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I am a lover of cats and college basketball.

"Weird" things have happened to me as long as I can remember, but I have only recently become interested in learning more about the paranormal - perhaps because I have lost both of my parents in the last 5 years.
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A Little Privacy, Please? on 2017-06-13

One of my former offices was in one of those more environmentally friendly buildings, where the toilets flushed automatically, the sinks only came on when you put your hands in front of the sensor, etc. At first I thought what was happening to me in that building was due to mechanical malfunction, b...

One Last Visit From Dad on 2017-05-19

I have posted before (although it's been a few years) about my grandfather and my mom visiting me in my dreams. Those occurrences were both frustrating and comforting, but they were not "startling." Over the course of time, I had come to understand that I would sometimes have those types of dreams a...

My First Ghostly Experience on 2013-04-01

I recently posted about some more recent experiences I've had dealing with my grandfather and mother who passed away, so I thought I would share the first experience I had with something that didn't seem quite right. We lived in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio when I was between 2 and 10 years old. I...

Is My Family Speaking To Me? on 2013-03-25

Although I have viewed this site numerous times as a guest, I have finally gotten up enough courage to share my story. As a bit of background, my mother's family is completely Hungarian, and it has been a longstanding "joke" that we have "gypsy blood" in our veins and have some type of paranormal...

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Date: 2017-06-23
I am a crazy cat lady, and I call my cats (5 and almost 7) "kittens."

I am far from an expert and would never pretend to be, but one thing I thought of was could the symbols on the wall have been some type of protection? Instead of summoning something dark and evil, maybe the previous owners put them there to repel (and it didn't work.)
Thank you, Randy. I had never thought of it that way. I know I'm more open to experiences than most people I know, but I never thought about how my own energy influenced anything - and it makes sense!

Thank you for that perspective!
Oh my gosh, Tweed. Your comment about more than one ghost made the hair on my neck and arms raise up. For some reason, thinking about just one ghost (maybe being confused or just mischievous) I can handle. Thinking about multiple entities - yikes!

You may be right about my co-workers. I know I sound a bit "wacky" when I talk about some of the things I have experienced, but others may not be so comfortable.

A thought I literally had just now for the first time - when it comes to public restrooms, I am anti cell phone. Leave them in your purse, pocket, etc. I never had mine with me because I would just leave it in my desk. Maybe the entity (or entities) realized that and knew they wouldn't get "caught" on recording since I never had my phone on me. Would a ghost even know something like that?
L_Melb, it was the falling toilet rolls that changed my thinking as well. One roll I could explain away rationally. But all of them at the same time? What are the chances of that happening due to some logical problem?

And the stall doors opening and closing is tough for me to explain as well. One door opening or closing could be a draft, loose hinge, etc. But all four stall doors slowly opening and closing repeatedly - and at different rates of speed - is tough for me to get past.

Argette, we all have moments of regret - some more intense than others. I am not wallowing in guilt, but I do sometimes think about what would have happened if I reacted differently. But I also believe everything happens for a reason. Perhaps if either of us had acted any differently in those moments, we would not have been prepared for the outcome.
Date: 2017-05-28
Thank you, Argette!

I am as "used to" the dreams as I can be, but this was a new experience for me.
Many years ago (nearly 15) we had to put down our 20 year old cat due to kidney failure. To this day sometimes I feel like I can hear her very distinct meow at times. I think it is totally possible for a beloved pet to stick around.
SmokenMirrors - Thank you for your response. Nothing specific that I know of happened in that room, but after I saw whatever it was, I felt like someone was watching me. And because I had to have my back to the room when I practiced on the piano, I always had a feeling that someone was behind me.

And it wasn't like this was some dark, isolated part of the house. It had a window out to the front yard, but it just "felt" dark. Not dark evil, just gloomy.
Date: 2013-04-03
Thank you for sharing your story. Right after my mom passed away last year I had a similar dream where we were trying to communicate (she rarely speaks in my dreams), and during the conversation I realized she did not know she had died.

Eventually I did have a very vivid dream when she knew she had gone and said she was OK.

I fully believe those who have passed over communicate with us through dreams because they know we are not fully capable of handling it otherwise.
Thank you all for your kind comments. I've always felt comforted by feeling like my grandfather is around me and communicating with me in some way, and I'm sure as time goes by I will feel the same way about my mom!