. Hope all goes well for you.
Hi Praygya - that is a scary experience but what spooks me more is you finding black magic paraphernalia all over the house and property. Who on earth would do such a horrible thing, whoever the person is he or she is evil. I have read many stories of people seeing ghosts while trying to fall asleep and after the initial freight, they fall asleep. That amazes me because I would bolt out of my bedroom and sleep someplace else. You are very brave. Thanks for sharing your story and I am glad that you and your parents found a more suitable place to live.
Hi Seraphina: I totally agree with Seeker, your gift can be used to help people in general because a lot of people believe that there is nothing beyond this life and they have no hope. I also know people that abuse everything from food to drugs and alcohol for the same reason. What seeker said about how we shouldn't fear the dead but we should fear the living that is something that my late mother used to say all the time and I am catching myself repeating the very same statement to my family. I would love to hear more about your experiences and thank you for sharing.
Date: 2013-07-20
Hi Charly- out of curiosity what did the black figure look like? Was it solid black and could you tell if it was male or female. What was your first initial feeling when you saw it? The reason why I am asking is so I can gain a better understanding of what I saw in my kitchen. That is darn scary and dangerous having someone push you face under water. The dogs are terrifying as well and I believe that there is something sinister or evil around you. This is why ouija boards scares me because you can unwillingly let something loose. How are you coping with all of this mayhem around you? Talk to your parents because you need all the support you can get. Try rook's cleaning method and burn some sage it has worked for a lot of people and it has also worked for me. Take care and be safe. Adriana