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24 Years old, Army Vet, Interested in many things. Including but not limited to History, Gun smiting, Paranormal, and plenty of other regular and weird stuff.
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Girl In The Night Gown on 2015-03-26

As I said in another post, I volunteer at a Civil War Museum and this is another encounter I had there. I'm on the Security Board and since I'm the closest volunteer with keys I'm the one who meets the police when an alarm goes off. We've had our fair share of false alarms. One night a few weeks ago...

The Ghost Was Thirsty on 2014-12-22

As I said in my other Story, I volunteer at a Civil War museum that has a lot of activity and is a pretty old building. They open up the building for Ghost Hunts and being friendly with the person in charge of arranging these hunts I go to almost everyone. I do civil war re-enacting and for the l...

My New Rifle on 2014-04-30

This is the latest experience I've had in a while. I'm an avid gun collector and I'm mostly interested in older guns that are pre 1960s and Military Surplus rifles. A few months ago I bought a Mosin Nagant M91 rifle made in 1894 and arsenal repaired in 1916. So it more than likely saw service in the...

Ghost Of Gar Museum And Library on 2013-03-25

Long time reader, first time poster. Let me start off by saying I've had plenty of paranormal experiences when I was younger. Nothing too major has happened since I was around 17. This happened not too long ago, last week March 19th. I started volunteering at a Local Civil War Museum & Library [...

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Red Wolf- By "Indian Trap Door" I think the OP means a hidden room or hidden space that the home owners would hide in if some Native Americans would raid the house.

OP- Great Story! Really looking forward to another one.
I'm a strong believer that certian kinds of wood, stones and metals can hold onto things like voices and such. For example hearing prayers in a old church when no one is there. Saying "Sarah" or "Mom, Are you home?" seems like it would be said a lot so it might just be that it's "burned into the walls like a CD" if you will.

Just my theory.
Date: 2015-04-01
Evil/Bad spirits will get very active around 3am as a way of mocking the Trinity. I have a theory, How long was your house empty before you moved in? Any chance teens got in and did some rituals? What else was it used for? Half way house or anything since it was Church owned?

Any way great story and thanks for sharing.
First off thanks for posting, The first one I have to ask what kind of couch is/was it? I ask because some leather couches will make a noise after you get up. My Aunt had one like this and a few seconds or minutes after getting up it would sound like another person was getting up.

The second one was kind of weird. You should really do more research into the area. Were there houses that were on the property before your house? Who owned the land? Where in Georgia? Sherman's march to the sea was one of bloodiest parts of the civil war and happened in Georgia.

Let us know what you find and good luck.

Also don't ghost hunt in your own house, and don't watch any ghost shows either. Ghost shows just give the ghosts in your house ideas.
Ghost Hunting 101: NEVER Investigate in your own home for this very reason.
Date: 2015-02-02
I have a idea. You said Hank moved into a neighborhood with mostly white neighbors? Was this part of town he lived in always white?

Possibly the Ghost that tormented Hank might not have lived in that house but he might of lived in that neighborhood. Seeing an Black man move into "his" neighborhood might have bought him to Hank's house to move hin out,
Date: 2014-12-24
The 360 & Perisoce are devices with different colored LED lights that light up depending how much energy is around it. Living people usually can only make one or two lights light up with there hands on it. To make them fully light up it takes a considerable amount of energy.

Glade you guys find it interesting 😁
Date: 2014-08-29
I think it was trying to protect you guys. Three young kids wanting to play in a full river during rainy season? It followed you trying to scare you and make you turn around. When your buddies jumped in, It tried to scare you more thinking you would run home screaming with your buddies following.

Just my two cents.
This sounds like a high EMF in my humble opinion. Try finding someone with an EMF meter. If you have high steady readings, call an electrician.
Date: 2014-05-09

It depends, Swiss rifles are usually easy. Russian rifles are very hard, as not many records were kept and many destroyed/lost. Also until 1917 Russia was ruled by Czars and during the revolution and after the Communists took over many records from the Imperial Russian Army were destroyed/lost.
Date: 2014-05-09

The oldest rifle I own is a Springfield Trapdoor made in the 1870s, that my uncle found in a dump by the frankford arsenal in the 1950s when he was a kid.

No, not with rifles, but when I was 16 or so I bought an ammo box, and had weird things happen for weeks until I had a dream where a Soldier showed me an ammo box with a foot in it. I had it blessed and kept it in the garage for a while and things slowly calmed down.

I honestly lost track, I'll have to open the safe to take a head count:)
Also wanted to add some more information I found out.

The Child Ghost-During the late 1910s/early 1920s
The Ruan house was a day care center. A young boy ran out the front door one day and was ran over by a horse drawn wagon. This was told to me by a lady who was in this young boy's class.

Angry man in the basement- in the 1880s the street was being a lowered and one of the workers was supposedly ran over/injured by one a piece of equipment. The Ruan house was a doctor's office for most of 1800s so I assume they bought him for treatment. Maybe the Doctor thought he was dead and put him in the basement for the family to claim. What if he was still alive when they put him in basement to die alone? He is also said to be angry towards women.
Just wanted to add something, one month or so ago while getting ready for an open house I was cleaning up our class room/meeting room. I heard some knocking and stopped moving. I went over to the window and realized it was an old flag holder on a un even surface. While I was over by the window I heard three distinct knocks behind me. I turned around and of course no one was there.
valkricry- No, We just had a Piano upstairs for years that we don't use and does nothing but take up space. So someone contacted us and was interested in taking it. After seeing how big it was he reconsidering it.
Nothing happened on the third floor. I looked threw the pictures and most of them were of members or various GAR posts.

Here's the ghost hunters web site with there EVPs: