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Screams In The Old Hospital on 2017-06-08

Last summer, my friends and I went ghost hunting at an old former hospital in our town that is said to be haunted. When I was in a "paranormal research team" a few years ago, this location was one of our favorites and we have had so many experiences at this place, but the one I'm writing about now w...

Snake Shadows On My Wall on 2017-05-29

I grew up in a very haunted house. I have had countless paranormal experiences but one of the first ones is still very vivid in my memory. I used to always see shadow people, but this encounter was very different. I was very little, maybe 3 or 4 years old at the most, yet I still remember it like it...

Fort Pickens Ghost on 2017-05-24

I live in Pensacola, Florida, which is one of the most haunted cities in the state. This town is famous for its haunted lighthouse (which was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters) and many other haunted buildings. One of the most popular haunted locations is an old abandoned fort on the beach cal...

The Dark Hat Man on 2013-06-03

I have lived in a very haunted house my entire life. I see apparitions, hear disembodied voices and footsteps and witness poltergeist activity all the time. And it's not just me, my friends and family witness it too. Some things I only see or hear once or twice but there are several spirits that I s...

Ghost At My Elementary School on 2013-04-24

I see ghosts everywhere. I see shadow people, mist figures, orbs, lights and even full bodied apparitions that I sometimes think are real people. This story is one of those experiences. When I was in about third or fourth grade, I came to school one day to find that my best friend wasn't there. ...

Cemetery Ghosts on 2013-04-15

I have been a part of a paranormal research team for several years. Each weekend, we go to a new location in our town that is said to be haunted. I will try to be very specific about what happened during this investigation the best I can, but if you have any questions, just ask. This story start...

Crazy Paranormal Investigation on 2013-04-09

My close friends and I have had paranormal experiences since we were very little. Last year, we started a ghost hunting group and we go to the most haunted places in our town every weekend. This past weekend, we went to an abandoned house on a street that one of our members lives on. We didn't know ...

My Great Grandmother's Ghost on 2013-03-25

I have lived in a very active house my whole life. My family, friends and I hear voices and experience poltergeist activity every single day. But one thing that we have only experienced a few times is actually seeing an actual apparition. This is one of those experiences. I was about ten years old...

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I can definitely see the experience having been a warning. We both instantly were very worried about Zane.
[at] lady-glow I haven't gone back to any of the places I wrote about years ago. I actually haven't talked to a lot of the people in my old "group" in a pretty long time, it was so long ago. I do still live in the same house though. I actually was gone for about a year because my family moved to Tallahassee for a short time for my dads work before moving back, but my older brother and his wife stayed in the house while we (my parents, my little brother and i) were gone, and had some pretty creepy stuff happen to them. For some reason though, the activity hasn't been as severe since we moved back. Some weird things happen here and there, but nothing too crazy.
Again, I apologize for confusion because of my previous stories. I really do cringe at my 13/14 year old self.
I fully understand the skepticism especially since I was very young when I started posting on this site and said some immature things. But the name and location of the hospital is the Old Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL. The original hospital, not the one that is running now.
[at] lady-glow When I wrote those stories, I was probably about 14. Young and stupid. I thought just because I could go to haunted places with my friends with digital recorders and other equipment, it made me a paranormal investigator, but as I grew up, I realized it was pretty dumb. I was always very fascinated by the paranormal because I grew up in a haunted house, and wanted to be a ghost hunter, so back then, I was trying to be one, but I was way too young and immature to understand that I didn't have what it took to be professional at that age. I got back on this website so that I could share experiences from a different perspective. My old stories from years ago make me cringe, but I can't change what I published or have them deleted. I don't claim to be a professional paranormal investigator by any means, or even claim to be one at all. Like I said, this story was a ghost hunt, yes, but by no means professional. We were just trying to explore and see if we could capture any paranormal activity, and had a creepy experience.
The group we went with was a mix of 17- 19 year olds. Zane was the youngest, the rest of us are 19, with the exception of me at the time. I was 18. As for experiene, this wasn't a professional investigation, although Rose, Edward and I used to use actual equipment and do investigations pretty regularly at one point in our lives. We were careful about not taunting spirits or doing anything disrespectful, because we know that spiritual attachments and attacks can happen, especially given my case, as I grew up in a very haunted house my whole life and have had some encounters with demonic entities as well. During this "ghost hunt", we werent really going in with the intention of communicating with spirits, although we did ask the general "is anyone there?" questions. This time we were just exploring and seeing if we had any ghost experiences, because we have had several there before. The history of the building is that it used to be a hospital until it was abandoned so that they could rebuild the hospital at a different location. I can't find much about specific hauntings aside from the usual footsteps, voices etc, and the fact that a ghost of a nun is said to wander the halls and tap people on the shoulder. (It was a catholic hospital).
Date: 2017-06-11
I did consider this for a while, but I had heavier curtains back then so I don't think it was a shadow from outside, also it looked like a shadowy, dark mass in the room, not just a shadow on the wall.
Date: 2017-06-08
It was so long ago, I don't know if anyone my family knew died at that point, at least I don't think they did, but that is interesting. I can ask relatives if anything happened during that time.
Date: 2017-06-01
1. It wasn't that far off in the distance, just down in the clearing, a moderate distance away, and it appeared to be looking up at us standing on the wall, but it looked like just a silhouette. I couldn't see any features, just the outline of a person if that makes sense.
2. To me, it looked like he was waving up at me and Scott like he was trying to get our attention or something.
3. I didn't see any features but it wasn't because he was super far from us, it was just because it was dark outside and the image of the person kept basically disappearing every time I tried to focus. But I could just tell it was a young boy by the shape of the figure and the height.
I am very familiar with the shadow with the top hat and the trench coat. I have been seeing the exact same spirit since I was very little. I always called it the "hat man". I have a story on my profile called "The Dark Hat Man" about the times I've seen the same entity. This spirit is not good at all in my opinion.
I think you should definitely seek help from a church and also seeing what you can do to make sure that no one where you live practices voodoo there again. Voodoo is nothing to play with and can open the door to so many demonic and evil spirit attachments.
Date: 2017-05-30
The lighthouse is way across the water from fort Pickens and its too far to cast its light on the fort, so I don't think that was what made the person seem to disappear and reappear although that would make a lot of sense if the lighthouse was closer.
It could have been a mirage because I do recall that night being a bit humid, but can two people see the exact same mirage at the same time?
Date: 2017-05-30
There is a long history at fort Pickens. As far as I know, prisoners of war were kept there including the Native American, Geronimo. People have died there. I don't know anything specifically about a child though, but I'm going to look into it.
Thank you! I've looked into this gift a bit more and I think that you're right. By the way, my younger brother currently goes to that school now and I think I will be able to do a bit of research, so I will look into it!
Date: 2013-09-29
Well I posted it because I started feeling his presence and decided to post this and see if anyone else has had similar experiences. I've heard that people have seen him around the world but I wanted to hear some personal experiences.
Date: 2013-06-24
Yes I still live in this house and I got a bad feeling when I saw him. And yes, I will try the methods you spoke of.
Date: 2013-06-20
I'm glad I'm not alone in this! I hope I can get rid of him too. Because he freaks me out.
Date: 2013-06-03
Oh my god. I have seen that figure since I was really little. He is exactly like what you described. A huge dark figure with no features except for a top hat. He also appears to be wearing a long trench coat when I see him.
Are you serious? I've seen hat man every since I was about three years old. That's crazy! He looks exactly like what you have described.
I've been trying to do research and I haven't found anything yet. I'll keep looking. And yes, I'm definitely going to ask the teacher.
I didn't find out who she was, but I was thinking the same thing about the teacher. I'm thinking that either she used to teach the girl or she had seen her too.
Oh my gosh, that is so scary! I had a similar experience to what you just described when I was 11, so that story really gave me chills! Thanks for sharing!