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Some Brief Experiences And Questions on 2013-04-01

I'm new to this site and am very interested in the paranormal/looking for answers. So I will start by saying even though I have an interest in the paranormal I am somewhat a skeptic. Now looking for proof of the paranormal, I went to an old abandoned mental hospital with 2 friends. Even though n...

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[at] valkricry - Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely take what you said into account!
Rook - Thanks for the advice, as for your questions I was recording on my phone and since then my phone has died a few times so I've pretty much ruled that out as far as the paranormal. As for the bang it's hard to explain but I really don't think an animal could of made it, it was very loud. The homeless person suggestion doesn't really explain it either, we went back there 2 minutes later and nobody was there so I don't think it was that, but who knows could be some other natural explanation.
How was this published lol, sometimes I read through these 'experiences' and just think how was it accepted