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Aminah Rizwan
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Hey all my name's Aminah and I'm 16, I'm from Rawalpindi, Pakistan...
My fb name Aminah Riz and site
I'm free these days and waiting for my matric (10th standard's) result... I'd been a student of computer science (Gosh programming is hell! Lol)
Other interests: Playing cricket, texting, reading and sometimes studying!
I'm confused about what to do in future as I'm not interested in anything lol jk XD I wanted to become an actor but my dad thinks it's something I can't be cause one needs to be patient for this! Allthough I have many actors in my family who appear in tv dramas and films too but they're patient lol
Further more I can say is this that I'd love to make friends here:)
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Who Took My Charger? on 2013-05-08

Yesterday when I came home after dinner and long drive with my family, I was the first one to enter the home my mum dad and brother sat on the chairs in the porch while I went inside to drink water as I was so thirsty after a heavy meal. I went inside, my phone gave a 'beep', I had a text. I was jus...

Provoking Them Made Her Learn The Lesson on 2013-05-07

I'm new here on YGS and I've been reading a lot of stories here so I think it's time to share mine. I've been interested in the paranormal since I was little. I've been hearing stories from my grandmum (mama) my mother and most of her relatives. My mum told me that my great grandmum's both houses (o...

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Date: 2014-01-07
Nice story you shared, I think they were bad as you said you never experienced anything else after your mother gave them a warning and they left, good for you. Got any more?
Thanks and Regards
Aminah. (-:
Date: 2013-10-29
Find the history of your place maybe that girl died over there in that particular outfit and is haunting that place. Oh and I have some cure for your migraine, put your hands and feet in warm water and put a frozen pea packet on the back of your head so you don't need to go to the terrace at night. It helps reducing the pain. I read it on the internet (:
Nice story
Regards (:
[at] GreyFeather - The house is not still a house, infact the property had been sold and now there are shops there and I don't even know the exact place where that room was lol and thanks:)
Whoa! Seems like your sister's having an imaginary friend who controls her hmm horrible that is! Did it ever hurt someone else in your family? I wish you good luck.
Best wishes for you and your sister and regards
Date: 2013-07-20
Ohh creepy story it was:O what kind of black figure was it? Like a figure wearing black cloak or something or just a figure?
Fearless a ghungru is a small round steel ball which have another way too smaller steel ball in it often seen on dupatas it makes a sound when moved! Hope I helped!
Hey saadahaq did you go to the lobby the next day? Was the ghungroo still there? Or did anyone else see that ghungru after you?
Date: 2013-07-14
Hey Khizar, I'm glad to see someone else from Pakistan here I'm also from Pakistan:) well nice story but when you said you looked at the house which was being built you saw some creature there with cloth that had beads on it, I don't understand what kind of beads those were? And yea I live near a cemetry where the dead of world war 2 had been burried, some people used to say that they saw a man with no head on a horseback so maybe your uncle saw that thing... Oh and don't worry your English is good enough to make someone understand (:
Thanks for sharing
Aminah (:
Date: 2013-07-14
Oooh I think that's a ghost of a boy who maybe lived in that house before you and died there and now his ghost is after you maybe he likes you or something!
[at] Ghostie016 - Hmm scary though! Do you think your house is haunted? Did someother family member experience something? Or it's just you?
Hi nice story there but I think that the Third one was just a dream, as you said you were sleeing and heard chair moving, do you think you were awake? May be it was a dream so vivid that it felt like real?!
Thanks and regardz
Aminah (:
Date: 2013-06-04
Hi Madhu... What I think is that you had a nightmare, did you ask Bashir about it?
Date: 2013-05-29
OmG! My portable DVD player never did something like that:O... You should have recorded that tapping noise for your mum because she wasn't believing you... 😕
Date: 2013-05-27
Hey nice story but are you sure this wasn't sleep paralysis? I think it was because you said, " I was pinned and not able to move or say anything" maybe or maybe not!
Nice story I'm adding it to my favourites 😊 welcome to this site and keep posting hun...
Thanks for sharing and regards
Hahaha who cares! I always take my phone to the bathroom with me even when I'm in the shower I reply back to my texts lol
Date: 2013-05-22
Wow your story is awesome 😁... Do publish more I'll... Be waiting 😉...
Hey I have a question there, if the room was darkened (at the time you saw that man) because of course it was night, then how could you see him?
Hahaha this is rather a funny story poop poop poop:D oh and yea do post the picture I really want to see it:D
Date: 2013-05-21
I don't think! I think you're only imagining things... Just pray and feel good! It happens at my home as well no biggie:)
Stay blessed:)