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The Mean Old Man With A Coat on 2013-05-06

This is not a spectacular story but I am very worried about my son. So if anyone can give me any information or advice, it will be much appreciated. My husband, son and myself used to live in a town house, in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. We lived there without any problems for about a year when t...

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Hi all! A friend from church helped me with Rooks cleansing. I have to report that for the last 5 days we had peace. So I will do Rooks cleansing at least once or twice a month to keep all the ghosties out. Thanks to all of you for your great advice.

[at] Rook, the area use to be one big farm, we have moved but in the same suburb (namely Lorraine). I will go check out the history 😉 😉
Thanks to each of you for your advice! Rook I will do your cleansing method.
Just a quick update:
Last night we all had a sleepless night. I am tired, frustrated and emotional. My son was woken up by this spirit at about 12 o clock last night. My husband went to sleep in his bed with him. The activity was crazy. I was woken again by little feet walking on the carpet, thinking it was my son I said "come get in bed with momm"y, but as I open my eyes I didn't see him. I looked around the room waiting for my eyes to adjust and saw a dark shadow standing at the bedside table, I think it must of been a "child" because it only stood a head higher than the table. The room got cold and I freaked. The temperature dropped within seconds. The feeling I got was pure anxiety. I think this old man entity is inviting others (is that possible?). There was constant walking and whispering all through the night. We all ended up in the living room on the couch waiting for morning. Whatever this is feels like its taunting us, especialy my little boy, and we as a family are really scared. We are Christian and true believers of God, but I am so scared we agrivate this entity/s.