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Haunted House In Which I Am Living on 2013-03-26

A part in the discussion I want to tell everyone that the inn which I am living is haunted. My family bought the house on urgent basis on cheap prices. It was good and fine for our family but in 2008 when we shifted to our new house I used to sleep alone in my room without any lights, only street li...

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There is no as such medical possibilities in my house and the shiat you said jumping so all I say you is that I never believed on such things but after my first experience I knew about it and the door banged in my house so this was medical possibility or you'll say some one from my family was inside doing it. Of course not at that time everyone was sleeping
All medical possibilities have been experimented but there is nothing like this and what about the door banged you will say this a medical possibility or you'll say someone from my family was inside. Ofcourse some one was not inside